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And and work
And any sequence can not only change its positions in the work but can even be eliminated from it altogether.
And if I have gone into so much detail about so small a work, that is because it is also so typical a work, representing the germinal form of a conflict which remains essential in Mann's writing: the crude sketch of Piepsam contains, in its critical, destructive and self-destructive tendencies, much that is enlarged and illuminated in the figures of, for instance, Naphta and Leverkuhn.
And I was to go to work on that odd matter.
Comparable visions of life are at work in Antigone and Romeo And Juliet.
And everyone went to work to learn the parts which he wrote.
And they couldn't have entrusted Henri to better hands because `` le professeur '' knows his muscles from the sterno-cleido mastoideus of the neck right down to the tibialis anticus of the leg and better still, he knows just what exercises work best for them and what Weider principles to combine them with for fast, fast muscle growth.
And like this English master, Mason realizes his subjects in large, simplified masses which, though they seem effortless, are in reality the result of skilled design born of hard work and a thorough distillation of the natural form that inspired them.
And so the authors conclude: `` The conduct of the patient in his every-day life and in his work, even more than the foregoing facts ( mentioned above under 1 ), leave positively no room for doubt that the sense of touch, in the ordinary sense of the word, was unaffected ; ;
Poems Of The Past And The Present and Time's Laughing Stocks, both published while Hardy was at work on The Dynasts, draw heavily on poems written before 1900.
And getting them seemed a life's work.
And if you're as flat broke as I am, I think we'll have to take the added risk of knocking over a filling station or something before we split for one of us to set up an alibi while the other does his dirty work ''.
And there she had her first showing of tapestry work.
And counting noses, they seemed to have the votes to work their will.
And as is often the case with this director's work, the pace is so slow and the mood so reverent, that initial enchantment gives way to bored fidgeting.
Jerome's Prologue to Jeremiah says he excluded them: " And the Book of Baruch, his scribe, which is neither read nor found among the Hebrews, we have omitted, standing ready, because of these things, for all the curses from the jealous, to whom it is necessary for me to respond through a separate short work.
According to anarcho-communist Peter Kropotkin, " And as long as dwelling-houses, fields, and factories belong to isolated owners, men will have to pay them, in one way or another, for being allowed to work in the fields or factories, or for living in the houses.
" She summed up her driving work ethic, " I can say this: When I attempt anything, I have a passionate determination to overcome every obstacle … And I do my own work with a refusal to accept defeat that might almost be called painful.
" ( Book of The Life of Sir William Phips first published anonymously in London in 1697 ) And Mather then included the letter, but, for his own reasons ( surely not brevity, Magnalia is huge ) left out the first, second, and eight sections, which would seem most encouraging to the judges to carry-on with their work.
And so, as the threats mount, the work of protecting the self concept becomes more difficult and the individual becomes more defensive and rigid in their self structure.
And it ’ s not enough to deconstruction to expose the way oppositions work and how meaning and values are produced in speech of all kinds and stop there in a nihilistic or cynic position regarding all meaning, " thereby preventing any means of intervening in the field effectively ".
A Polish Kabbalist, writing in about 1630 – 1650, reported the creation of a golem by Rabbi Eliyahu thus: " And I have heard, in a certain and explicit way, from several respectable persons that one man close to our time, whose name is R. Eliyahu, the master of the name, who made a creature out of matter Golem and form tzurah and it performed hard work for him, for a long period, and the name of emet was hanging upon his neck, until he finally removed it for a certain reason, the name from his neck and it turned to dust.
So George just told David he would not work any longer if the script was not better and he wanted the Howard script back ... he would not let his name go out over a lousy picture ... And bull-headed David said ' OK get out!
: And work them into waistcoat-buttons

And and properly
And on another level, The Thin Blue Line, properly considered, is an essay on false history.
And the personification of the energy that gives birth to forms and nourishes forms is properly female.
And though we say in common discourse, a man had a will once to do a thing, that nevertheless he forbore to do ; yet that is properly but an inclination, which makes no action voluntary ; because the action depends not of it, but of the last inclination, or appetite.
And while one sometimes finds the name " centauries ", this properly refers to the unrelated plant genus Centaurium.
And the same thing -- she hated stripes that just stopped on a corner, as opposed to having a piece of molding to finish them properly.
And very importantly, no accurately and properly conducted experiment has ever detected a violation of the law.
And by age nine, there is zero chance that they will learn to speak properly.
* Christianity Not Mysterious: A Treatise Shewing, That there is nothing in the Gospel Contrary to Reason, Nor Above It: And that no Christian Doctrine can be properly called A Mystery ( 1696 )
:" And all that I've described to you regarding those who won't accept it Mishneh Torah properly, that is uniquely in my generation.
And, because " the essence of a sign is to convey information ", it can only be a sign, properly speaking, if it has meaning.
And because they are life insurance policies, VULs may only be sold by representatives who are properly licensed to sell life insurance in the areas in which they operate.
And the personification of the energy that gives birth to forms and nourishes forms is properly female.
' And if somebody happened to say that his farm was not properly cultivated, his answer was ' Of course my real job is to be a professor.
And as he perceived that the profession he was to follow, could not permit him to manage properly his paternal estate, situated in a remote place near Arbroath-in the county of Forfar in Scotland, he thought proper to sell it, and settle all family claims upon him, that he might be at full liberty to pursue his studies.
Now, for the first time, one of Hou Hsiao-hsien's films is finally being properly released ( by IFC ) in the U. S. And this makes me, as a true fan, very, very happy.
And unless all these things occur and pass through the soul ,” added the ( Jesuit ) monk, “ the action is not properly a sin, and cannot be imputed, as M. le Moine shows in the same place and in what follows.
And copy boy Earl Collins considers quitting after failing to properly deliver a bet by city editor Jim Bathgate on the sex of children being born to a famous actress.

And and conducted
* " Part II: Growth And Learning " features a group of public schoolboys attending an Anglican church service ( conducted by Cleese ), which commences with a nonsensical Old Testament passage followed by a hymn entitled " Oh Lord, Please Don't Burn Us ".
The amide derivatives that are obtained by Beckmann rearrangement can be transformed into a carboxylic acid by means of hydrolysis ( base or acid catalyzed ). And an amine by hoffman degradation of the amide in the presence of alkali hypoclorites at 80 degrees Celsius, the degradation is itself prone to side reactions namely, the formation of biurets or, cyanate polymers, To avoid this side reaction strict temperature control is necessary, the reaction must be conducted at sufficient temperature to isomerise the cyanate to the isocyante.
And has guest conducted with many ensembles and choirs including Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble ( Bach's Passions ), Netherlands Chamber Choir ( Poulenc ), Chœur de chambre Accentus, Paris ( Finnish works ).
And since the vote is conducted anonymously, this created a second problem: since no one knew who had voted against the applicant, it was impossible to identify a member as pursuing a policy of racism.
And even though the Russians had invaded northern Sweden via Finland in the previous war, the general opinion was that in case of a new war, their main attack would be conducted towards Stockholm and southern Sweden.
And although he was married to a Jewish woman in a ceremony conducted by a Reform Jewish rabbi, there are questions that have never been fully resolved.
American Civil War General Augustus Pleasonton conducted his own experiments and published his book The Influence Of The Blue Ray Of The Sunlight And Of The Blue Color Of The Sky, published in 1876 about how the color blue can improve the growth of crops and livestock and can help heal diseases in humans.
And she also conducted a comparative study between some of the native languages and Lumee slang words.
And while the Gymanfa Ganu is conducted with the dignity of a church service, it is not unknown for the musical conductor to stop the singing when one or more of the voice sections wanders from the desired harmony and needs special attention.
And lastly he must have cleared the 2MFG written and orals conducted by the various Mercantile Marine Departments, aka.
And in 1985 he played the first British performance of Gunther Schuller's trombone concerto, Eine kleine Posaunenmusik with the Halle Orchestra conducted by the composer.
And it was practiced and treated with high religious importance and as the primary ritual from the celebration conducted in Swamithope pathi even during the period of Vaikundar.
*" Concert For Life And Peace "-which took place in Rome, Beth-Lechem and Jerusalem, with Teatro Comunale di Bologna orchestra ( conducted by Shlomo Mintz )

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