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Another and US
Another such organization is the Affirming Pentecostal Church International, currently the largest affirming Pentecostal organization, with churches in the US, UK, Central and South America, Europe and Africa.
Another terminological difference is known as tension ( UK ) and gauge ( US ).
Progressive rock group Pink Floyd, when creating their rock opera The Wall, used disco-style components in their song, " Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 " ( 1979 )— which became the group's only # 1 hit single ( in both the US and UK ).
) Another US $ 50 million was spent on Datsun advertisements that were paid for but stopped or never used.
Another US Geological Survey estimate from September 2011 shows that the Khanashin carbonatites in the Helmand Province of the country have an estimated 1 million metric tonnes of rare earth elements.
Another reason not to use hot dip zinc coating is that for bolts and nuts size M10 ( US 3 / 8 ") or smaller, the thick hot-dipped coating fills in too much of the threads, which reduces strength ( because the dimension of the steel prior to coating must be reduced for the fasteners to fit together ).
Another factor in the early 1990s that worked to radicalize the Islamist movement was the Gulf War, which brought several hundred thousand US and allied non-Muslim military personnel to Saudi Arabian soil to put an end to Saddam Hussein's occupation of Kuwait.
Another term, hospitalist, was introduced in 1996, to describe US specialists in internal medicine who work largely or exclusively in hospitals.
Another source, from the US Department of Defense ( see link ), Defense Acquisition University, calls these categories ACAT, for Avoid, Control, Accept, or Transfer.
Another theory suggests the submarine was brought to the US by Dominic Conti ( 1874 – 1954 ), an Italian immigrant who came to New York in the early 1900s.
Another US $ 926 million was provided until 2005 in order to supply the rural areas with broadband.
Another estimate of Portuguese casualties by the US War Dept in 1924 was 7, 222 killed and died Civilian deaths exceeded the prewar level by 220, 000, 82, 000 caused by food shortages and 138, 000 by the Spanish Flu
Another US law that specifically protects whistleblowers is the Lloyd – La Follette Act of 1912.
Another McVie single from the album, " Everywhere ", reached # 4 in the UK, which would be the band's third highest ever chart peak there and their final top 40 UK hit to date ( the single peaked at # 14 in the US ).
Another fully anchored chronology which extends back 8500 years exists for the bristlecone pine in the Southwest US ( White Mountains of California ).
Another series that has seen wide success is " Cheaters ", which has been running for 10 seasons in the US and is syndicated in over 100 countries worldwide.
Another Royal Navy invention was the use of a steam powered catapult to cater for the larger and heavier aircraft ( both systems were adopted by the US Navy ).
Another Sorghum species, Johnson grass ( S. halapense ), is classified as an invasive species in the US by the Department of Agriculture.
Another can be found in Warren Ellis ' graphic novel Crécy or in Bernard Cornwell's fictional account of an archer in the Hundred Years ' War, The Archer's Tale ( US title ) or Harlequin ( UK title ).
Another term in the US for a greasy spoon would be a " dive ".
Another US Open innovation came in 1975 when floodlights enabled night play for the first time.
Another aspect of US military history is the challenge coin, also called commanders coins, they are usually given as awards of recognition and achievement, and often lapel pins are also given as a recognition device of a military association or organization.
Another major battle occurred south of Owensboro and is today signified by a monument marking the battle located beside US Hwy 431.
Another major employer in the Charlevoix area has been the Medusa cement plant, located south of town off of US 31 near Fisherman's Island State Park.

Another and $
Another is the 1988 Koko case in which 5 ships transported 8, 000 barrels of hazardous waste from Italy to the small town of Koko in Nigeria in exchange for $ 100 monthly rent which was paid to a Nigerian for the use of his farmland.
Another high-end variety of chips are ceramic chips, ceramic chips that can be customized easily cost around $ 1 per chip.
Another problem is modernisation of infrastructure, ageing and inadequate after years of being neglected in 1990s ; the government has said $ 1 trillion will be invested in development of infrastructure by 2020.
Another account states that Tesla resigned when he was refused a raise to $ 25 per week.
Another important foreign exchange earner, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority -- which controls the investments of Abu Dhabi, the wealthiest emirate — manages an estimated $ 360 billion in overseas investments & an estimated $ 900 billion in assets.
Another estimate was that in 2007, the financial services industry which had a $ 70 billion profit became 22 percent of the city's revenue.
Another painting by the artist — Jeanne Hebuterne ( au chapeau ), one of the first portraits he painted of his lover — sold for $ 19. 1m (£ 11. 8m ), high above its estimate of $ 9 – 12m (£ 5. 6-7. 4m ).
Another goal was to bring the price for such a system down under a " Megapenny ", that is, less than $ 10, 000 ; this was not achieved until the late 1980s, although many workstations, particularly mid-range or high-end still cost anywhere from $ 15, 000 to $ 100, 000 and over throughout the early to mid 1990s.
Another problem was that Kokusai Green initially demanded $ 230 million for the team, including the lease with the Ice Palace.
Another group, headed by Minnesota entrepreneur Tom Scallen, made a new presentation, and was awarded an expansion franchise for the price of $ 6 million dollars ( three times the cost in 1967 ).
Another article in the April 2005 Smithsonian noted: " In 1965 he began selling signed sheets of otherwise blank lithograph paper for $ 10 a sheet.
Another incident involved the USMS awarding a $ 300 million contract to a firm that had a known history of numerous criminal activities leading to convictions for mail fraud and bank fraud and false insurance claims in addition to a civil judgment against its Chief Financial Officer.
Another arson occurred a month later at Ray Schoppert Logging Company in Estacada, Oregon, on June 1, 2001 against logging trucks and a front loader, resulting in $ 50, 000 damage.
* " Another Drunk Chick " ( a parody of the Ke $ ha song " Tik Tok ")
Another $ 25, 000 was raised and the addition was completed in 1972.
Another notable resident of Mission is Neal Wanless, who won a South Dakota – record $ 232. 1 million ( annuity value ; he chose the cash option ) in the Powerball drawing of May 27, 2009.
Another addition was added in 1975 for $ 1. 2 million.
Another game, Los Huevos de Ron Magill ( named after him ), has audience members attempt to replicate an animal's sound which, if one is done successfully, then that person can reach their hand in a oversized egg for a chance to win up to $ 1500 USD.

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