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Andy and invented
High scoring moves include: Shaka, Burner ( funnel ponch ), Double Forward Loops, the Funnell ( invented by freestyle champion Ricardo Campello in memory of Andy Funnell ), the Chachoo and the Clew First Puneta ( switch stance Spock ), Eslider, Flaka.
A game invented by Andy Harris on the 12th of July 2010.
* Andy Davidson ( game designer ), invented the Worms ( 1995 video game ) in 1993
Andy O ' Brien was one of the original twenty-three characters invented by the creators of EastEnders, Tony Holland and Julia Smith.

Andy and job
Former Stars goalkeeper Andy Moog was promoted to Assistant General Manager for Player Development ( he kept his job as goaltending coach ), and former player Ulf Dahlen was hired as an assistant coach.
) Dissatisfied with his job and city life, Andy Slye and his brother Will built a 12-by-50-foot houseboat from salvage lumber, and, in July 1912, the Slye family floated up the Ohio River towards Portsmouth, Ohio.
Garcia stars as Andy Kasper, a man who gives up his cushy marketing job to do something more fulfilling.
He became assistant coach at Leicester's arch rivals Bath under Andy Robinson, and when Jack Rowell retired as coach of the England team in 1997, Woodward acquired the job.
A month after arriving at Arsenal, Graham was linked with the job as manager of the Scotland national team, but the job went to Andy Roxburgh instead.
Gravesend and Northfleet have also been managed in the recent past by Andy Ford, who resigned after a GLS Cup game after an extended run of poor fixtures, only to pursue a coaching job at Stevenage Borough a few months later.
The series begins with the arrival of Dr. Andrew " Andy " Brown ( Treat Williams ), a widower who leaves his successful job as a top Manhattan neurosurgeon to live in a small Colorado town, bringing his 9-year-old daughter Delia ( Vivien Cardone ) and 15-year-old son Ephram ( Gregory Smith ) with him.
Many of the story lines revolve around settling into a new town, dealing with the death of Julia ( the mother and wife of the family ) and the growing relationship between Andy and his son, who did not interact much in New York, due to the demands of Andy's job.
As of episode 119, Andy Bauman has taken over as producer from Jeremy Williams, who accepted a job at Future US in South San Francisco.
In 2008 Lancaster left Leeds to take a job at the RFU, replaced by England World Cup winner Neil Back and Andy Key, both of whom were previously on the coaching staff at Leicester Tigers.
Scottish international forward Andy Gray reported in his autobiography that the Everton board were ready to offer Gray the job as manager in August 1997, but Bill Kenwright, then director, had wanted to appoint Howard Kendall as manager for a third time.
However, Bautista struggled offensively for most of the year, and after the 2008 trade deadline Bautista lost his starting job to the newly-acquired Andy LaRoche.
Ellis was not included in the 2006 Autumn internationals that saw England head coach Andy Robinson lose his job, but when Brian Ashton was appointed as his successor Ellis was named in the team to start England's 2007 Six Nations opener against Scotland.
He briefly worked for Andy Warhol at Interview magazine but left that job to become a science fiction illustrator, at which his uncle expressed his disgust in his diary.
Andy Miller, also a St. Olaf College graduate, got the job playing bass, and several months later, Al Oikari sat in on keys and eventually became a member of the band.
His work caught the eye of Andy Warhol, who offered him his first job as a photographer at Interview magazine.
Andy is a young, intelligent, software engineer who is having problems with his job and is in the middle of a divorce and custody dispute with his wife.
The song that plays when Mr. Garrison strolls down the street after his nose job is " Shadow Dancing " by Andy Gibb.
His relative and friend Chris ( Andy Davoli ) shares this urge to be part of something bigger, and Matty finally convinces his father to give him a job, with the help of his father's right-hand man Teddy ( John Malkovich ).
However, the job went to Andy Roxburgh instead.
He returned to the UK and was appointed manager of Doncaster Rovers in 1987, a year after being linked with the Scotland manager's job ( which ultimately went to Andy Roxburgh ).

Andy and keep
Intel Senior Vice President Ron Whittier notes that Grove preferred to keep open channels of communication between employees, and encouraged people to speak their minds: " People here aren't afraid to speak up and debate with Andy.
The two pilots, Andy Elson and Colin Prescot, were to occupy an open deck, relying on Zvezda-manufactured Sokol space suits to keep them alive during the anticipated twelve-hour flight.
Andy tells her he will pay all her expenses if she agrees to keep the pregnancy a secret from Ephram.
When Ephram tells Andy about the pregnancy, Andy tells him that he knew about it and asked Madison to keep it a secret.
As a recently retired athlete, Hemery was free to participate in the professional Superstars contests and keep any prize money he won-unlike many other competitors ( like Kjell Isaksson or Andy Ripley ).
Many shows feature competitions between Ken and Andy, as they attempt to keep listeners on hold for the longest time, or invite them to judge their ( the hosts ') iPod playlists, or judge their merits as parents.
When Den and Zoe Slater ( Michelle Ryan ) was trying to keep Dennis and Sharon Rickman ( Letitia Dean ) apart, Andy finds out what Den and Zoe are doing.
Andy is submerged in water and unable to breathe, but the nanobots keep him alive.
Stephen is ultimately unable to deactivate the nanobots, and Andy wants to die to keep his fiancée from seeing the monster he has become.
In the final, his teammate María José Martínez Sánchez lost her singles match to Laura Robson but in his singles match, he went on to beat Andy Murray 1 – 6, 6 – 4, 6 – 3 to keep the title hopes alive, leveling the tie at 1 – 1.
Andy becomes jealous, so Edie tries but fails to keep her love affair with Billy a secret.
The show's failure to pull the audience needed to keep it alive longer than two years might also have been due to the former NBC hits now nestling on rival CBS, including The Jack Benny Program ( directly opposite The Big Show ), Amos ' n ' Andy and Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.
Brice, aware of Ray's release and suspicious that he may be up to something, instructs an underling, Danny, ( Andy Nyman ) to keep an eye on him and find out what he can about his plans.
After three straight-set wins, Mayer could not keep up the momentum against Andy Murray, after having won the first set.

Andy and him
Hub shook his head so Andy told him not to bother.
Andy told him, `` Bake, I wish you'd talk to Skolman, see if some kind of p. a. system can be rigged up outside.
Yet Andy plowed ahead, mouthing the inconsequential words as if they possessed real meaning, and gradually his listeners warmed to him.
In that year, when playing against Hampshire and facing the West Indian fast bowler Andy Roberts, a bouncer hit him straight in the mouth.
* 1968 – Valerie Solanas, author of SCUM Manifesto, attempts to assassinate Andy Warhol by shooting him three times.
The first one Jaxon Xavier ( played by Andy Berman ) who was also a top scientist in one of Lex's companies called Lex Labs, entrapped Lois and Clark in a virtual reality world to steal information for mind control before the two with the help of Jimmy Olsen tricked him into letting them out by stealing his wrist watch escape window leaving him stranded.
Clemens faced steroid scrutiny when it was reported that pitcher Jason Grimsley had named him, as well as Andy Pettitte, as a user of performance enhancing drugs.
Both these claims are however often rigorously disputed because the first Sony Portapak, the Videorover did not become commercially available until 1967, first in the US ( Fred Forest does not contradict this, saying it was provided to him by the manufacturers ) and that Andy Warhol is credited with showing underground video art mere weeks before Paik's papal procession screening, but here probably made on a pre-portable mains deck.
* June 3 – Radical feminist Valerie Solanas shoots Andy Warhol as he enters his studio, wounding him.
In November, Food Records ' A & R representative Andy Ross attended a Seymour performance that convinced him to court the group for his label.
* Andy Rooney, of the CBS programme 60 Minutes, who furiously ends his interview abruptly after Ali G accuses him of racism.
In 1967, Solanas encountered Andy Warhol outside his studio, The Factory, and asked him to produce her play.
In May, ex-Gong musician Mike Howlett invited Sting and former Eric Burdon and the Animals guitarist Andy Summers to form a project band with him for a Gong reunion, which they named Strontium 90.
Howard's last significant on-screen role was a reprisal of his famous role as Opie Taylor in the 1986 TV movie Return to Mayberry, an Andy Griffith Show reunion reuniting him with Griffith, Don Knotts, and most of the cast.
When the stage driver, Buck ( Andy Devine ), looks for his normal shotgun guard, Marshal Curly Wilcox ( George Bancroft ) tells him that the guard has gone searching for fugitive the Ringo Kid ( John Wayne ).
Skinny and tall, he became a frequent target for editorial cartoonists, who delighted in portraying him as a sort of walking candy apple, with an enormous head and floppy dog-like ears ; cartoonist Andy Donato typically drew Clark with mittens on strings hanging from his suit sleeves.
As a free man, Andy had been a rockhound, so he asks Red to get him a rock hammer, a tool he uses to shape the rocks he finds in the exercise yard into small sculptures.
One spring day, Andy and Red and some other prisoners are tarring a roof when Andy overhears a particularly nasty guard griping over the amount of tax he will have to pay on a sum of money bequeathed to him by a long-estranged brother.
Andy approaches the guard, almost getting thrown off the roof in the process, and tells him that he can legally shelter the money from taxation by giving it to his wife.
However, when Andy makes himself useful to the guards, they protect him from " The Sisters.
For years he gets no response to his weekly letters until the Senate finally sends him $ 200, thinking Andy will stop requesting funds.

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