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And and now
And now she could see him, looking uncommon handsome, standing there beside Sally Jackson and her folks in front of their trail-worn wagon.
And she was deeply thankful that she could see her now, out there in the midst of a gay, youthful circle, skipping and singing, `` Farmer in the dell, Farmer in the dell, Heigh-ho the dairy-oh, the farmer in the dell ''.
And she really tried to go a step further and say she hoped they'd be just as right as they now were for her and for Rod.
`` And now '', said Tilghman with deadly calm, `` I'll repeat what I said.
And so I would only touch upon it now ( much as I have long wanted to write a book about it ).
And this occurs now, at the refrain of Jacoby's song -- at the point, in fact, of the name `` Lizzy '' -- ; ;
And though we can look back now and see their errors, we can look back also to the ultimate error.
If I now risk some comparisons with Sons And Lovers let it be clear that I am not comparing the two works or judging their merits ; ;
And now there was some question as to his continued residence there.
And, for the moment at least, the governor now found himself allied with the head of the Crittenden faction he had formerly opposed, and Pike was credited with a clear triumph over Woodruff.
`` And from now on, for the rest of this trip, I will only drink what you agree that I should drink ''.
And now Mr. Hodges has pioneered further into the economic unknown with the announcement that he thinks business has stopped sliding and that it should start going upward from this point.
And now -- more junk mail
And now, the woman, tired and trembling, came here to the DeKalb County cannery.
And now, for Communist listeners and readers:
`` And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness.
And now, of course, the hue and cry for counter-escalation is being raised on our side.
And for him to leave this job now without accomplishing anything would mean practically the end of his career in the Methodist church, if not in all churches.
And now the redcoats were coming, and the gunfire was a part of the dust cloud on the road to the west of us.
Her mother wrote Kate of her grief at the death of Kate's baby and at Jonathan's decision to go with the South `` And, dear Kate '', she wrote, `` poor Dr. Breckenridge's son Robert is now organizing a militia company to go South, to his good father's sorrow.
And now Andrei sat on a train on the way to Lublin and wondered if he was not being punished for his lack of belief.
And this helps explain why so many people are now going camping.
And suppose that the circumstances have now so changed that the feeling with which we made the remark in the first place has faded.
And there are now many millions of workers for whom the factory with the big parking lot, which can be reached by driving across or against the usual pattern of rush hour traffic and grille-route bus lines, is actually more convenient than the walk-to factory.
And now, in March, all Laos suffered a state of siege.

And and my
And I had hardly finished my business in the toilet on the aforementioned occasion when the lights in that place, like the hall lights controlled from the switch in the office, flicked off and on impatiently.
And that is the way I first saw her when my Uncle brought her into his antique store.
The husband points the steps out with his flashlight: `` Its white stare filling her pale eyes To the blind brim with appetite, Bleaching her hands that grazed my thighs And sent us from the table in surprise To let the dishes soak all night, '' ( Mary Jane asked herself if Meredith was blushing at this line, or was it the fire??
And make my life different and better from this time on.
And, he added: `` During the many months in prison camp, all abstract images vanished from my mind ''.
And this is my own home ''.
And even hearing it in a concert hall surrounded by hundreds of people the words and the melody would make me a little colder and I would reach out for my husband's hand.
Victor had been stirred by my account of him in Makers And Finders, for Stephens was one of the lost writers whom Melville had seen in his childhood and whom I was bent on resurrecting.
And another one comes to me and he says, ' Look here, there's a mill in my state employs five thousand people making uniforms for the Navy.
`` And I am not sure that I have any cash -- any money, that is -- but if you will wait just a minute I will write you out a check if I can find my checkbook.
And, like many of you here present, I hold as the highlight of all, the occasion of my first meeting with the honorable Speaker of the House.
And did he appreciate my efforts on his behalf??
And my point in this sad story is the spirit of the matter.
And His glory is flooding my soul ''.
And so the psalmist gives us one more picture of God: `` The Lord is the strength of my life ''.
And I can go back to my contests and be thinking while I'm doing the washing ''.
And I went back to my own cottage to live my own little patch of life.
And after I brought them sandwiches and coffee I had to go back to my place in the kitchen and wait.
And I was plastered and I blew my stack '' --
And so I was really upset the first time I discovered that my boy friend Johnnie was seeing Mrs. Warren.
`` And '', I was ticking off the items on my fingers, `` swears too much and goes out with the boys, whoever they are, too much, and who ever goes to church and won't even listen when I try to persuade him to come back to the fold ''.
`` And never show my face or my truck around here again ''.
And the major part of my mission to your nest is to make a treaty between your race and mine.

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