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Another and approach
Another factor that may hold hope is for parallel recognition is, as one man says it: `` that the fad for educating top people along managerial lines is yielding to the technically trained approach ''.
Another approach is to estimate from the rate of growth and the smallest size at maturity.
Another such approach is maggot therapy.
Another approach is to say that “ art ” is basically a sociological category, that whatever art schools and museums and artists define as art is considered art regardless of formal definitions.
Another teaching method is a bilingual approach by Div Yezh (" Two Languages ") in the State schools, created in 1979, and Dihun (" Awakening ") in the Catholic schools, created in 1990.
Another approach denies the meaningfulness of any ethical justification for existing copyright law, viewing it simply as a result ( and perhaps an undesirable result ) of political processes.
Another approach would be to study the firings of individual neurons while a person is trying to remember the phone number.
Another issue with verbal report as a criterion is that it restricts the field of study to humans who have language: this approach cannot be used to study consciousness in other species, pre-linguistic children, or people with types of brain damage that impair language.
Another approach applies specifically to the study of self-awareness, that is, the ability to distinguish oneself from others.
Another approach used is the reaction of di-functional monomers, with one amine and one carboxylic acid group on the same molecule:
Another ' cybernetic ' approach to computer composition uses specialized hardware to detect external stimuli which are then mapped by the computer to realize the performance.
Another approach to hardware support for database management was ICL's CAFS accelerator, a hardware disk controller with programmable search capabilities.
Another definition for design is a roadmap or a strategic approach for someone to achieve a unique expectation.
Another disadvantage of DDC is that it was developed in the 19th century essentially by one man and was built on a top-down approach to classify all human knowledge, which makes it difficult to adapt to changing fields of knowledge.
Another approach that is gaining favor is to scale EVM implementation according to the project at hand and skill level of the project team.
Another approach ( often used as well as thermally tracking bias voltages ) is to include small value resistors in series with the emitters.
Another incarnation of fusion cuisine implements a more eclectic approach, which generally features original dishes that combine varieties of ingredients from various cuisines and regions.
Another approach is to accept special relativity, but to posit that mechanisms allowed by general relativity ( e. g., wormholes ) will allow traveling between two points without going through the intervening space.
Another approach, known as " Silent Garfield ", involves removing Garfield's thought balloons from the strips.
Another approach is to immerse the case mouth in a molten alloy of lead that is at the desired annealing temperature for a few seconds, then quickly shake off the lead and quench the case.
Another approach is to identify all real sources for real forces and account for them.
Another leader-focused approached is the behavioral approach which focuses on the behaviors that distinguish effective from ineffective leaders.
Another approach to reducing friction and wear is to use bearings such as ball bearings, roller bearings or air bearings, which in turn require internal lubrication themselves, or to use sound, in the case of acoustic lubrication.
Another approach is to encode the original signal at several different bitrates, and their either choose which to use ( as when streaming over the internet – as in RealNetworks ' " SureStream " – or offering varying downloads, as at Apple's iTunes Store ), or broadcast several, where the best that is successfully received is used, as in various implementations of hierarchical modulation.

Another and used
Another anode holder used in the experiments is shown in figure 3.
Another use of roleplaying for evaluation illustrates how this procedure can be used in real life situations without special equipment or special assistants during the daily course of work.
Another remedy was oil of eucalyptus, used as well for chilblains.
Another advantage of Phoenician was that it could be used to write down many different languages, since it recorded words phonemically.
Another occasionally used term for the genre is " allohistory " ( literally " other history ").
Another set of methods is the aromatization of cyclohexanes and other aliphatic rings: reagents are catalysts used in hydrogenation such as platinum, palladium and nickel ( reverse hydrogenation ), quinones and the elements sulfur and selenium.
Another important demand was that the computers could be used in a network ( Aster developed special software and hardware for that ).
( Another simpler system, called ladder bracing, where the braces are all placed across the width of the instrument, is used on all types of flat-top guitars on the back.
Another instrumental called " Brother " was used as the theme to the BBC Radio 1 Top 20 / 40 when Tom Browne / Simon Bates presented the programme in the 1970s.
It is also used intentionally for aesthetic effect in such pop songs as Cher's Believe and Madonna's Die Another Day.
Another form of natural adhesive is blood albumen ( made from protein component of blood ), which is used in the plywood industry.
Another version describes it to have been really the goat's skin used as a belt to support the shield.
Another draft of the opening number, " Invocation and Instructions to the Audience ," has been used in subsequent revues of Sondheim songs and was sung by Nathan Lane in the musical The Frogs.
Another setup commonly used for measuring chemotaxis and chemokinesis utilizes the under-agarose cell migration assay, whereby a layer of agarose gel is placed between a cell population and a chemoattractant.
Another use of agar-agar is in Ptich ' ye moloko ( Bird's Milk ), a rich gellied custard ( or soft meringue ) used as a cake filling or chocolate-glazed as individual sweets.
Another famous anecdote from his job was used by Whorf to argue that language use affects habitual behavior.
Another utility knife often used for cutting open boxes consists of a simple sleeve around a rectangular handle into which single-edge utility blades can be inserted.
Another rules change that affected Ruth was the method used by umpires to judge potential home runs when the batted ball left the field near a foul pole.
Another invention in the late Middle Ages was the use of Greek fire by the Byzantines, which was used to set enemy fleets on fire.
Another important use of aircraft came with the development of the helicopter, which first became heavily used during the Vietnam War, and still continues to be widely used today to transport and augment ground forces.
Another theorist, Ernst Volckheim, was also used by Guderian, and wrote a huge amount on tank and combined arms tactics, and is not acknowledged by Guderian.
Another variety of writing style, called boustrophedon, was used in some scripts, such as ancient Greek inscriptions and Hungarian runes.
* Another parody was used on the episode of Saturday Night Live William Shatner hosted in 1986, called " Ollie North, The Mute Marine.

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