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Another and ensemble
In 2000, Ringwald appeared in the ensemble restaurant-themed film, In the Weeds ; in 2001, she had a cameo in Not Another Teen Movie.
Another ensemble was the " So What Brass Quintet ," a group comprising five brass instrumentalists and Roach, no chordal instrument, no bass player.
Another classmate on the composition side was the composer Magnus Lindberg and together they formed the new-music appreciation group Korvat auki (" Ears open " in the Finnish language ) and the experimental ensemble Toimii ( lit.
Another traditional South Asian genre of Sufi music is the Kafi, which is more meditative and involves solo singing as opposed to the ensemble form seen in qawwali.
Another connection to contemporary practice is that the small ensemble is almost identical to one used by Heinrich Schütz in the second volume of Symphoniae sacrae published in 1647.
Another ensemble, the salt production complex, is pretty much neglected.
" Another called it a " winning ensemble comedy that shows Canadians can put gentle laughs and equally gentle sentiments on the button, just as easily as their counterparts anywhere else in the world.
Another tool where ensemble spread is used is a meteogram, which shows the dispersion in the forecast of one quantity for one specific location.
* Mathematical versus physical reality Another criticism levelled against modal realism, specifically applied to the mathematical expression of it, Max Tegmark's Ultimate ensemble, is that it equates mathematical reality with physical reality:
Another tool where ensemble spread is used is a meteogram, which shows the dispersion in the forecast of one quantity for one specific location.
Another desirable property of ensemble forecasts is sharpness.

Another and set
Another set of methods is the aromatization of cyclohexanes and other aliphatic rings: reagents are catalysts used in hydrogenation such as platinum, palladium and nickel ( reverse hydrogenation ), quinones and the elements sulfur and selenium.
Another invention in the late Middle Ages was the use of Greek fire by the Byzantines, which was used to set enemy fleets on fire.
Another occurrence of this number is in combinatorics, where it gives the number of ways, disregarding order, that k objects can be chosen from among n objects ; more formally, the number of k-element subsets ( or k-combinations ) of an n-element set.
Another release of the 6x86, the 6x86MX, added MMX compatibility, introduced the EMMI instruction set, and quadrupled the primary cache size to 64 KB.
Another, lighter set of carob seeds would be used when the merchant wanted to sell to a customer.
Another decree in 1853 from the sultan solidified the existing territorial division among the communities and set a status quo for arrangements to " remain forever ", caused differences of opinion about upkeep and even minor changes, including disagreement on the removal of an exterior ladder under one of the windows ; this ladder has remained in the same position since then.
Another significant set of violations concerns the " confrontation clause " of Article 6 ( i. e. the right to examine witnesses or have them examined ).
Another version is the Collector's Edition, a two-disc set featuring a remastered transfer with a 5. 1 audio track, two commentaries ( one by John Carpenter and Kurt Russell, another by producer Debra Hill and Joe Alves ), a making-of featurette, the first issue of a comic book series titled John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chronicles, and a ten-minute deleted opening sequence.
Another technique is to include in the equation additional set of measured covariates which are not instrumental variables, yet render identifiable.
Another recent theory ( see EPR paradox above ) resulting from the analysis of an EPR communication set up, has the simple device based on removing the effective retarded time terms in the Lorentz transform to yield a preferred absolute reference frame.
Another way to describe G-sets is the functor category, where is the groupoid ( category ) with one element and isomorphic to the group G. Indeed, every functor F of this category defines a set X = F and for every g in G ( i. e. for every morphism in ) induces a bijection F < sub > g </ sub >: X → X.
Another set of scientific arguments against a hollow Earth or any hollow planet comes from gravity.
Another interpretation of KL divergence is this: suppose a number X is about to be drawn randomly from a discrete set with probability distribution p ( x ).
Another value is set for the end of the animation.
Another sub-two-minute finish, only the third, was set in 2001 by Monarchos at 1: 59. 97.
Another story of the accidental invention of kipper is set in 1843, with John Woodger of Seahouses in Northumberland, when fish for processing was left overnight in a room with a smoking stove.
Another possible explanation for why the current minimum wage laws may not affect unemployment in the United States is that the minimum wage is set close to the equilibrium point for low and unskilled workers.
Another aspect of mathematics, often referred to as " foundational mathematics ", consists of the fields of logic and set theory.
Another type of maze consists of a set of rooms linked by doors ( so a passageway is just another room in this definition ).
Another approach is taken by the von Neumann – Bernays – Gödel axioms ( NBG ); classes are the basic objects in this theory, and a set is then defined to be a class that is an element of some other class.
Another set of important questions in chemistry concerns what kind of reactions can happen spontaneously and which properties are possible for a given chemical mixture.
Shakti Peethas: Another important set of pilgrimages are the Shakti Peethas, where the Mother Goddess is worshipped, the two principal ones being Kalighat and Kamakhya.
Another example of what might be considered by some to be excessive issues is that, at the time of the millennium, the United Kingdom issued 96 different stamps over about 24 months, all for pre-existing values with the same four rates for each set.
* Another possibility is that there are new symmetry principles that constrain the parameters and reduce them to a finite set.

Another and framework
Another example is the Cocoa framework, which recommends avoiding reference cycles by using " strong " ( counted ) references for " parent-to-child " references, and " weak " ( non-counted ) references for " child-to-parent " references.
Another popular serialization framework is Boost. Serialization from the Boost Framework.
Another means to trisect an arbitrary angle by a " small " step outside the Greek framework is via a ruler with two marks a set distance apart.
Another kind of production involves the creation of programs for the analysis of computational systems — for in the NKS framework, these themselves should be simple programs, and subject to the same goals and methodology.
Another form of connectionist model was the relational network framework developed by the linguist Sydney Lamb in the 1960s.
Another EMS framework is EMAS, the European Eco Management and Audit Scheme, used by numerous companies throughout the EU.
Another hallmark of Avakian is his stress on the role of the masses as " emancipators of humanity ", where the masses are the conscious driving force of revolution ; a revolution that is not about revenge nor about changes of position within the horizons of the existing class framework, but a revolution which is about the emancipation of all humanity.
Another mathematical framework is provided by the homological mirror symmetry conjecture.
Another pair of brothers teaming up to play txalaparta were Jexux and Jose Anton Artze, who should be considered within the wider framework of the Ez dok amairu cultural movement, made up notably of musicians, poets and theoreticians of the Basque culture ( Jorge Oteiza ...).
Another proponent of Guevarism was the French intellectual Régis Debray, who could be seen as attempting to establish a coherent, unitary theoretical framework on these grounds.
Another framework, more focused on the identification process of potential outsourceable Information Systems, identified as AHP, is explained.
Another more recent predictive learning theory is Jeff Hawkins ' memory-prediction framework, which is laid out in his On Intelligence.
Another initiative was the Multi-Disciplinary Project Work for the secondary 2s, with Future Problem Solving as its framework.

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