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Anecdotal and general
Anecdotal evidence indicates that omission is, in general, more successful than disclosure, especially for mid-level infractions.
Anecdotal press reports from anonymous sources also suggest that the incidence of homosexuality in the Roman Catholic priesthood is much higher than in the general population.

Anecdotal and which
Anecdotal claims are made of honey giving some relief for ragweed pollen allergies, which is noteworthy because honeybees very rarely visit ragweed flowers, and even then, only for pollen.
Anecdotal evidence is also frequently misinterpreted via the availability heuristic, which leads to an overestimation of prevalence.
Anecdotal evidence supports such games being played primarily by the Djabwurrung and Jardwadjali people and other tribes in the Wimmera, The Mallee and Millewa regions of western Victoria, Australia ( which are commonly associated with the name " Marn Grook "); however, according to some accounts, the range extended to the Wurundjeri in the Yarra Valley, the Gunai people of Gippsland region in Victoria and the Riverina in south western New South Wales.

Anecdotal and early
Anecdotal evidence indicated that the Shanicle system was very accurate, with stories of one missile flying into the ground in the same crater left by a previous missile during an early exercise in North Africa.

Anecdotal and modern
* The Day The Clowns Cried Anecdotal narrative of the events, collected by a modern professional clown.

Anecdotal and ).
Anecdotal reports by users of psilocybin mushrooms often describe a marked stimulation of yawning while intoxicated, often associated with excess lacrimation ( tearing ) and nasal mucosal stimulation, especially while " peaking " ( undergoing the most intense portion of the psilocybin experience ).
Anecdotal evidence also suggests that Osan was chosen as the name because the names of nearby hamlets were difficult to pronounce ( Seojong-ri was the closest town that existed at the time, two miles south ).
Anecdotal evidence indicates a high rate of disappearance of domestic pets and feral cats in Cape Coral ( Campbell, 2003 ).

literature and reinforces
" Shakespeare scholar Paul A. Cantor argues that this association is appropriate — the warlike Klingons find their literary matches in the characters Othello, Mark Antony, and Macbeth — but that it also reinforces a claim that the end of the Cold War means the end of heroic literature such as Shakespeare's.

literature and impression
The areas of segments give an impression of the contributions of subdisciplines to the literature of evolutionary biology.
While the young man delivered several sermons shortly after his return from Europe in 1822 which produced a favorable impression, the love of literature proved the stronger attachment.
The impression derived from the few notices of him is of a silent, observant, but somewhat awkward man, resembling in manners Joseph Addison, whose master in literature La Bruyère undoubtedly was.
The men first met in 1919 when Reich visited him to obtain literature for a seminar on sexology, and Freud made a strong impression on him.
On the first of these visits he met a fellow bibliophile, Petrarch, who records his impression of Aungerville as " not ignorant of literature and from his youth up curious beyond belief of hidden things.
Most rails are secretive wetland birds that have made little cultural impression, but as a formerly common farmland bird with a loud nocturnal call that sometimes led to disturbed sleep for rural dwellers, the Corn Crake has acquired a variety of folk names and some commemoration in literature.
Some of these that have received attention in the scholarly literature include impression formation, deception, group dynamics, disinhibition and especially relationship formation.
However, apparent quotations hidden in Netscape and Mozilla give this impression by revealing passages in the style of apocalyptic literature, such as the Book of Revelation in the Bible.
His novel Zeluco ( 1789 ), a close analysis of the motives of a selfish profligate, produced a great impression at the time, and indirectly, through the poetry of Byron, has left an abiding mark on literature.
An examination of different impression management strategies acted out by individuals who were facing criminal trials where the trial outcomes could range from a death sentence, life in prison or acquittal has been reported in the forensic literature.
In part, that response reads: " Foreign Correspondent sought answers from World Vision representatives on why the organisation's literature creates the impression that donated money goes directly to the sponsor child.
A small scandal emerged when it was discovered that her campaign literature included photographs doctored to create the impression of diversity in support.
After their own car is destroyed, the characters wander through a series of vignettes involving class struggle and figures from literature and history, creating an overall impression of a humorous, beautiful, but also senseless and frightening world.

literature and general
In this essay, we are, along with most historians, interested in the more general or more inclusive ideas, that are so to speak `` writ large '' in history of literature where they recur continually.
Such a list must naturally be selective, and the treatment of each man is brief, for I am interested only in their general ideas on the moral measure of literature.
The idea has received much attention in philosophy, in literature, and in a few works of general social criticism, such as The Sane Society.
being intellectually influenced by Newman and the general 19th-century literature of England, I knew only a Protestant-dominated country.
Though respected for their contributions to various academic disciplines ( respectively mathematics, linguistics, and literature ), the three men became known to the general public only by making often-controversial and disputed pronouncements on politics and public policy that would not be regarded as noteworthy if offered by a medical doctor or skilled tradesman.
The literature of European archaeology, in general, avoids the use of ' chalcolithic ' ( the term ' Copper Age ' is preferred ), whereas Middle Eastern archaeologists regularly use it.
Critical theory in literature and the humanities in general does not necessarily involve a normative dimension, whereas critical social theory does, either through criticizing society from some general theory of values, norms, or " oughts ," or through criticizing it in terms of its own espoused values.
Symbolist art and literature from the turn of the century also had a more general effect on a small number of films made in Italy and Russia.
Other important awards for horror literature are as subcategories included within general awards for fantasy and science fiction in such awards as the Aurealis Award.
References to specific kami or the general Shinto idea of kami appear in various areas of popular culture, including anime and manga, role-playing games, and literature.
In general, the term modernism encompasses the activities and output of those who felt the " traditional " forms of art, architecture, literature, religious faith, social organization and daily life were becoming outdated in the new economic, social, and political conditions of an emerging fully industrialized world.
A laboratory and access to academic literature is a necessity, which is specialized and, in general, not available to amateurs.
Shmuel notes that " a characteristic of this literature is the high honour in which it holds the peoples of the East in general and some specific groups among these peoples.
Mad is often credited with filling a vital gap in political satire from the 1950s to 1970s, when Cold War paranoia and a general culture of censorship prevailed in the United States, especially in literature for teens.
Hart believed that computers would one day be accessible to the general public and decided to make works of literature available in electronic form for free.
Postmodernism is a general and wide-ranging term which is applied to many disciplines, including literature, art, economics, philosophy, architecture, fiction, and literary criticism.
She claims that Gould — particularly in his popular essays — uses a variety of strategies from literature, political science, and personal anecdotes to substantiate the general pattern of punctuated equilibrium ( long periods of stasis interrupted by rapid, catastrophic change ).
Some Marxist historians prefer to describe the Renaissance in material terms, holding the view that the changes in art, literature, and philosophy were part of a general economic trend from feudalism towards capitalism, resulting in a bourgeois class with leisure time to devote to the arts.
This included a general course of study based on meditative exercises ( intended to guide a meditant from « the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe .») and research departments focusing on areas such as education, medicine, agriculture, art, natural science, social science, and literature.
Not only “ In the rabbinic literature, the cockcrow is used as general marking of time ”, but also some of the Sages interpreted the " cockcrow " to mean the voice of the Temple officer who summoned all priests, Levites, and Israelites to their duties and used as such because the Hebrew gever was used also to mean a " rooster " in addition to the meaning of " man, strong man ".
The yearbook contains scholarly articles and reviews, dealing with Inklings members in particular, but also with fantasy literature and mythopoeia in general.
Keynes was interested in literature in general and drama in particular and supported the Cambridge Arts Theatre financially, which allowed the institution, at least for a while, to become a major British stage outside of London.
Berengar was less attracted by pure theology than by secular learning, and brought away a knowledge of Latin literature, dialectic, and a general knowledge and freedom of thought surprising for his age.

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