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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1313
from Brown Corpus
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And and do
And you stand by like a fool and let him do it ''
`` And next year we will do -- also a Ford commission -- a piano concerto by Elliott Carter, with Jacob Lateiner as soloist.
And when he complained of the lack of time for all he wanted to do, Henrietta advised him to rise at five in the morning as she and Papa did.
And, contrary to many popular assertions, the goal-values chosen do not seem to us to be primarily oriented to materialistic success nor to mere conformity.
And we do it by taking talent -- and redirecting it ''.
And if we do not aspire to too much, it is also within our capacity.
And in any case, answers may clarify but they do not change anything.
`` And do you really think that the world outside Poland will care any more than we do ''??
And there was still not anything that Linda Kay could do.
And what has dancing to do with all this??
And then again perhaps the reason why he couldn't find time to do any of the things he had planned to do after retirement: reading, roaming, gardening, lying on his back and watching the clouds go by, was because he didn't want to do them.
And let it do its own lawmaking and not leave that to federal judges.
'' And that she proceeded to do.
And so do the prostitutes.
And was he afraid to do anything as definite as releasing her??
`` And you know I can do it ''.
And she answered, `` I don't know, but I hope you'll never do such a thing ''.
And over 66 per cent of the elementary schools with 150 or more pupils do not have any library at all.
And yet this is exactly the risk we run when we assume, as we too often do, that we can continue to preach the gospel in a form that makes it seem incredible and irrelevant to cultured men.
And then, as they become aware that they have reached the end of their patience, what do they, to their dismay, learn for the first time about themselves??
And why do we in the West know so few of his ballets??

And and requires
And although these insights into the nature of art may be in themselves insufficient for a thoroughgoing philosophy of art, their peculiar authenticity in this day and age requires that they be taken seriously and gives promise that from their very substance, new and valid chapters in the philosophy of art may be written.
And, it requires health care providers, insurance providers and employers to safeguard the security and privacy of health data.
Though the monarch retains all executive, legislative, and judicial power in and over Canada, the governor general is permitted to exercise most of this, including the Royal Prerogative, in the sovereign's name ; some as outlined in the Constitution Act, 1867, and some through various letters patent issued over the decades, particularly those from 1947 that constitute the Office of Governor General of Canada ; they state: " And We do hereby authorize and empower Our Governor General, with the advice of Our Privy Council for Canada or of any members thereof or individually, as the case requires, to exercise all powers and authorities lawfully belonging to Us in respect of Canada.
And it was not until the late 18th century, when growth requires the expansion of the city outside.
And secondly, this fire type requires minimal labor, thereby making it ideal as a fire of choice before bedding down for the evening without having to get up periodically to add fuelwood and / or stoke the fire to keep it going.
" And finally article 158 requires that the localities bordering on an uninhabited hill jointly supervise that region and pay for damage from any robbery occurring there.
And that requires war.
And Whereas in such event a respect for the opinions of mankind requires them to declare to other nations the causes which impel them to assume full responsibility for their own affairs.
* Pontianaks And The Issue Of Verisimilitude In Singaporean Cinema ( requires a login and password ) -- an essay by Dr Timothy White of the National University of Singapore, about the important role played by 1950s and 1960s horror films in the evolution of pontianak mythology ( Microsoft Word document ).
Here is an example of Kyrill ’ s humility topos taken from " A Tale of a layman, and on monasticism, and on the soul, and on repentance "; by the most sinful monk Kirill, for Vasilij, abbot of the Caves: “( 52 ) And me: I beg you, do not spurn me like a dog, but remember me even here in your prayers, and there throw me scraps from that holy table, and may all Christians be judged worthy of that life, through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom glory with the Father and with the Holy Spirit, now and ever .” And another one from: A Sermon for Low Sunday by the unworthy monk Kirill in praise of the resurrection, and concerning the paschal bread, and concerning Thomas ’ s resting of the Lord ’ s ribs: “( 1 ) The Church requires a great teacher and a wise interpreter to adorn the feast.
And extreme performance often requires code that is several times bigger than stack code.
And despite the industrial appearance the Barcelona chair requires much hand craftsmanship.
And Hyacinth genuinely cares for her family, always rushing to the aid of her lower-class relatives-however reluctantly-when they are having problems, particularly her elderly father, who suffers from dementia and requires constant attention.
And with increasing distance, creating a unit vector localized outside requires operators of ever increasing
And since long-term potentiation ( LTP ) also requires NMDA receptors, spatial learning may require LTP.
And to change this reality requires not merely a change of government or a modification of one or another specific policy, but a revolutionary transformation of the very foundations of Israeli society.
And that inquiry requires us to consider the context of the display.
And since the images are not stored digitally, transferring the photos to a computer requires a video capture card.
And from a theoretical side it was noted by Lorentz, that the Stokes-Planck hypothesis requires that the speed of light is not affected by a density increase of 50000 times of the aether.
And Snow, in his editorial " Intelligence for the Year 2001 " ( 1980 ), summed up the situation well when he said, " It is not unreasonable to hypothesize that both conative and affective aspects of persons and situations influence the details of cognitive processing ... A theoretical account of intelligent behavior in the real world requires a synthesis of cognition, conation and affect.
And finally the emulation and verification of hardware also requires a software renderer.
And that can be positive ," contrasting with the protagonist of "# 1 Crush, " It's just that keeping it short of unhealthy, short of violence, really requires a bit of moderation.
Although it was a regular part of his repertoire for years, Presley requires a lyric sheet when he performs Paul Anka's " My Way " ( noted for its opening lyric, " And now the end is near / And so I face the final curtain ").

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