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Page "fiction" ¶ 784
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

And and I
And you wanted no part of me when I had so much to give.
And I appreciate the advice ''.
And I had hardly finished my business in the toilet on the aforementioned occasion when the lights in that place, like the hall lights controlled from the switch in the office, flicked off and on impatiently.
And Hank Maguire added, `` So am I, Tom ''.
`` And I sort o' got a corner on the market ''.
`` And I so want the part '', she said.
And that is the way I first saw her when my Uncle brought her into his antique store.
And then I became aware that she, too, glanced at me surreptitiously.
And I will greatly appreciate it if you will not tell your husband.
And when I make the dive again '' -- He paused ; ;
And I aim to have it ''.
`` And now '', said Tilghman with deadly calm, `` I'll repeat what I said.
And therein, I feel, many Northerners delude themselves about the South.
And so I would only touch upon it now ( much as I have long wanted to write a book about it ).
And if I have gone into so much detail about so small a work, that is because it is also so typical a work, representing the germinal form of a conflict which remains essential in Mann's writing: the crude sketch of Piepsam contains, in its critical, destructive and self-destructive tendencies, much that is enlarged and illuminated in the figures of, for instance, Naphta and Leverkuhn.
Being a teacher of American literature, I remembered Whittier's `` Massachusetts To Virginia '', where he said: `` But that one dark loathsome burden ye must stagger with alone, And reap the bitter harvest which ye yourselves have sown ''.
`` I scanned the world through printed symbol swart, And through the beggar's rags I strove to see The inner man.
And I select this sentence as its pertinent summation: `` in essence the drama of his ( Eisenhower's ) Presidency can be described as the ordeal of a nation turned conservative and struggling -- thus far with but limited and precarious success -- to give effective voice and force to that conservatism ''.
I saw a piece the other day assailing William Buckley, author of Man And God at Yale and publisher of The National Review, as no conservative at all, but an old liberal.
And I would further note that they all -- with one exception again -- sang in one key or another the same song.
If I now risk some comparisons with Sons And Lovers let it be clear that I am not comparing the two works or judging their merits ; ;
`` And I think you had better leave '', replied Miriam.

And and am
And to top it all I am often sentimental on purpose, trying to prove to myself that I am not afraid of sentiment.
And if you're as flat broke as I am, I think we'll have to take the added risk of knocking over a filling station or something before we split for one of us to set up an alibi while the other does his dirty work ''.
And Grandma isn't strong enough to take on something like that, and to tell you the truth neither am I ''.
And he answered him, I am: go, tell thy lord, Behold, Elijah is here.
And as I am but one body naturally considered, though by His permission a body politic to govern, so shall I desire you all ... to be assistant to me, that I with my ruling and you with your service may make a good account to Almighty God and leave some comfort to our posterity on earth.
" And remember when your Lord said to the angels, ' Verily I am going to place a successor ( khalifa ).
" ( 38: 26 ) " And remember when the Lord of Abraham tried him with certain commands which he fulfilled ; Allah said to him, ' Verily I am going to make you a leader ( imam ) of mankind.
And I am satisfied that there is no other city in the world that is so anxious to shake off the memories of its early origins.
# And where do I recover my business from ... Will the business center give me space to work, or would it be flooded by many people queuing up for the same reasons that I am.
And He is called Angel and Apostle ; for He declares whatever we ought to know, and is sent forth to declare whatever is revealed ; as our Lord Himself says, “ He that heareth Me, heareth Him that sent Me .” From the writings of Moses also this will be manifest ; for thus it is written in them,And the Angel of God spoke to Moses, in a flame of fire out of the bush, and said, I am that I am, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, the God of thy fathers ; go down into Egypt, and bring forth My people .” And if you wish to learn what follows, you can do so from the same writings ; for it is impossible to relate the whole here.
But so much is written for the sake of proving that Jesus the Christ is the Son of God and His Apostle, being of old the Word, and appearing sometimes in the form of fire, and sometimes in the likeness of angels ; but now, by the will of God, having become man for the human race, He endured all the sufferings which the devils instigated the Jews to inflict upon Him ; who, though they have it expressly affirmed in the writings of Moses,And the angel of God spake to Moses in a flame of fire in a bush, and said, I am that I am, the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob ,” yet maintain that He who said this was the Father and Creator of the universe.
And that Christ being Lord, and God the Son of God, and appearing formerly in power as Man, and Angel, and in the glory of fire as at the bush, so also was manifested at the judgment executed on Sodom, has been demonstrated fully by what has been said .” Then I repeated once more all that I had previously quoted from Exodus, about the vision in the bush, and the naming of Joshua ( Jesus ), and continued: “ And do not suppose, sirs, that I am speaking superfluously when I repeat these words frequently: but it is because I know that some wish to anticipate these remarks, and to say that the power sent from the Father of all which appeared to Moses, or to Abraham, or to Jacob, is called an Angel because He came to men ( for by Him the commands of the Father have been proclaimed to men ); is called Glory, because He appears in a vision sometimes that cannot be borne ; is called a Man, and a human being, because He appears arrayed in such forms as the Father pleases ; and they call Him the Word, because He carries tidings from the Father to men: but maintain that this power is indivisible and inseparable from the Father, just as they say that the light of the sun on earth is indivisible and inseparable from the sun in the heavens ; as when it sinks, the light sinks along with it ; so the Father, when He chooses, say they, causes His power to spring forth, and when He chooses, He makes it return to Himself.
Even since conception, their conflict was foreshadowed: " And the children struggled together within her ; and she said, If it be so, why am I thus?
And I am, by nature, too mercurial to be anything but deeply wary of the grave unnaturalness involved in any attempt to exert too much control over essentially uncontrollable forces.

And and sure
And make sure it's out when you leave in the morning ''.
And so, still wondering and a little perplexed, he grinned at the girl and spoke lightly to make sure that she would know he was kidding.
And the next morning, not sure of why he went, he took the train to Fudomae and walked to Ryusenji.
" And during the Crucifixion scene, he declared, " This is sure to offend the Jews.
" And, < nowiki > diligence are the </ nowiki > " continual activities that make sure the protection mechanisms are continually maintained and operational.
And when vandals burned an African American church down, Dad made sure its parishioners got the funds to rebuild.
" And I said " Yeah, sure I'll do it.
: And she said, You sure may,
:::::::: And with sure hand pierced right through his breast.
: And our defense is sure.
And, since the vine was planted there for the sole purpose of tormenting Tantalus, you may be sure the grapes have an excellent flavour and aroma – and so does the wine.
And the field of Ephron, which was in Machpelah, which was before Mamre, the field, and the cave which was therein, and all the trees that were in the field, that were in all the borders round about, were < U > made sure </ U > Unto Abraham for a possession in the presence of the children of Heth, before all that went in at the gate of his city .</ BLOCKQUOTE >
And Cyrus made sure that anyone who had formerly been his enemy but had made a peace treaty would not suffer anything in violation of the treaty.
And as she does so, I hope she keeps consequences in mind as to how to make sure we stay on the path to peace.
And the more people who get upset with the fact that I film there, the more I'll make sure that's exactly where I film.
Bossier City is a song by David Allan Coe, in which he sings, " And it sure smells like snow in Bossier City ...". Also Johnny Rodriguez recorded a song called " Achin ' Bossier City Backyard Blues " in 1972.
And we had a blast making it, and we made sure nobody died on the show ; as we made sure nobody ever drowned on Baywatch.
And in 1956 he was the subject of one of Ralph Edwards ’ This Is Your Life TV shows, which featured his old buddies Miff Mole, Phil Harris and Jimmy Dorsey, who praised Nichols as a bandleader who made sure everybody got paid.
And the professors are sure that this is the centre of the world.
Henry believes in the purity of justice, and cannot imagine how it could possibly be corrupt ; " And poise the cause in justice ' equal scales / Whose beam stands sure, whose rightful cause prevails " ( 2. 1. 199-200 ).
And sure enough, in the late 1940s, at two or three board meetings shortly before his death, he expressed the idea of starting a new institution .” By 2005, the foundation had donated most of its remaining financial resources to the college, providing Olin with an endowment of about 460 million dollars.
And the herdsmen made sure that there was always one " sickly " creature that had to be slaughtered along the way, the flesh of which provided them with a magnificent gulyáshús.
And when he discovered something new, like the Whittington Press, Elmer made sure that the University owned the entire printer's archive.

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