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Angela and Lansbury
In 1980, Angela Lansbury played Miss Marple in The Mirror Crack'd ( EMI, directed by Guy Hamilton ), based on Christie's 1962 novel.
This production transferred to Broadway on December 13, 2009, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones as Desiree and Angela Lansbury as Madame Armfeldt.
The original cast starred Angela Lansbury as Madame Armfeldt and, in her Broadway debut, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Desiree.
The 2009 Broadway revival with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury recorded a cast album on January 4, 2010 which was released on April 6.
Eager to work with both Laurents and Sondheim, Angela Lansbury accepted the lead role as Mayoress Cora Hoover Hooper, despite her strong misgivings about the script and her ability to handle the score.
* Balancing Act, The Authorized Biography of Angela Lansbury by Martin Gottfried, published by Little, Brown and Company, 1999
Past winners have included Angela Lansbury ( 1988 ), Ray Charles ( 1991 ), Mel Tormé ( 1994 ), Bernadette Peters ( 1995 ), Frank Sinatra ( 2000 ), Stevie Wonder ( 2002 ), k. d.
The characters that he played onscreen during this period ranged from a serial killer in Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt ( 1943, opposite Teresa Wright ) to an eager police detective in Gaslight ( 1944, with Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer, and Angela Lansbury in her film debut ).
The story of a Korean War veteran, brainwashed by the Communist Chinese to assassinate a candidate for President, co-starred Laurence Harvey and Janet Leigh and Angela Lansbury as Harvey's evil mother.
He continues to appear in live stage shows, including Barbra Streisand's memorable birthday party for Stephen Sondheim at the Hollywood Bowl, in which he appeared with Angela Lansbury, performing selections from Sweeney Todd.
The Empress was voiced by Angela Lansbury in the 1997 Fox Animation Studios feature film Anastasia.
* 1925 – Angela Lansbury, English-born actress
Anyone Can Whistle ( 1964 ) was a 9-performance flop, although it introduced Angela Lansbury to musical theatre and has developed a cult following.
Wong, Claybourne Elder, Alexander Hanson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Raul Esparza, Sutton Foster, Nathan Lane, Michele Pawk, the original cast of Into the Woods ; Kim Crosby, Chip Zien, Danielle Ferland, & Ben Wright, Angela Lansbury, and Jim Walton.
* Special Award, Olivier Award, 2011, " in recognition of his contribution to London theatre "; the award was presented at the ceremony by Cameron Mackintosh and Angela Lansbury.
The 2010 honoree was Angela Lansbury, with Peters and Catherine Zeta-Jones as honorary hosts for the Gala Benefit held on April 12, 2010.
A Musical Thriller ( 1979 ), the acclaimed musical adaptation of Bond's play by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler starring Len Cariou as Sweeney Todd ( here christened Benjamin Barker ) and Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Lovett.
* 1983: Angela Lansbury sings the song live on the CD A Stephen Sondheim Evening, with Sondheim accompanying her on the piano.
* October 16 – Angela Lansbury, English actress
Angela Lansbury, who worked with the pair on State of the Union, later said: " We all knew, but nobody ever said anything.
Julie Harris, Angela Lansbury, and Audra McDonald tie for the most performance Tony Awards with five each.
Angela Lansbury was the third performer to be nominated for all four performance awards.
* Gaslight ( 1944 film ), directed by George Cukor, starring Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer and Angela Lansbury, based on the play
Angela Lansbury summed up the feeling of those of the Hollywood community who attended her memorial service, commenting after a sample from Davis's films were screened, that they had witnessed " an extraordinary legacy of acting in the twentieth century by a real master of the craft ", that should provide " encouragement and illustration to future generations of aspiring actors ".

Angela and who
Anaïs Nin (; born Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell, February 21, 1903 – January 14, 1977 ) was a French-Cuban author, based at first in France and later in the United States, who published her journals, which span more than 60 years, beginning when she was 11 years old and ending shortly before her death, her erotic literature, and short stories.
In 2012 Sarkozy ran for re-election but was defeated by François Hollande who advocated a growth policy in contrast to the austerity policy advocated by Germany's Angela Merkel as a way of tackling the European sovereign debt crisis.
Dyer Lum, Ezra & Angela Haywood represent this school of thought ; Jo Labadie, who wrote for Tucker ’ s Liberty, made himself a link between the American “ plumb-line ” anarchists, the “ philosophical ” individualists, & the syndicalist or communist branch of the movement ; his influence reached the Mackay Society through his son, Laurance.
A number of other defendants were found not guilty, including Stuart Christie, who had previously been imprisoned in Spain for carrying explosives with the intent to assassinate the dictator Francisco Franco, and Angela Mason who became a director of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights group Stonewall and was awarded an OBE for services to homosexual rights.
Other writers who have been influenced by the Nights include John Barth, Jorge Luis Borges, Salman Rushdie, Goethe, Walter Scott, Thackeray, Wilkie Collins, Elizabeth Gaskell, Nodier, Flaubert, Marcel Schwob, Stendhal, Dumas, Gérard de Nerval, Gobineau, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Hofmannsthal, Conan Doyle, W. B. Yeats, H. G. Wells, Cavafy, Calvino, Georges Perec, H. P. Lovecraft, Marcel Proust, A. S. Byatt and Angela Carter.
Kevin Spacey stars as office worker Lester Burnham, who has a midlife crisis when he becomes infatuated with his teenage daughter's best friend, Angela ( Mena Suvari ).
Lester finds a distraught Angela, who begins to seduce him.
The lyrics, which speak of " castles burning ", can be seen as a metaphor for Lester's view of Angela —" the rosy, fantasy-driven exterior of the ' American Beauty — as it burns away to reveal " the timid, small-breasted girl who, like his wife, has willfully developed a false public self ".
The current Chancellor of Germany is Angela Merkel, who was elected in 2005.
Helmut Kohl served as chairman until the party's electoral defeat in 1998, when he was succeeded by Wolfgang Schäuble ; Schäuble resigned in early 2000 as a result of a party financing scandal and was replaced by Angela Merkel, who remains the leader of the CDU to this day.
" The process of German unity has not ended yet ", proclaimed Chancellor Angela Merkel, who grew up in East Germany, in 2009.
Hailey's grandchildren include Paul Hailey, Emma Hailey, Charlotte Hailey, and Brooke Hailey, who are students in Northern California, Angela Hailey, Ryan Hailey, and Christopher Hailey.
The following spring, Taylor sent Lady Angela to be bred to Nearco once again, then shipped her to his farm in Canada later in 1953, and in 1954, Lady Angela foaled a colt in Canada named Nearctic who was voted the 1958 Sovereign Award for Horse of the Year.
* Angela Burdett-Coutts, who became the richest woman in England in her twenties.
Guido Westerwelle (; born 27 December 1961 ) is a German liberal politician, who, since 28 October 2009, has served as the Foreign Minister in the second cabinet of Chancellor Angela Merkel, and who was Vice Chancellor of Germany from 2009 to 2011.
Before the trio ships out, Steven and his girlfriend Angela ( who is pregnant by another man but loved by Steven nonetheless ) marry in an Orthodox wedding.
Later, during the Russian Orthodox traditional wedding toast to Steven and Angela, which is believed to be good luck for a couple who drink from conjoined goblets without spilling a drop, a drop of blood-red wine unknowingly spills on her wedding gown, foreshadowing the coming events.
The game is played at the suggestion of Angela, the disabled daughter, who plays on the opposite side from her mother.

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