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And and was
And he was fleeing, running -- fleeing his death and his life at the same time.
And he was handsome, despite the long thin scar that slanted across his cheek.
And there was a house ; ;
And then there was a numbing blow to the heart, and another gut-flattening blow to the stomach
And she was deeply thankful that she could see her now, out there in the midst of a gay, youthful circle, skipping and singing, `` Farmer in the dell, Farmer in the dell, Heigh-ho the dairy-oh, the farmer in the dell ''.
The husband points the steps out with his flashlight: `` Its white stare filling her pale eyes To the blind brim with appetite, Bleaching her hands that grazed my thighs And sent us from the table in surprise To let the dishes soak all night, '' ( Mary Jane asked herself if Meredith was blushing at this line, or was it the fire??
And for the hundredth time that week, he was startled at her beauty.
And he knew that the men talked about him behind his back, saying that he was one up on everybody else -- including the pilot of the plane with the swastika on it -- because he was chemically incapable of fear.
And in the hunting land, this hunger was considered to be a noble thing.
And while he was ever alert for game, and most particularly a tiger, Penny marvelled at the Eden they were traversing.
And when this was gone, he hadn't even a little bitter tablet to purify other water if he were to discover some stagnant jungle pool.
And so when Miss Langford came to teach at the one-room Chestnut school, where Jack was a pupil in the eighth grade, the Woman of Jack's mind assumed the teacher's face and figure.
And so when the others stampeded out that afternoon Jack remained docilely in his seat near a window, looking out in what he hoped was a pitiable manner, while the other kids laughed and yelled in at him and made faces as they dispersed, going home.
The slave is owner, And ever was.
The first result of Heidenstam's long sojourn abroad was a volume of poems, Pilgrimage And Wander-Years ( Vallfart och Vandringsar ), published in 1888.
And with Progressivism the Religion of Humanity was replacing what Gabriel called Christian supernaturalism.
And the common man was developing mythic power, or charisma, on his own.
And by the time the war ended, liberal leadership in this country was spiritually Marxist.
And here again we hear the same refrain mentioned above: `` the paramount goal of the United States set long ago was to guard the rights of the individual, ensure his development, enlarge his opportunity ''.
And in the context of drifting personal utterances we have examined, there was occasional evidence of the origin of all such evasions.
And just as `` Laurie '' Lawrence was first attracted to bright Jo March, who found him immature by her high standards, and then had to content himself with her younger sister Amy, so Joe Jastrow, who had also been writing Henrietta before he came to Johns Hopkins, had to content himself with her younger sister, pretty Rachel.
And now there was some question as to his continued residence there.
`` And besides, Thorstein Veblen was one of the Chicago professors ''.

And and until
And it's goin' to go on like this year after year until the white people take over this land ''.
And the valley stretched endlessly out ahead, scorched and baked and writhing in its heat, until it vanished into the throbbing wall of fiery orange brown haze.
And no messages can be transmitted on these circuits until senders and receivers authenticate in advance, by special codes, that the messages actually come from their purported sources.
It was therefore not until the publication of J.H. Round's `` The Settlement Of The South And East Saxons '', and W.H. Stevenson's `` Dr. Guest And The English Conquest Of South Britain '', that a scientific basis for place-name studies was established.
And until this protection is at least as concrete as, say, the row of hotels that bars us from our own sands at Miami Beach, those who represent us all should agree to nothing.
And they wouldn't leave off arguing and pleading until he had promised.
And from that the stock moved right on up until it was trading Thursday morning at around $22 a share.
And fourth, there were moderates who were in no hurry for independence and wished to wait until the Congo grew up.
And the hours were six-thirty in the morning until eleven at night on Saturdays and during sales, and there were no chairs and you couldn't smoke and the cooling was overhead fans and there was no porter or janitor.
And, shoving her against a spruce, her back to him, he retreated with the whip and made it whine and crack in the damp air, shortening its arc until it narrowed to her flesh and the sound of it snarled and cracked, settling its own cruel demons on her shoulders while she stood as unchanged, as dark and motionless as ever, her eyes open and staring at the pale delineaments of the bark so close to her face.
And to " measure " is to place a shorter measuring length s successively ( q times ) along longer length l until the remaining portion r is less than the shorter length s. In modern words, remainder r = l − q * s, q being the quotient, or remainder r is the " modulus ", the integer-fractional part left over after the division.
And with Amalaric's death in 531, the Visigothic kingdom entered an extended period of unrest which lasted until Leovigild assumed the throne in 568.
" And There Was Light " chronicles his experiences from early childhood until his liberation from a concentration camp.
And so the bootstrapping continues, until we have the full repertoire of different kinds of cells.
This is recorded in the Qur ' an's second chapter ( Sura Al-Baqara ), Verse 280, which notes: " And if someone is in hardship, then let there be postponement until a time of ease.
And on the wing of abominations will be one who makes desolate, even until the consummation which is determined is poured out on the desolate. 9: 26-27
And even in those that he was successful this would be temporary, just until a mistake or chance event caused another failure, another disappointment for the frustrated duck.
And while he was not present at any of the councils he continued to hold this title until the East-West Schism of 1054 AD.
A Polish Kabbalist, writing in about 1630 – 1650, reported the creation of a golem by Rabbi Eliyahu thus: " And I have heard, in a certain and explicit way, from several respectable persons that one man close to our time, whose name is R. Eliyahu, the master of the name, who made a creature out of matter Golem and form tzurah and it performed hard work for him, for a long period, and the name of emet was hanging upon his neck, until he finally removed it for a certain reason, the name from his neck and it turned to dust.
And from the 1948 Arab – Israeli War until the early 1970s, 800, 000 – 1, 000, 000 Jews left, fled, or were expelled from their homes in Arab countries ; 260, 000 of them reached Israel between 1948 and 1951 ; and 600, 000 by 1972.
And, until Eric was deposed in the late 1430s, he made decisions as to each of the kingdoms in accordance with the treaty intentions.
And yet, the Qur ' an affirms human responsibility, saying for example: " Allah changeth not the condition of a people until they change what is in their hearts ".
And Algeria until then was the main source of oil and gas destined for the French market.
And likewise during the day the men recite dirges by themselves and the women by themselves, until about a third of the day has passed.

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