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Another and amino
Another type of lesion is excitotoxic lesions that can be caused by excitatory amino acid like kainic acid that kills neuron by stimulating to death.
Another method of selection is the use of certain auxotrophic markers that can compensate for an inability to metabolise certain amino acids, nucleotides, or sugars.
Another less common mutation is a G --> C conversion resulting in one amino acid mutation in 696, where Proline substitutes normal Arginine.
Another possibility is the creation of scFvs with linker peptides that are too short for the two variable regions to fold together ( about five amino acids ), forcing scFvs to dimerize.
Another method creates an internal tag by introducing novel amino acids that are genetically encoded in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms.

Another and acid
Another place where a heterogeneous catalyst is applied is in the contact process ( oxidation of sulfur dioxide on vanadium ( V ) oxide for the production of sulfuric acid ).
Another approach used is the reaction of di-functional monomers, with one amine and one carboxylic acid group on the same molecule:
Another common variation was to distil in the presence of sulphuric acid.
Another possible way to separate the 3 + actinides can be achieved by solvent extraction chromatography using bis -( 2-ethylhexyl ) phosphoric acid ( abbreviated as HDEHP ) as the stationary organic phase and HNO < sub > 3 </ sub > as the mobile aqueous phase.
Another way to remove detritus from a plate is to place the plate to be etched face down within the acid upon plasticine balls or marbles, although the drawback of this technique is the exposure to bubbles and the inability to remove them readily.
Another method for producing cultured butter, developed in the early 1970s, is to produce butter from fresh cream and then incorporate bacterial cultures and lactic acid.
Another technique used in drug development uses an iterative selective process called in vitro selection to evolve aptamers, or nucleic acid fragments capable of binding specific organic compounds with high binding affinity.
Another approach is the reaction of aziridine with sulfurous acid.
Another technique is Trepanation, in which a bore is cut into the sidewall of a bomb and the explosive contents are extracted through a combination of steam and acid bath liquification of bomb contents.
Another synthetic counterpart of pepper spray, pelargonic acid morpholide, was developed and is widely used in Russia.
Another kind of acid reflux, which causes respiratory and laryngeal signs and symptoms, is called laryngopharyngeal reflux ( LPR ) or " extraesophageal reflux disease " ( EERD ).
Another possible antigenic target is the Hanganutziu-Deichter antigen, a sialic acid found in pigs and not humans, which may contribute to immunogenicity of porcine islets.
Another method of increasing the yield consisted of dissolving the roots in sulfuric acid after they had been used for dyeing.
Another complication can be stomach acid attacking the inner lining of the lungs, causing aspiration pneumonia.
Another method of protection is the release of an acid from the skin.
Another suggested function, based on observation of Blue Jays, is that the bird makes the insects edible, by discharging the harmful acid onto their feathers.
Another synthetic counterpart of pepper spray, pelargonic acid morpholide, was developed and is widely used in Russia.
" Another 2010 followup study from Lanzhou University attributed the uric acid stone accumulation after ingestion of melamine to a rapid aggradation of metabolites such as cyanuric acid diamide ( ammeline ) and cyanuric acid and reported that urine alkalinization and stone liberalization were the most effective treatments.
Another determination of S. marcescens is its capability to produce lactic acid via oxidative and fermentative metabolism.
Another 13 percent of its fat content is stearic acid, a type of saturated fat that is considered harmless because it does not raise cholesterol levels.

Another and was
Another car was coming, a tiny, dark shape on a far hill.
Another source of intellectual stimulus was opened to her at that time by the founding of Johns Hopkins University within walking distance of home.
Another good friend of the Coolidges' was George B. Harvey, who was the Ambassador to Great Britain from 1921 to 1923.
Another Indiana observer later commented, `` Perhaps we shall never know how much was spent ( by Hearst ), but if as much money was expended elsewhere as in Indiana a liberal fortune was squandered ''.
Another classic sight that gave us considerable pleasure was the Evzone sentry, in his ballet skirt with great pompons on his shoes, who was patrolling up and down in front of the palace.
Another powerful factor in the European movement was the threat of Soviet aggression.
Another remained when an American Army car was recovered but with a broken glass.
Another evidence of the spreading rule of reason was provided from Mexico City with the daily hijacking of an American plane by a demented Algerian with a gun.
Another optimistic sign, this one from the Labor Department, was the report that the long rise in unemployment compensation payments `` was interrupted for the first time in the week ending Feb. 25 ''.
Another question that arose was the nature of the dialogue itself.
Another question that was asked of the assessors was whether they favored the assessment of movable property at its location or at the residence of the owner.
Another recent achievement was the successful development of a method for the complete combustion in a bomb calorimeter of a metal in fluorine when the product is relatively non-volatile.
Another strategy -- bolder and tougher -- was also attracting notice in Washington: a naval and air blockade to cut Cuba off from the world, destroy Castro.
Another example is the recent cancellation of the F-108, a long-range interceptor with a speed three times as great as the speed of sound, which was designed for use against manned bombers in the period of the mid-1960's.
Another veteran telephone operator was Edith Fleming Blackmer, who had been in the office forty years at the time of her death in 1960.
Another cure for hydrophobia was to suck the wounds, then cauterize them with a hot knife or poker.
Another way to remove small objects from the eye was to have the person look cross-eyed ; ;
Another remedy was oil of eucalyptus, used as well for chilblains.
Another poultice was made from the inner bark of the elm tree, steeped in water until it formed a sticky, gummy solution.

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