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And and new
And although these insights into the nature of art may be in themselves insufficient for a thoroughgoing philosophy of art, their peculiar authenticity in this day and age requires that they be taken seriously and gives promise that from their very substance, new and valid chapters in the philosophy of art may be written.
And let me add Murray's new book as another symptom of it, particularly so in view of the attention Time magazine gave it when it came out recently.
And private tragedy became the chosen ground not of drama, but of the new, unfolding art of the novel.
And, after becoming the right-hand man of Enver Pasha, he is sent by the latter to pave the way for a new Turkish Empire embracing `` the union of all Turks throughout Central Asia from Adrianople to the Chinese oases on the Silk Trade Route ''.
His new book, entitled `` Slums And Suburbs '', calls for fast and drastic action to avert disaster.
-- And proposals for a whole series of lesser candidate-picking conventions in the state's 38 new Congressional districts.
And lest we should become too consistent, in the sense of becoming heedless of new fields of scholarship and new points of view in the arts, the Foundation's Board of Trustees maintains a trickle -- not a flow!!
And yet, despite some disappointment with the performance of this first year of the new decade, 1960 has been a good year in many ways, with many overall measures of business having reached new peaks for the year as a whole.
And millions of rounds of entirely new and modern small-arms ammunition, designed for today's hunting and target shooting.
And wherever the new thruways go up their banks are lined by neat glass and metal and colored brick light industry.
And in meeting the demands for urethane foam as a garment interlining, new adhesives and new methods of laminating foam to a substrate have been developed.
I have often searched for a graphic way of impressing our superiority on those Americans who have doubts, and I think Mr. Jameson Campaigne has done it well in his new book American Might And Soviet Myth.
And at his last commencement, in that year, Dr. Tucker and Dartmouth were honored by the presence of distinguished academic visitors attesting to the new stature of the college.
And Mr. Skyros didn't like Angie, but what with Prettyman and three of his boys inside, and not likely to come out -- And Angie such a valuable salesman, Prettyman said -- All the nuisance and danger of getting in touch with practically a whole new bunch of boys -- Why did everything have to happen at once??
And the election of President Kennedy has attracted new attention to the ethical climate of his home state.
And Lawrence Chase, son of the Ransom Chases, is listed at his new address in Oxford, Eng..
And it is in this new vision of the atom that we find an affirmation and an invigoration of our faith.
And to see the meaning of this new picture, imagine that you can put on more powerful glasses and go back inside the atom and have a look at it in the way we view it today.
And new vistas of hairshirt asceticism are opened by scholarly monographs entitled: `` Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ear-Muffs '', `` Such a Phrase as Drifts Through Dream '', and `` The New Vocabularianism ''.
And it remains to be seen if the new frontier now taking form can produce the leadership and wisdom necessary to understand the current shape of events.

And and King
Among the musicals, Camelot came from T. H. White's The Once And Future King, and novels were the sources of the less than momentous Tenderloin and Do Re Mi.
In his writing he makes mention of a moment when Alexander's secondary naval commander, Onesicritus, was reading the Amazon passage of his Alexander history to King Lysimachus of Thrace who was on the original expedition: the king smiled at him and said " And where was I, then?
* Louis V. King On The Direct Numerical Calculation Of Elliptic Functions And Integrals ( Cambridge University Press, 1924 )
:: And tell King Pharaoh
( 2010 ) "' And bloody England into England gone ': Empire, Monarchy, and Nation in King John ," in Maley and Tudeau-Clayton ( eds ) 2010.
And Charles Stuart, eldest son of the late King, being informed of these transactions, left the Spanish territories where he then resided, and by the advise of Monk went to Breda, a town belonging to the States of Holland: from when he sent his letters and a declaration to the two House by Sir John Greenvil ; whereupon the nominal House of Commons, though called by a Commonwealth writ in the name of the Keepers of the Liberties of England, passed a vote about April 25, 1660, ' That the government of the nation should be by a King, Lords and Commons, and that Charles Stuart should be proclamed King of England.
The readings from the King James Bible are " And Reuben went in the days of wheat harvest, and found mandrakes in the field, and brought them unto his mother Leah.
And King Charles II said: " Don't fight the Dutch, imitate them ".
Her elegy includes the lines: ... To King Edward she was a true – ( And ) wise lady of dignity, – In charge of his fosterage ( she was pre-eminent )....
It is also the home base for Merlin Squadrons embarked upon Royal Navy warships, the Westland Sea King AEW variant helicopter, a Search And Rescue ( Sea King, again ) helicopter flight, and some BAe Hawk T. 1 trainer jets used for training purposes by the Royal Navy.
Many modern English translations of the Bible, including the King James Version mention topaz in Exodus 28: 17 in reference to a stone in the Hoshen: " And thou shalt set in it settings of stones, even four rows of stones: the first row shall be a sardius, a topaz, and a carbuncle ( garnet ): this shall be the first row.
And the King will never leave.
And they discovered "( the bodies ) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ", " their shrouds having fallen to pieces, lying propped up against a wall ... Then the King, after providing new shrouds, caused the place to be closed once more ".
There is conjecture that some of the most yearning poetry attributed to Wyatt was inspired by their relationship and that it is Anne whom he describes in the sonnet Whoso List to Hunt, as unobtainable, headstrong, and belonging to the King: " noli me tangere for Caesar's I am / And wild for to hold though I seem tame ".
1 Kings 10: 13 claims " And King Solomon gave unto the Queen of Sheba all her desire, whatsoever she asked, beside that which Solomon gave her of his royal bounty.
And the King will never leave.
Among Novello's well known songs are, " Keep the Home Fires Burning "; " Fold Your Wings "; " Shine Through My Dreams "; " Rose of England "; " I Can Give You the Starlight "; " And Her Mother Came Too "; " My Dearest Dear "; " The Land of Might-Have-Been "; " When I Curtsied to the King "; " We'll Gather Lilacs "; " Someday my Heart Will Awake "; " Yesterday "; " Waltz of My Heart "; " Why isn't It You "; " My Life Belongs to You "; " Fly Home Little Heart "; " Take Your Girl "; and " Primrose ".
And he also is responsible for the popularity of the use of the word “ old ” in the names of competing dime novel detectives, such as Old Cap Collier, Old Broadbrim, Old King Brady, Old Lightning, Old Ferret and many, many others.
And he built Medeba and Beth-diblathen and Beth-baal-me ” On, and he set there the … of the land .” The stone is defaced at this point so we do not know what the King set up, but it was likely an image of his god, Ashtar-Chemosh.
And in October of the years 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, he was made the King of Boomerroyalty in which each weekend despite being infamous, the channel " Boomerang " showed 2-hour installments of Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo and The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show all month.
Philip ascended to the throne and became King at age 17, although according to the publication titled " The Life And Times Of Jacques de Molay ", Philip was 16.

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