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Page "mystery" ¶ 382
from Brown Corpus
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And and didn't
And he didn't have any clothes on ''.
And besides, the chick had a little something the others didn't have.
And he didn't, by a long shot!!
And she was made to fall in love with him again there in the rutted dirt driveway standing in the cold fog, mad as she was at his going away when he really didn't have to, mad at their both having got older in a life that seemed to have taken no more than a week to go by.
And then again perhaps the reason why he couldn't find time to do any of the things he had planned to do after retirement: reading, roaming, gardening, lying on his back and watching the clouds go by, was because he didn't want to do them.
And I done favors for you, big favor not so long back, didn't I, and I'm right here to take on where Pretty left off.
And don't tell me you didn't at church Sunday.
And you know you will always wonder all of your life whether it was because you wanted him so bad that you didn't get him, and you can feel nearly sorry enough to cry when you think of that other guy, the chump who begged you to marry him, the one with the plastered hair and the car he couldn't afford and the too-shiny shoes.
And you didn't see her much at Longue Vue or anywhere, for John had drifted away from the gang.
And she told me that my world was going to explode under me, someday, and God help me if I didn't have some weapon to meet the new world.
And although I didn't know, I was it.
In accepting the award, Gordon thanked the Academy by saying, " I can't tell you how encouraging a thing like this is ... And thank all of you who voted for me, and to everyone who didn't: please, excuse me ", which drew laughs because at the time she had been in theater for fifty years and was seventy-two years old.
' And the other three people moved, but I didn't.
And then I went to a mosque, and I didn't find him there.
And we didn't.
" And I certainly didn't need to tell her how to play it.
And it just didn't seem like there could be anything faster than that.
And when I refused, she said if I didn't, she would have Brian Mitchell come rip my pajamas off.
And it didn't get better either.
And with ... producers and an engineer that didn't care about Jesus, I was surprised that out of 15 songs, one of the ten that got on the album was ' The Answer.
And I didn't speak against the church.
And if you look at it, it's Wyeth's costume, from my memory, because I didn't have the book to look at.
" James Taylor had just left Warner Bros. and made a big album for Columbia ... And then, Warner signed Paul Simon away from Columbia, and they didn't want me to have a hit record for Columbia — no matter what!

And and like
And you stand by like a fool and let him do it ''
And it's goin' to go on like this year after year until the white people take over this land ''.
And I had hardly finished my business in the toilet on the aforementioned occasion when the lights in that place, like the hall lights controlled from the switch in the office, flicked off and on impatiently.
And all the time, she had the heat of hatred in her, like charcoal that is burning on its under side, but not visibly.
And then came the water -- not rain, but solid sheets that sluiced down like water slopping from a bucket.
And no doubt many people in states like the Carolinas and Georgia, which were among the most Tory in sentiment in the eighteenth century, bitterly regretted the revolt against the Crown.
And countless others like them have died.
And the cast shell of a locust, straw-colored and transparent, weighing nothing, fragile but entire, with eyes like bubbles and a gaping slit down its back.
And like Jo March, who saw her sisters Meg and Amy involved in `` lovering '' before herself, Henrietta saw her sisters Rachel and Sadie drawn outside their family circle by the attraction of suitors, Rachel by Joe Jastrow, and Sadie by Max Lobl, a young businessman who would write her romantic descriptions of his trips by steamboat down the Mississippi.
And his memory, like an elephant's, stored with precise knowledge of men and things and happenings ''.
And by a skillful and unobtrusive use of imagery ( the enclosure is called a `` Roman-camp stockade '', the hastily erected lean-to is a `` Babylonian hovel '', the men begin to look like `` Peruvian mummies '' and to acquire `` Gothic faces '' ), Malraux projects a fresco of human endurance -- which is also the endurance of the human -- stretching backward into the dark abyss of time.
`` I went to the city And there I did Weep, Men a-crowing like asses, And living like sheep.
And it is also a fact of life that there will always ( be youngish half-educated people around, who will be dazzled by the glitter of what looks like a literary movement.
`` And Jesus, when he was baptized went up straightway out of the water: and lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him ''.
And with each sigh, like a whip in the hand of an expert, the grass stripped something from Warren.
And the stiffly regal look of them, she saw grimly, lacked the quaver of age which, thwarting the efforts of her amazing will, ran through her spoken words like a thin ragged string.
And, like many of you here present, I hold as the highlight of all, the occasion of my first meeting with the honorable Speaker of the House.
And, if we follow the Rayburn pattern, as consciously or by an instinctual political sense I like to think I have followed it, then the very nature of our loyalty to our own immediate areas must necessarily be reflected in the devotion of our services to our country.
And like this English master, Mason realizes his subjects in large, simplified masses which, though they seem effortless, are in reality the result of skilled design born of hard work and a thorough distillation of the natural form that inspired them.
`` And you know, Angelo, Pretty, he always keeps it a strict cash basis, like they say '' --

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