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Page "adventure" ¶ 387
from Brown Corpus
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And and even
And, as a matter of fact, Nicolas had slept in the park only part of one night, when he discovered that Munich's early mornings even in summer are laden with dew.
And you love Ahmiri, that black bastard of a servant even a little more, because he's a beautiful man.
And Keith's record of kills made him a man to listen to -- a man paradoxically, who might even survive.
And when this was gone, he hadn't even a little bitter tablet to purify other water if he were to discover some stagnant jungle pool.
And any sequence can not only change its positions in the work but can even be eliminated from it altogether.
And the life they lead is undisciplined and for the most part unproductive, even though they make a fetish of devoting themselves to some creative pursuit -- writing, painting, music.
And even hearing it in a concert hall surrounded by hundreds of people the words and the melody would make me a little colder and I would reach out for my husband's hand.
`` And even more right.
And even deeper than that: his fear lest in this closed hall he should suddenly itch to relieve himself.
And dancing school, so helpful in artistic and psychological development, also contributes to this essential early training -- and can contribute even more.
And due to modern resource-use and game management practices, there is still game to shoot, even with the ever-expanding encroachment on land and water.
And even if they stay in resorts part of the time, they might, if the right salesman gets them in tow, develop a yearning to spice the usual vacation fare with a camping trip into the wide open spaces.
And a witty American journalist remarked over a century ago what is even more true today, `` Many a writer seems to think he is never profound except when he can't understand his own meaning ''.
And he could recognize, by touch alone, articles which he had handled immediately before, even though they were altogether unfamiliar to him and could not be identified by him ; ;
And so the authors conclude: `` The conduct of the patient in his every-day life and in his work, even more than the foregoing facts ( mentioned above under 1 ), leave positively no room for doubt that the sense of touch, in the ordinary sense of the word, was unaffected ; ;
And there are even newer foamed plastics that are yet to be evaluated.
And even more complex items can be interpreted to conform to one's own point of view, which is by nature so personal.
And so well is such ignorance preserved by the amateur and the money-maker that even at the college level most of the hundred-odd folklore courses given in the United States survive on sentiment and nationalism alone.
And he hasn't even got a knife on him.
And while less than ten years earlier the wayward Black Sox -- all of them top performers in their positions -- had toiled for stingy Charles Comiskey at salaries ranging from twenty-five hundred dollars to forty-five hundred dollars a year, stars now were asking ten thousand dollars, twenty thousand dollars, yes, even fifty thousand dollars a season.
And even if he'd somehow missed seeing him, he wouldn't have gone off and left the light on and door open in the file room.
And anyway Burton was not the kind of guy who would be likely to get in trouble even when he was drunk.
And even as she, having indeed a husband, Adam, but being nevertheless as yet a virgin, having become disobedient, was made the cause of death, both to herself and to the entire human race ; ;
Such fascinating novelties in the score as the fugual treatment of `` On The Side Of The Angels '' and `` Politics And Poker '' were handled splendidly, and I thought Rudy Bond and his band of tuneful ward-heelers made `` Little Tin Box '' even better than it was done by the New York cast ; ;

And and with
And he's with the Jacksons ''!!
The husband points the steps out with his flashlight: `` Its white stare filling her pale eyes To the blind brim with appetite, Bleaching her hands that grazed my thighs And sent us from the table in surprise To let the dishes soak all night, '' ( Mary Jane asked herself if Meredith was blushing at this line, or was it the fire??
And he knew that the men talked about him behind his back, saying that he was one up on everybody else -- including the pilot of the plane with the swastika on it -- because he was chemically incapable of fear.
`` And now '', said Tilghman with deadly calm, `` I'll repeat what I said.
`` And next year we will do -- also a Ford commission -- a piano concerto by Elliott Carter, with Jacob Lateiner as soloist.
For Mr. Taylor's Images And Reflections she made some diaphanous tents that alternately hide and reveal the performer, and a girl's cape lined with grass.
And the cast shell of a locust, straw-colored and transparent, weighing nothing, fragile but entire, with eyes like bubbles and a gaping slit down its back.
And the action is consistently presented with regard for this distinction.
Being a teacher of American literature, I remembered Whittier's `` Massachusetts To Virginia '', where he said: `` But that one dark loathsome burden ye must stagger with alone, And reap the bitter harvest which ye yourselves have sown ''.
And yet amid all the gay hedonism in Pilgrimage And Wander-Years is a cycle of short poems, `` Thoughts In Loneliness '', filled with brooding, melancholy, and sombre longing ''.
It is different with his volume The Swedes And Their Chieftains ( Svenskarna och deras Hovdingar ), a history intended for the general reader and particularly suited for high school students.
And with Progressivism the Religion of Humanity was replacing what Gabriel called Christian supernaturalism.
And I select this sentence as its pertinent summation: `` in essence the drama of his ( Eisenhower's ) Presidency can be described as the ordeal of a nation turned conservative and struggling -- thus far with but limited and precarious success -- to give effective voice and force to that conservatism ''.
And I would further note that they all -- with one exception again -- sang in one key or another the same song.
If I now risk some comparisons with Sons And Lovers let it be clear that I am not comparing the two works or judging their merits ; ;
And just as `` Laurie '' Lawrence was first attracted to bright Jo March, who found him immature by her high standards, and then had to content himself with her younger sister Amy, so Joe Jastrow, who had also been writing Henrietta before he came to Johns Hopkins, had to content himself with her younger sister, pretty Rachel.
The countrywide success of `` Lazybones '' and `` And The Angels Sing '' could only lead to Hollywood, where, besides Harold Arlen, Mercer collaborated with Harry Warren, Jimmy Van Heusen, Richard Whiting, Walter Donaldson, Jerome Kern, and Arthur Schwartz.
My own stern hand has rent the ancient bond, And thereof shall the ending not have end: But not for me, that loved her, to be fond Lightly to please me with a newer friend Then hold it more than bravest-feathered song, That I affirm to thee, with heart of pride, I knew not what did to a friend belong Till I stood up, true friend, by thy true side ; ;
And, for the moment at least, the governor now found himself allied with the head of the Crittenden faction he had formerly opposed, and Pike was credited with a clear triumph over Woodruff.

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