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Anna and (,
Anna of Russia or Anna Ioannovna () (, Moscow – ) reigned as Duchess of Courland from 1711 to 1730 and as Empress of Russia from 1730 to 1740.
Anna Andreyevna Gorenko (; ; – March 5, 1966 ), better known by the pen name Anna Akhmatova (, ), was a Russian and Soviet modernist poet, one of the most acclaimed writers in the Russian canon.
Anna Komnene, Latinized as Comnena (, Anna Komnēnē ; December 1, 1083 – 1153 ) was a Greek princess, scholar, doctor, hospital administrator, and the daughter of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos of Byzantium and Irene Doukaina.
Anna Laetitia Barbauld (, by herself possibly, as in French, née Aikin ; 20 June 1743 – 9 March 1825 ) was a prominent English poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, and children's author.
Morena Baccarin (, born June 2, 1979 ) is a Brazilian American film and television actress best known for roles in several American science fiction television series: as Inara Serra in the series Firefly and the follow-up film Serenity ; as Adria in the series Stargate SG-1 and the follow-up film Stargate: The Ark of Truth ; and as Anna in the 2009 version of the series V. She currently co-stars as Jessica Brody in the Showtime series Homeland.
Born Faina Ipat ' evna Vakhreva (,, Fayina Ipaćjeŭna Vachrava ) in a Belarusian family which had migrated to Yekaterinburg, Russia during World War I, she was orphaned at a young age and raised by her older sister Anna.
The Twins (, 1993 ) is the 2000 novel by Tessa de Loo about the sisters Lotte and Anna, who are separated at the age of six when their father dies.
Karin Anna Cheung (, born November 2, 1974 ) is an American actress, singer / songwriter, and artist.
Anna Jagiellon (, ; 1523 – 1596 ) was queen of Poland from 1575 to 1586.
Anna Smashnova (, ; born July 16, 1976, in Minsk, Soviet Union, now Belarus ) is a former professional tennis player from Israel.
Anna Dalassene (, 1025 – 1102 ) was an important Byzantine noblewoman who played a significant role in the rise of the Komnenoi in the eleventh century.
Irene Doukaina or Ducaena (, Eirēnē Doukaina ) ( – February 19, 1123 or 1133 ) was the wife of the Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos, and the mother of the emperor John II Komnenos and of the historian Anna Komnene.

Anna and Prophetess
* Anna ( Bible ), also known as Anna the Prophetess in the Gospel of Luke
The Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church commemorate Anna as a saint, Anna the Prophetess.
Anna Trapnell ( Trapnel ) was an alleged Prophetess in England in the 1650s, associated with the Fifth Monarchists whom she joined in 1652.
The Saints of the Old Testament are portrayed on the left including Abel, Moses, the Manna, Ruth, Abraham and Isaac, Melchisedech, David, Nathan, Malachias, Anna the Prophetess and John the Baptist.

Anna and was
This group had been Palfrey's greatest worry since Anna was in bad health, and her children were too young to work for their keep.
In recent years Anna Xydis has played with the New York Philharmonic and at Lewisohn Stadium, but her program last night at Town Hall was the Greek-born pianist's first New York recital since 1948.
It was there that their first child, a daughter they named Anna Bronson Alcott, was born on March 16, 1831, after 36 hours of labor.
Bronson described her as " a very fine healthful child, much more so than Anna was at birth.
He was born into a family of writers, the best known of whom was his paternal aunt, Anna Letitia Barbauld, a woman of letters who wrote poetry and essays as well as early children's literature.
Alexios was the son of Ioannis Komnenos and Anna Dalassena, and the nephew of Isaac I Komnenos ( emperor 1057 – 1059 ).
The mother of Alexios, Anna Dalassena, was to play a prominent role in this coup d ' état of 1081, along with the current empress, Maria of Alania.
The real driving force behind this political alliance was Anna Dalassene.
Anna then protested that the family was in fear for their lives, her sons were loyal subjects ( Alexios and Isaac were discovered absent without leave ), and had learned of a plot by enemies of the Komnenoi to have them both blinded and had, therefore, fled the capital so they may continue to be of loyal service to the emperor.
This request was granted and Anna then manifested her true theatrical and manipulative capabilities:
Straboromanos tried to give her his cross, but for Anna this was not sufficiently large enough so that all bystanders could witness the oath.
Anna was highly successful in three important aspects of the revolt: she bought time for her sons to steal imperial horses from the stables and escape the city, she distracted the emperor and gave her sons time to gather and arm their troops and she gave a false sense of security to Botaneiates that there was no real treasonous coup against him.
Alexios was for many years under the strong influence of an eminence grise, his mother Anna Dalassene, a wise and immensely able politician whom, in a uniquely irregular fashion, he had crowned as Augusta instead of the rightful claimant to the title, his wife Irene Doukaina.
Dalassena was the effective administrator of the Empire during Alexios ' long absences in military campaigns: she was constantly at odds with her daughter-in-law and had assumed total responsibility for the upbringing and education of her granddaughter Anna Komnene.
After the war, he played piano and guitar ( his first guitar was built by friend and author Sydney Hopkins, who wrote Mister God, This Is Anna ), and in 1949 joined Chris Barber's Jazz Band where he met blues harmonica player Cyril Davies.
While the early explorers used horses to cross the outback, the first woman to make the journey riding a horse was Anna Hingley, who rode from Broome to Cairns in 2006.
He was a son of Albert of Prussia and Anna Marie of Brunswick-Lüneburg.
Maria was a daughter of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor and Anna of Bohemia and Hungary.
Charles Henry Alston was born on November 28, 1907 in Charlotte, North Carolina to Reverend Primus Priss Alston and Anna Elizabeth Miller Alston, and was the youngest of five children.
She was a daughter of Henry V of Iron, Duke of Żagań and Anna of Mazovia.

Anna and biblical
Neither can the connection between the two of them and Anna Karenina, or between the biblical quotation and the religious chants providing the basis for the symphony's thematic material.

Anna and figure
* 1979 – Anna Chatziathanassiou, Greek figure skater
The central figure was the poet Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft ; Constantijn Huygens, Dirck Sweelinck, Vondel, Bredero and the poetess sisters Anna Visscher and Maria Tesselschade Visscher were also considered part of the group.
Due to a tendency in 1980s-1990s academic criticism to locate Bonheur as a proto-Feminist and as a pivotal figure for Queer theory, she is perhaps most famous today because she was known for wearing men's clothing and living together with Anna Klumpke.
A little-known figure named Anna Darvulia was rumored to have influenced Báthory, but Darvulia was dead long before the trial.
* Anna Abrikosova, a nun of the Dominican Order and prominent figure in the Russian Catholic Church.
In this cycle, there are no fewer than twenty-one portraits of the Tornabuoni and Tornaquinci families – in the Angel appearing to Zacharias, portraits of Politian, Marsilio Ficino and others ; in the Salutation of Anna and Elizabeth, the beautiful Giovanna Tornabuoni ( identified ( incorrectly ) by Giorgio Vasari as Ginevra de Benci ); in the Expulsion of Joachim from the Temple, Sebastiano Mainardi and Alessio Baldovinetti ( some art historians have surmised that the latter figure may be the likeness of Ghirlandaio's father ).
In December 1952, Anna Genovese sued her husband for financial support, an unheard of action by the wife of a Cosa Nostra figure.
Anna is described by Bede as almost a saintly figure and the father of a most religious family, who brought about the conversion of Cenwalh of Wessex, and Æthelwold was the sponsor of Swithelm of Essex during his baptism.
At the close of the early period, Anna Bijns ( c. 1494 – 1575 ) stands as a transitional figure.
During Bellows ' years the series also developed a series of investigative reports about Hollywood's drug use and hiring practices ; but during the 1996 – 97 season ET began to include more sensational fare, featuring paid exclusive interviews with controversial and infamous newsmakers of the day, including disgraced Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding, who became notorious for her role in the conspiracy to physically attack rival Nancy Kerrigan at a 1994 U. S. Figure Skating Championships practice session ; Amy Fisher, who appeared with Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco, reunited after Fisher's infamous assault on Mrs. Buttafuoco ; convicted child molester Mary Kay Letourneau, who married Vili Fualaau ; and attorney Howard K. Stern, from the Anna Nicole Smith paternity controversy.
The first writer who produced a novel around the figure of Artemisia was Anna Banti, wife of Roberto Longhi.
Louis was a key figure in the revolt of the Netherlands against Spain and a strongly convinced Calvinist, unlike his brother William, whom he helped in various ways, including by arranging the marriage between him and his second wife Anna of Saxony.
Katherine Anna Kang is a video game industry figure, machinima film producer, designer, entrepreneur and business woman.
King James I sent Digby to Madrid as his ambassador to Spain during the early 1610s, and Digby was a leading figure in the unsuccessful Spanish Match, the effort to marry Prince Charles to the Infanta Maria Anna of Spain.
The manufacture of silk at Spitalfields in London was also a traditional Huguenot business, but from the late 1720s silk design was dominated by the surprising figure of Anna Maria Garthwaite, a parson's daughter from Lincolnshire who emerged at the age of 40 as a designer of largely floral patterns in Rococo styles.
Anna Rechnio ( born December 11, 1977 in Warsaw ) is a retired Polish figure skater.
Anna Maria Mozzoni ( 1837-1920 ) was an Italian feminist and a key figure in the Italian Women's suffrage movement and is known as the founder of the Women's movement in Italy.
Anna Jurkiewicz ( born 9 February 1984, Oświęcim, Poland ) is a Polish figure skater.
Anna Botsford Comstock, the head of the Department of Nature Study at Cornell University, was a prominent figure in the nature study movement and wrote the Handbook for Nature Study in 1911, which used nature to educate children on cultural values.

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