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Another and album
Another progressive rock act, Genesis, released the concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway in 1974, a double disc that told the story of the street punk Rael.
Another early appearance on record followed in 1987, where Enya provided spoken ( not sung ) vocals in Irish on the song " Never Get Old " on Sinéad O ' Connor's debut album, The Lion and the Cobra.
Another unreleased recording, " Latitude 88 North ", was released as the third bonus track on the 2007 remastered version of their 1977 album Out of the Blue.
Another album from Marsalis Music was recorded in 2005, Occasion: Connick on Piano, Volume 2, a duo album with Harry Connick, Jr. on piano together with Branford Marsalis on saxophone.
Another album of his, VI-Return of the Real came out in 1996, followed by The Seventh Deadly Sin in 1999.
Another distinctive feature of the album was the orchestral passages that Evans had devised as transitions between the different tracks, which were joined together with the innovative use of editing in the post-production phase, turning each side of the album into a seamless piece of music.
In June 2009, Bernard Sumner formed a new band called Bad Lieutenant with Phil Cunningham ( guitar ) and Jake Evans ( guitar and vocals ), that completed an album, Never Cry Another Tear, which was released on 5 October 2009.
Another song on the album, " Man ( Opposable Thumb )", appeared in the Nickelodeon-produced motion picture Good Burger but was not directly written or performed for the film.
" Another example of this bias was that the album Nevermind, by grunge band Nirvana, was given three stars in its original review, despite being placed at No. 17 in " The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time " list in 2003.
Another Waits cover was released in 1996, as Meat Loaf covered Martha for his concept album Welcome to the Neighborhood.
Long available as a bootleg, this album includes the alternative takes of all the tracks from the Spiral Scratch EP as well as early version of tracks that later appeared on the official debut Another Music in a Different Kitchen.
It can be found on her 1970 album Just Another Diamond Day.
Another of the early songs to feature a vocoder was " The Raven " on the 1976 album Tales of Mystery and Imagination by progressive rock band The Alan Parsons Project ; the vocoder also was used on later albums such as I Robot.
Another example is Pink Floyd's album Animals, where the band put the sound of a barking dog through the device.
Another notable hardware change is a color screen which can display album art.
Another McVie single from the album, " Everywhere ", reached # 4 in the UK, which would be the band's third highest ever chart peak there and their final top 40 UK hit to date ( the single peaked at # 14 in the US ).
Another song on the album " For What It's Worth " features Nicks ' niece in the video, and was inspired by a past bus tour with Tom Petty.
* " Grey ", a song on the album Another Journal Entry by BarlowGirl
His album, Another Polka Celebration won the 1986 Grammy in the Polka Category.
Another more common term is the self-titled album.
In 1976 he played piano on Larry Norman's album In Another Land, in particular on the song " The Sun Began to Rain.
Another seven million copies were sold internationally to become his best-selling album.
Another notable album release entitled Rock Around the Clock was the 1970 Hallmark Records UK release Rock Around the Clock ( SHM 668 ) which was the first British release of a 1968 album entitled Bill Haley's Biggest Hits which had been released in Sweden by Sonet Records.

Another and recorded
Another advantage of Phoenician was that it could be used to write down many different languages, since it recorded words phonemically.
Another verse was first recorded in Harriet Beecher Stowe's immensely influential 1852 anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Another of his tunes, " Matchbox Blues ", was recorded more than 30 years later by The Beatles, albeit in a rockabilly version credited to Carl Perkins, who himself did not credit Jefferson on his 1955 recording.
LiveScience. com recaps new evidence showing that the most dangerous sport for high school and college females is cheerleading: Another study found that between 1982 and 2007, there were 103 fatal, disabling or serious injuries recorded among female high school athletes, with the vast majority ( 67 ) occurring in cheerleading.
Another census dates to AD 144, when 49. 73 million people were recorded living in 9. 94 million households.
Another version of the song was recorded by Chris Kline in August 2005.
Another attack involves impersonating a DECT base station, which allows calls to be listened to, recorded, and re-routed to a different destination.
Another hit song associated with McLean ( though never recorded by him ) is " Killing Me Softly with His Song ", which was written about McLean after Lori Lieberman, also a singer / songwriter, saw him singing his composition " Empty Chairs " in concert.
Another version of " O Canada " in rock format was recorded by Lee and Lifeson on the accompanying soundtrack CD for the Trey Parker and Matt Stone film South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut released in 1999.
The character and themes from the comic strip Little Nemo were used in a song " Scenes from a Night's Dream " written by Phil Collins and Tony Banks of the progressive rock group Genesis on their 1978 recording, ... And Then There Were Three ... Another progressive rock group, from Germany, called Scara Brae also recorded a musical impression of the comic on their rare self titled disc from 1981 ( the track was actually recorded 2 years earlier ).
Sinatra also recorded " Another Gay Sunshine Day " for Another Gay Movie in 2006.
Another new addition was defensive end Ron Holmes, who recorded 9 sacks.
Another well-known song, recorded by Nina Simone, Judy Collins and Marc Almond, is " Pirate Jenny ", which was also recorded by Steeleye Span under the alternative title " The Black Freighter ".
He penned " I'll Never Find Another You ", which they recorded in November 1964.
Another theory as to the authorship of the Zohar is that it was transmitted like the Talmud before it was transcribed: as an oral tradition reapplied to changing conditions and eventually recorded.
Another track recorded during these sessions entitled " Guaguanco " was released separately under the Mighty Dub Katz moniker in 2006.
Another custom is reading the appointed Scripture lessons in multiple foreign languages recounting the speaking in tongues recorded in
Another one of the earliest recorded evidence of the modern paraffin wax crayon comes from Charles A. Bowley, a resident outside of Danvers, MA who developed what he thought were the first wax coloring crayons in the late 1880s.
Another one of Hassan's recorded methods includes hashashins appear to have been vilified by their contemporaries.
Another legend, as recorded in Flores Historiarum is that Joseph is in fact the Wandering Jew, a man cursed by Jesus to walk the Earth until the Second Coming.
Another important recording was New York Eye and Ear Control ( 1964 ), a soundtrack for a film by Michael Snow, recorded for the ESP-Disk label under the leadership of saxophonist Albert Ayler.

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