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Andre and Kirk
* Testers: Phil Alne, John Kirk, Andre Vrignaud, Brian Lowe, Alan Marenco, Glen Cureton, Mike Balajadia
Among that group are Jim Acker, Billy Bates, Mike Brumley, Mike Capel, Roger Clemens, Dennis Cook, Scott Coolbaugh, Keith Creel, Kirk Dressendorfer, Ron Gardenhire, Jim Gideon, Jerry Don Gleaton, Burt Hooton, Bob Kearney, Brooks Kieschnick, Keith Moreland, Calvin Murray, Spike Owen, Karl Pagel, Mark Petkovsek, Shane Reynolds, Andre Robertson, Bruce Ruffin, Calvin Schiraldi, J. D.
* August 3, 2005: Traded by Memphis to the Miami Heat as part of five-team deal ( Miami also acquired James Posey and Andre Emmett from Memphis, Antoine Walker from Boston Celtics and draft rights of Roberto Dueñas from New Orleans Hornets ; Memphis acquired Eddie Jones from Miami and Raúl López from Utah Jazz ; New Orleans acquired Rasual Butler from Miami and Kirk Snyder from Utah ; Boston acquired Qyntel Woods, draft rights of Albert Miralles, two future second-round draft picks from Miami and Curtis Borchardt from Utah ; Utah acquired Greg Ostertag from Memphis ).

Andre and Agassi
* Andre Agassi
* Tennis player Andre Agassi quoted the poem in his autobiography, Open.
Instead, he became one of the youngest winners of an Association of Tennis Professionals ( ATP ) tournament when, as an almost unknown youngster, he won the 1998 Next Generation Adelaide International, defeating Andre Agassi in the semifinals.
Andre Agassi chose to skip Wimbledon from 1988 through 1990 citing the event's traditionalism, particularly its " predominantly white " dress code.
On August 5, Andre Agassi wins the 1992 Wimbledon Championships – Men's Singles.
The event has featured such players as Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, Jim Courier, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Michael Chang, James Blake and Andy Roddick, before they turned professional.
Sampras debuted on the professional tour in 1988 and played his last top-level tournament in 2002 when he won the US Open, defeating rival Andre Agassi in the final.
His first professional singles title came in February at the Ebel U. S. Pro Indoor in Philadelphia, where he defeated sixth-ranked Andre Agassi, eighth-ranked Mayotte, and eighteenth-ranked Andrés Gómez in the final.
His victory over Andre Agassi in the Wimbledon final is often cited as one of Sampras's greatest performances ( despite this, he lost his no.
Sampras's ranking was hurt through a combination of withdrawing from the Australian and US Opens, tournaments in which he had strong performances during the previous year, and the resurgence of longtime rival Andre Agassi, putting an end to Sampras ' six consecutive years of finishing as the world number 1.
On August 2010 Sampras played an exhibition game with Andre Agassi at the indoor arena Coliseo Cubierto El Campin in Bogotá, Colombia.
The following year along with Federer, Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal, he played an exhibition doubles match at Indian Wells to raise money for the people of Haiti who had been affected by the earthquake.
Both Lleyton Hewitt and Venus Williams were unsuccessful in their title defences, Hewitt being defeated in the semi-finals by Andre Agassi and Venus being defeated in the final by her younger sister Serena.
Andre Agassi, 6 – 3, 6 – 4, 5 – 7, 6 – 4
* 2002 US Open: Pete Sampras defeats Andre Agassi in four sets to win his record 14th major.
Spring Valley is the home of tennis players Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, as well as Sacramento Kings owners George and Gavin Maloof.
She married former World No. 1 men's tennis player Andre Agassi in October 2001.
Graf played a singles exhibition match against Kim Clijsters and a mixed doubles exhibition alongside husband Andre Agassi against Tim Henman and Clijsters as part of a test event and celebration for the newly installed roof over Wimbledon's Centre Court.
She and her husband, Andre Agassi, were on Team Elton John who competed against Team Billie Jean King.
He also helped Austria reach the semifinals of Davis Cup, where they were eliminated 3 – 2 by the United States despite Muster winning both his singles rubbers against Andre Agassi and Michael Chang.
At the 1989 US Open, Connors defeated the third seed ( and future two-time champion ), Stefan Edberg, in straight sets in the fourth round and pushed sixth-seeded Andre Agassi to five sets in a quarterfinal.
This makes Wilander one of only five men ( along with Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer ) to have won Grand Slam singles titles on grass courts, hard courts, and clay courts.
He lost in the fourth round of the Australian Open to MaliVai Washington, the first round of the French Open to Andre Agassi ( 6 – 2, 7 – 5, 6 – 1 ), and the first round of the US Open to Guy Forget.
Wilander last played in Davis Cup in the 1995 semifinals, where he lost to Andre Agassi 7 – 6 ( 5 ), 6 – 2, 6 – 2 and Pete Sampras 2 – 6, 7 – 6 ( 4 ), 6 – 3.

Andre and (;
Andre Braugher (; born July 1, 1962 ) is an American actor.

Andre and born
** Andre Iguodala ( born 1984 ), NBA basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers
RuPaul Andre Charles ( born November 17, 1960 ), best known as simply RuPaul, is an American actor, drag queen, model, author, and recording artist, who first became widely known in the 1990s when he appeared in a wide variety of television programs, films, and musical albums.
* Andre Thornton, born in Tuskegee, major league baseball player
* Andre Harrell ( born 1960 ), founder of Uptown Records.
* Andre Collins ( born 1968 ), Director of Retired Players with the National Football League Players ' Association, All-American football star at Penn State, and 10-year NFL linebacker.
Shane Andre Mosley ( born September 7, 1971 ) is a retired American professional boxer from Pomona, California.
Carl Andre ( born September 16, 1935 ) is an American minimalist artist recognized for his ordered linear format and grid format sculptures.
Andre was born in Quincy, MA.
Kenneth Eugene St. Andre ( born on April 28, 1947 in Ogden, Utah ) is an American fantasy author and game designer, best known for his work with Tunnels & Trolls and Wasteland.
* Andre Tyson ( born 1990 ), English professional wrestler
She married film director Andre De Toth in 1944 and had a son, Andre Anthony Michael De Toth, known as Michael De Toth ( October 25, 1945 – February 24, 1991 ), and a daughter, Diana De Toth ( born October 16, 1948 ).
Andre Verne Marrou ( born December 4, 1938 ) is an American political figure, affiliated with the Libertarian Party.
Sean Michaels ( born Andre Allen, February 20, 1958, Brooklyn, New York ) is a pornographic actor and director.
Philip Andre " Mickey " Rourke, Jr. ( born September 16, 1952 )
* Andre Agassi ( born 1970 ), tennis player
" Mike " Agassi ( born 1930 ), Assyrian-Armenian boxer from Iran ; father of Andre Agassi
* Andre Manoukian – ( born 1957 ) choreographer in France
Nicholas James Bollettieri ( born July 31, 1931 ) is an American tennis coach who is credited with developing many world-class tennis champions, including Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Monica Seles, and Mary Pierce.
Andre William Gregory ( born May 11, 1934 ) is an American theatre director, writer and actor.
Andre Nolan Dawson ( born July 10, 1954 ), nicknamed " The Hawk ", is an American former center fielder and right fielder.
* Andre Dawson ( born 1954, nicknamed " The Hawk "), American baseball player
Andre Ward ( born February 23, 1984 ) is an American professional boxer and the current WBA ( Super ), WBC and The Ring Super Middleweight Champion.

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