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Page "adventure" ¶ 245
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

And and I
And you wanted no part of me when I had so much to give.
And I appreciate the advice ''.
And Hank Maguire added, `` So am I, Tom ''.
`` And I sort o' got a corner on the market ''.
`` And I so want the part '', she said.
And that is the way I first saw her when my Uncle brought her into his antique store.
And then I became aware that she, too, glanced at me surreptitiously.
And I will greatly appreciate it if you will not tell your husband.
And when I make the dive again '' -- He paused ; ;
And I aim to have it ''.
`` And now '', said Tilghman with deadly calm, `` I'll repeat what I said.
And therein, I feel, many Northerners delude themselves about the South.
And so I would only touch upon it now ( much as I have long wanted to write a book about it ).
And if I have gone into so much detail about so small a work, that is because it is also so typical a work, representing the germinal form of a conflict which remains essential in Mann's writing: the crude sketch of Piepsam contains, in its critical, destructive and self-destructive tendencies, much that is enlarged and illuminated in the figures of, for instance, Naphta and Leverkuhn.
Being a teacher of American literature, I remembered Whittier's `` Massachusetts To Virginia '', where he said: `` But that one dark loathsome burden ye must stagger with alone, And reap the bitter harvest which ye yourselves have sown ''.
`` I scanned the world through printed symbol swart, And through the beggar's rags I strove to see The inner man.
And I select this sentence as its pertinent summation: `` in essence the drama of his ( Eisenhower's ) Presidency can be described as the ordeal of a nation turned conservative and struggling -- thus far with but limited and precarious success -- to give effective voice and force to that conservatism ''.
I saw a piece the other day assailing William Buckley, author of Man And God at Yale and publisher of The National Review, as no conservative at all, but an old liberal.
And I would further note that they all -- with one exception again -- sang in one key or another the same song.
If I now risk some comparisons with Sons And Lovers let it be clear that I am not comparing the two works or judging their merits ; ;
`` And I think you had better leave '', replied Miriam.

And and had
And, for the sake of Julia and Susan, it had to be tried.
And one had been too many.
And they had almost everything they needed: land, a house, two whiteface bulls, three horses.
And he had a feeling -- thanks to the girl -- that things would get worse before they got better.
And, as a matter of fact, Nicolas had slept in the park only part of one night, when he discovered that Munich's early mornings even in summer are laden with dew.
And all the time, she had the heat of hatred in her, like charcoal that is burning on its under side, but not visibly.
And he would have enjoyed it just as much if he had been a Nazi.
And besides, the chick had a little something the others didn't have.
And both in their objectives of non-discrimination and of social progress they have had ranged against them the Southerners who are called Bourbons.
And Hamilton, who felt it `` a religious duty '' to oppose Aaron Burr's political ambitions, would have been a better actuarial risk had he shown more literary restraint.
In a book review of `` The Soviet Cultural Offensive '', he says, `` Long before the State Department organized its bureaucracy into an East-West Contacts Staff in order to wage a cultural counter-offensive within Soviet borders, the sharp cutting-edge of American culture had carved its mark across the Russian steppes, as when the enterprising promoters of ' Porgy And Bess ' overrode the State Department to carry the contemporary ' cultural warfare ' behind the enemy lines.
And for the first time a representative of the highest office in the land would have been liable to the charge that he had attempted to make it a successorship by inheritance.
And we had the uneasy sense that the cleavage between the moral and the political progressed amid the events which concern us.
And just as `` Laurie '' Lawrence was first attracted to bright Jo March, who found him immature by her high standards, and then had to content himself with her younger sister Amy, so Joe Jastrow, who had also been writing Henrietta before he came to Johns Hopkins, had to content himself with her younger sister, pretty Rachel.
And after all this, Shann went over all that Bang-Jensen had brought up ''.
And, for the moment at least, the governor now found himself allied with the head of the Crittenden faction he had formerly opposed, and Pike was credited with a clear triumph over Woodruff.
And she had the kind of crossed eyes that shocked.
Against Seebohm formidable foes have taken the field, notably F. W. Maitland, whose Domesday Book And Beyond was written expressly for this purpose, and Sir Paul Vinogradoff whose The Growth Of The Manor had a similar aim.
Victor had been stirred by my account of him in Makers And Finders, for Stephens was one of the lost writers whom Melville had seen in his childhood and whom I was bent on resurrecting.

And and hardly
" And, without John, " we should hardly have known that it was necessary for one to be born again.
And if we have no hope of controlling our emotions, we can hardly be held responsible any more than we can be held responsible for feeling hot or cold.
And they did this by hardly saying anything at all.
And when we realize that INGOs hardly ever come face to face with the people whose interests and problems they represent, or that they are not accountable to the people they represent, matters become even more troublesome.
And I hardly know how the rest of my prayers would survive if those for the dead were forbidden.
: And I hate them so that I can hardly speak
And during those years also, there was hardly to be found a child not able to walk on stilts, ride a unicycle or tumble their way through the lanes of Palenville.
And American jazz is hardly known here except among the rich who have visited America.
And Jefferson's mind and heart are so livingly related to our problems today that the result seems hardly to be history.
And in John Macarthur he had an opponent who would hardly stop at anything in defending his supposed rights.
And yet he could hardly have been a weak man, having been an officer in the British Navy for many years and had risen to command his own ship with apparent success.
And just like the season before, O ' Neal hardly featured for Portland, playing only three minutes in one game.
And to White Hall to hear the truth of it ; and there, going up the back-stairs, I did hear some lacquies speaking of sad newes come to Court, saying, that hardly anybody in the Court but do look as if he cried (...).
And, since it is hardly an occurrence in the world, the " law of diminishing returns " can be modeled graphically but it has very few examples in practice.
And Harmon and his cinematographer, John Seale, have shot the movie in such brown murk, you can hardly make anything out.
And as each academic history was primarily a list of persons, places, things, and events, there was hardly any Marxian content to any of these projects.
::::::::: And cried ,‘ They ’ re sharp and hardly worth my while .’
In prudence the Chinese should have secured the most dangerous passes: But what I thought most ridiculous was to see the wall run up to the top of a vast high and steep mountain, where the Birds would hardly build much less the Tartar horses climb ... And if they conceited those people could make their way climbing the clefts and rocks it was certainly a great folly to believe their fury could be stopped by so low a wall.
The Los Angeles Times has called Paul Bishop ‘ the closest equivalent of Joe Wambaugh yet ,’ and stated Hot Pursuit ‘ could hardly be better .’ The New York Times proclaimed him a ‘ first-class writer ,’ and called Deep Water a ‘ lively, bloody adventure .’ Publishers Weekly cited Croaker: Kill Me Again, as ‘ gripping, intense, labyrinthine, complex, and compelling .’ And author Dominick Dunne declared Croaker: Grave Sins to be a ‘ tough, taut, terrific tale !’ Bishop has also written feature film scripts and numerous episodic scripts for television.
And there is hardly a man, much less a woman who did not read and write.
And the city is hardly welcoming: a gang force him to buy an ordinary brick from them with all the money that he has.
: And hardly any tail
And it hardly helped that Sadkin was then heavily involved with the Thompson Twins, whose Tom Bailey also guested on the album.

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