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Another and possibly
Another Aegean language which is possibly related to Etruscan is Minoan.
Another, possibly first-hand, account of the use of Greek fire comes from the 11th-century Yngvars saga víðförla, where the Viking Ingvar the Far-Travelled faces ships equipped with Greek fire siphons:
Another cites smoking and drinking, combined with poor academic performance and possibly some inappropriate comments made to the staff.
Another theory says it originated from one of many African languages, possibly the Kimbundu, where sam means give and ba means receive or thing falls.
Another argument is that suffering ultimately achieves a greater good, possibly for persons other than the sufferer, that would not have been possible otherwise.
Those at the fringe are likely to suffer many internal, and thus invisible injuries, including burst eardrums and crushed inner ear organs, severe concussions, ruptured lungs and internal organs, and possibly blindness .” Another Defense Intelligence Agency document speculates that because the “ shock and pressure waves cause minimal damage to brain tissue … it is possible that victims of FAEs are not rendered unconscious by the blast, but instead suffer for several seconds or minutes while they suffocate .”
Another use is to sandbox an OS that is not trusted, possibly because it is a system under development.
Another version suggests that Tamar's remains were reburied in a remote location, possibly in the Holy Land.
Another theoretical approach that deals with the issue is that of multiverse theories-predicting a large number of " parallel " universes, possibly with different laws of physics and / or values of fundamental constants.
Another, possibly more common usage of ' sanity test ' is to denote checks which are performed within program code, usually on arguments to functions or returns therefrom, to see if the answers can be assumed to be correct.
Another vector of the discoveries were the voyages westward, during which the Portuguese discovered the Sargasso Sea and possibly sighted the shores of Nova Scotia well before 1492.
" Another essay, published in the December 1733 issue of The Gentleman's Magazine, explained the popularity of " Christmas Pye " as perhaps " owing to the Barrenness of the Season, and the Scarcity of Fruit and Milk, to make Tarts, Custards, and other Desserts ", but also possibly bearing " a religious kind of Relation to the Festivity from which it takes its Name.
Another milestone for modern American striptease is the possibly legendary show at Minsky's Burlesque in April 1925: The Night They Raided Minsky's.
Another theory is that the W ' rkncacnter is both a multiple and singular entity, in some incomprehensible way ( possibly multiple manifestations of a single entity ).
Another criticism that has been voiced is that some science fiction-type thought experiments are too wild to yield clear intuitions, or that any resulting intuitions could not possibly pertain to the real world.
Another, perhaps greater threat, was seen in those Jewish groups that attempted to bridge the gap between the religious and secular worlds, since this was perceived as possibly more alluring to the youths of the community, including those who could not conceive of a total break from their Jewish upbringing.
Another explanation, though possibly a late ( re -) interpretation, is that the nickname represented Old Irish bóruma " of the cattle tribute ", referring to his capacity as a powerful overlord.
Another, possibly more significant use of lace cards was to test ( or sabotage ) computer programs with little or no data validation.
Another tradition, possibly unique to the United States, is the practice of confession of error.
Another perhaps bigger issue was that Pelé, who possibly had been at the height of his career at this stage, was chopped off at seemingly every opportunity in the group matches. The 1966 tournament was remembered for its excessive physical play, and Pelé was one of the players affected by such play.
Another original character design sheet showed the characters in a stylised 1950s style ( not unlike that of the live-action Adventures of Superman TV series ), suggesting that the producers were also considering having the series set during that period, or possibly end up like Batman: The Animated Series ( set during modern time, but with an Art Deco feel ).
Another robbery was reported at Woodford toward the end of February — possibly by Gregory and his cohorts — but with most avenues of escape cut off, and with the authorities hunting them down, the remaining members of the Essex gang kept their heads down and remained under cover, probably in Epping Forest.
Another type of hypernova is a pair-instability supernova, of which SN 2006gy may possibly be the first observed example.
Another form of corpse camping is present in Starsiege: Tribes, and possibly other online first-person shooters.

Another and earlier
Another is a wily countryman called Larkin, whose blandly boisterous progress has been chronicled, I believe, in earlier volumes of Mr. Bates' comedie humaine.
Another French inventor by the name of Douglas Grasso had a failed prototype of Pierre Lallement's bicycle several years earlier.
Another RPG publisher, TSR, Inc., original publisher of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, included in one of that game's earlier supplements, Deities & Demigods ( originally published in 1980 and later renamed to " Legends & Lore "), a section on the Cthulhu Mythos ; TSR, Inc. later agreed to remove this section at Chaosium's request.
The character and themes from the comic strip Little Nemo were used in a song " Scenes from a Night's Dream " written by Phil Collins and Tony Banks of the progressive rock group Genesis on their 1978 recording, ... And Then There Were Three ... Another progressive rock group, from Germany, called Scara Brae also recorded a musical impression of the comic on their rare self titled disc from 1981 ( the track was actually recorded 2 years earlier ).
Another theory holds that the Greek form Nazara, used in Matthew and Luke, may derive from an earlier Aramaic form of the name, or from another Semitic language form.
Another earlier large dictionary is the Grimm brothers ' dictionary of the German language, begun in 1838 and completed in 1961.
Another dies of his wounds obtained earlier.
Another suggestion was that York and his opponents had agreed a day for battle ( 6 January, the Feast of Epiphany ) after a Christmas truce, but when York moved into the open the Lancastrians treacherously attacked earlier than had been agreed, catching York at a disadvantage while many of his men were absent foraging for supplies.
Another key perpetrator, Prince Asaka, a member of the Imperial Family, escaped prosecution by having earlier been granted immunity by the Allies.
Included are also rough sketches, a timeline and three short stories published earlier as Gunnm: Another Stories.
A rule for earlier episodes featuring Bob called for a recap of his evil deeds ; this was dropped after season eight's " Brother from Another Series " when the chronology became too lengthy.
Another source was some of the Continental currency issued earlier in 1776 ; these were designed by Franklin and featured the motto We Are One surrounded by thirteen rings, each with the name of a colony.
Another Talmudic story, perhaps referring to an earlier time, relates that three Torah scrolls were found in the Temple court but were at variance with each other.
Another reason for the switch is that the sound technology used in The Public Enemy was superior to that used in earlier films, making it no longer imperative to have an actor in the lead role who had impeccable enunciation.
Another retrospective reference can probably be found in an inscription of Aššur-nāṣir-apli II, unless it refers to the earlier king by this name.
Another notable radio show was the double entendre-laden Round the Horne ( 1965 – 1968 ), a sequel to the earlier series Beyond Our Ken, which ran from 1959 to 1964.
Another likely explanation is that the first Russian railway, constructed in 1837, ran from Saint Petersburg via Tsarskoye Selo to Pavlovsk Palace, where extensive Pleasure Gardens had earlier been established.
" Another and earlier Lono-i-ka-makahiki on the ʻUmi line of ruling chiefs of Hawaii is better known to Hawaiian legendary history.
Another is in one of local historian Bob Powers earlier books on Kern Valley.
Another earlier settlement was the French Catholic community of St. Michaels, Missouri, which is located just north of the current Fredericktown site on the other side of Saline Creek.
Another concern is that hagiographies were usually full of conventional material, often repeated from earlier saints ' lives, as was the case with Stephen's work.
Another irreplaceable loss was Louis-Vincent-Joseph Le Blond de Saint-Hilaire, who had been created a Marshal of the Empire just a month before, in recognition of his brilliant conduct during the earlier campaign, but received a mortal wound during the battle and died before the coveted baton could arrive from Paris.
Another advantage of using iterative deepening is that searches at shallower depths give move-ordering hints that can help produce cutoffs for higher depth searches much earlier than would otherwise be possible.
Another common story related the Margarita being invented a few years earlier at the Rancho La Gloria Hotel, halfway between Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico, by Carlos " Danny " Herrera, for a former Ziegfeld dancer named Marjorie King.

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