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Page "adventure" ¶ 873
from Brown Corpus
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And and missed
And even if he'd somehow missed seeing him, he wouldn't have gone off and left the light on and door open in the file room.
Dryden, the English poet, used the word " clip " to describe the swift flight of a falcon in the 17th century when he said " And, with her eagerness the quarry missed, Straight flies at check, and clips it down the wind.
One category with many examples is the use of the word " literal " to mean " figurative ", as in " And he missed the goal by literally a million miles ".
And Davis ' signing coincided with an injury to Jermaine O ' Neal that would knock him out for virtually the remainder of the regular season — indeed, O ' Neal's first missed game due to his injury was Davis ' first game back with the Pacers.
And thus, as the biographer wrote, " No one missed the lenient ways of Pius.
" I've got a little list / Of benefit offenders who I'll soon be rooting out / And who never would be missed / They never would be missed.
There's those who make up bogus claims / In half a dozen names / And councillors who draw the dole / To run left-wing campaigns / They never would be missed / They never would be missed.
There's young ladies who get pregnant just to jump the housing queue / And dads who won't support the kids / of ladies they have ... kissed / And I haven't even mentioned all those sponging socialists / I've got them on my list / And there's none of them be missed / There's none of them be missed.
And I never lost contact with it-watching movies, reading about it ... so I didn't feel I missed it.
And we missed by a small margin, by a few tens of thousands of voices.
And in the spring of 1863, he missed the great victory of the Battle of Chancellorsville because most of Longstreet's First Corps was on detached duty in Suffolk, Virginia, involving Longstreet himself and Hood's and George Pickett's divisions.
? And I missed him again ?!?
The album's last single, " Baby Come And Get It ", did well on the Black Singles charts too but missed cracking the pop Top 40 by a hair.
And we will see again all those who went ahead of us, all those who we have missed for so long.
And that he knows how much he's missed.
And right in the middle of a long summer day, when he had barked about how he was really a good dog in a bad mood, and how he missed that one-eyed doll, and how there was something so terrible about the feeling of a chain against a neck, everything changed, because a girl with cotton-candy hair moved into the little house across the road and Orville fell in love.
Ironically, perhaps, Barrichello's car missed the energy-absorbing Steel And Foam Energy Reduction ( SAFER ) Barrier that had been installed in front of the concrete wall in all of the oval turns the previous May.

And and point
And this occurs now, at the refrain of Jacoby's song -- at the point, in fact, of the name `` Lizzy '' -- ; ;
And with this point about the passions, we encounter Plato's dualism.
And there is one other point in the Poetics that invites moral evaluation: Aristotle's notion that the distinctive function of tragedy is to purge one's emotions by arousing pity and fear.
And from that point of vantage he concedes another two years of grace to nations maintaining a pro-Western posture.
And now Mr. Hodges has pioneered further into the economic unknown with the announcement that he thinks business has stopped sliding and that it should start going upward from this point.
And even more complex items can be interpreted to conform to one's own point of view, which is by nature so personal.
And my point in this sad story is the spirit of the matter.
And this is true in the case of some turnpikes on which revenues have risen close to, or beyond, the point at which the roads start to pay all operating costs plus annual interest on the bonds.
And at this point, Lucy thought, there should be a lecture on little cousins' sharing dolls -- but she could sympathize with Susan ; ;
And the most attractive point is that the reinforced concrete scheme can save HK $ 230 million compared to that of steel structure.
And at one point, I realized it really doesn't have this kind of crazy humor that people from New York would expect to see.
And yet we know that at some point we will have a heap.
He famously put the point into dramatic relief with his 1939 essay " Proof of an External World ", in which he gave a common sense argument against scepticism by raising his right hand and saying " Here is one hand ," and then raising his left and saying " And here is another ," then concluding that there are at least two external objects in the world, and therefore that he knows ( by this argument ) that an external world exists.
And yet his constant reiteration of the point that well-disciplined professional soldiers counted for twice as much as erratic amateurs helped overcome the ideological distrust of a standing army.
And then also, one can look in the sky just after sunset, and see a very similar pointthat has been called " the Evening Star ".
And now I shall again recite the words which I have spoken in proof of this point.
And this is the point of Reichenbach's demonstration that some believe the exclusive-or should take the place of the inclusive-or.
" Jaffee, a Kurtzman enthusiast, replied, " And then there's a large group who feel that if Harvey had stayed with Mad, he would have upgraded it to the point that only fifteen people would buy it.
And even to the point where its supposed omnipotence would make it impossible to be omniscient, to which in turn, makes it impossible to be omnipotent due to due to the problem of infinite egress.
And, according to Irenaeus, the Ebionites used this to claim that Joseph was the ( biological ) father of Jesus: From Irenaeus ' point of view that was pure heresy, facilitated by ( late ) anti-Christian alterations of the scripture in Hebrew, as evident by the older, pre-Christian, Septuagint.
And at some point we're going to do something about it.
And he built Medeba and Beth-diblathen and Beth-baal-me ” On, and he set there the … of the land .” The stone is defaced at this point so we do not know what the King set up, but it was likely an image of his god, Ashtar-Chemosh.
And just to prove my point, I spent two days or something cooking up the first version of the server, just to prove a point.

And and swarthy
And granted guidance ; And Who bringeth out the ( green and luscious ) pasture, And then doth make it ( but ) swarthy stubble.

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