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Page "news" ¶ 797
from Brown Corpus
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And and also
And you also got this little spark in your bird-brain that tells you to turn around before you drown yourself.
`` And next year we will do -- also a Ford commission -- a piano concerto by Elliott Carter, with Jacob Lateiner as soloist.
And yet we obviously also believe that the avoidance of the disaster depends in some obscure or at least uncertain way on the details of how we behave.
And if I have gone into so much detail about so small a work, that is because it is also so typical a work, representing the germinal form of a conflict which remains essential in Mann's writing: the crude sketch of Piepsam contains, in its critical, destructive and self-destructive tendencies, much that is enlarged and illuminated in the figures of, for instance, Naphta and Leverkuhn.
And let me add, utopianism, also.
And though we can look back now and see their errors, we can look back also to the ultimate error.
And if we understand the rocking as an erotic symbol we can also see how well it serves as the symbol of impending tragedy.
And just as `` Laurie '' Lawrence was first attracted to bright Jo March, who found him immature by her high standards, and then had to content himself with her younger sister Amy, so Joe Jastrow, who had also been writing Henrietta before he came to Johns Hopkins, had to content himself with her younger sister, pretty Rachel.
With the help of Ziggy Elman, also in the band, he transformed a traditional Jewish melody into a popular song, `` And The Angels Sing ''.
And we can add that Krutch's interpretation of purgation is also one answer to Plato's fear that poetry will encourage our passions.
And by a skillful and unobtrusive use of imagery ( the enclosure is called a `` Roman-camp stockade '', the hastily erected lean-to is a `` Babylonian hovel '', the men begin to look like `` Peruvian mummies '' and to acquire `` Gothic faces '' ), Malraux projects a fresco of human endurance -- which is also the endurance of the human -- stretching backward into the dark abyss of time.
And if we do not aspire to too much, it is also within our capacity.
And it is also a fact of life that there will always ( be youngish half-educated people around, who will be dazzled by the glitter of what looks like a literary movement.
And the pitching will also have trouble doing better.
And one cannot but wonder whether Marshal Malinovsky, who was blowing hot and cold, exalting peace but also almost openly considering the possibility of preventive war against the West, wasn't trying to keep the Chinese quiet.
And if the foreigners fighting in the Katanga Army are mercenaries then Lafayette and Von Steuben were mercenaries too, as were also the members of the Lafayette Escadrille in the early part of World War 1, and of Chennault's Flying Tigers in the early days of World War 2.
And so, let us remember on this day not only to thank the Almighty Who gave hope and courage to the Pilgrims, but also to place our trust in Him that He will continue to protect us in the future as He has in the past.
And dancing school, so helpful in artistic and psychological development, also contributes to this essential early training -- and can contribute even more.
And further he must understand his obligation to the client to not only meet his physical necessities but also to enhance and improve his life and to enlarge the cultural horizon of our society.
And they also had the lights of the city, the port wall lanterns, and a shore crane's spotlight to guide on.
And, much as she detested Hiram Harrington, she also did not accuse him.
And men also used vacuum cleaners in both rooms, sucking dust up once more.
And he wanted to be careful that the kids not only learn about Communist but also about what he feels is the only antidote -- a Biblically strong Christianity.
And yet there is a note of hope, because this same science that is giving us the power of the atom is also giving us atomic vision.

And and stayed
And you wonder if that is why the little man lost his job and his car and stayed drunk about a year before he straightened out and moved to St. Louis, where he got to be a big unhappy success.
" Jaffee, a Kurtzman enthusiast, replied, " And then there's a large group who feel that if Harvey had stayed with Mad, he would have upgraded it to the point that only fifteen people would buy it.
And we stopped off in Chicago and stayed with Studs Terkel who was a hospitable man and his wonderful hospitable wife.
" He was remote from us, ' cause he came in and went into a booth ... And that's where he stayed, isolated in a booth.
And they stayed on and prospered even after the copper mines closed.
And all of this, it probably stayed with me ," he later reminisced.
And hence, though manufacturers funded the Renaixença — and Catalan nationalism — they demanded that Catalonia stayed part of Spain to ensure economic stability.
And both orthodoxes and Jews, even if they stayed a bit in a side, contributed to all this variety.
:: And the Sun stood still, and the Moon stayed,
And so the kiss stayed.
" And there the wicked old Witch stayed for a good long time.
And, Linda, if all of those people out there wouldn't say I was being political, I'd say you truly ' stayed the course.
Lohner stayed on with the band throughout the touring cycle to The Downward Spiral, both the recording and touring behind The Fragile, the live album / DVD And All That Could Have Been, and the recording of the Still EP.
And in 1971 the club returned to Allsvenskan, and stayed there for ten years which included two bronze medals ( 1975 and 1976 ) and winning the Swedish Cup in 1972.
And so the kiss stayed.
" And James further affirmed, " His copy was world-famous at the time and has stayed good ; he was a far better reporter on combat than his friend Ernest Hemingway.
The single " А ние с Боби двамата пием кафе " (" And I and Bobby, We are Both Drinking Coffee ") stayed in MM's Top Ten for 10 weeks and the album sold over 30, 000 copies.
And when I asked him why he stayed, he said, " There's nowhere else to go.

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