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Another and article
Another argument that challenges reliabilism, like the Gettier cases ( although it was not presented in the same short article as the Gettier cases ), is the case of Henry and the barn façades.
* Another article on the subject
Another 20th-century theory was " gate control " theory, introduced by Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall in the 1965 Science article " Pain Mechanisms: A New Theory ".
Another common, running-related injury is chafing, caused by repetitive rubbing of one piece of skin against another, or against an article of clothing.
Another article described Sandinista neighbourhood " Defense Committees ", modeled on similar Cuban Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, which according to critics were used to unleash mobs on anyone who was labeled a counterrevolutionary.
Another early article source ( May 15, 1985 ) is a column by Neil Morgan, a San Diego Evening Tribune writer who wrote: " Forrest Shumway, chairman of The Signal Cos., doesn't make predictions.
Another class, " conjunctions " ( covering conjunctions, pronouns, and the article ), was later added by Aristotle.
Another article dated three days later, also by The Mirror, indicated that the exploratory surgery performed on Jones had good results.
An article from the New York Times reads, " Another " Jesse James " Gang-" Word was brought to the Fifth Police Station to-night that a number of boys were using the Concord-street School-house for some unknown purpose, and a posse of officers was sent to investigate.
From my point of view she ’ s just looking out the window .” Another example of the same phenomenon is recorded in a 1948 article in Time:
Another theory published in an article in 2008 by Ursula Vedder suggests that the Colossus was never in the port, but rather was part of the Acropolis of Rhodes, on a hill today named Monte Smith, which overlooks the port area.
Another debate happened in the " letters " section of Rock Hard magazine following the article Der rechte Rand im Black Metal ( Black Metal's Far-right Border ).
Another pocket of the coat holds an old magazine containing an article about an expedition on which Indiana collaborated with Sophia Hapgood, who has since given up archeology to become a psychic.
* Another article on same topic ( August 2008 ) Translated version
Another article discusses Waluigi in the capacity of Luigi's rival.
* Another article discussing the historical importance of the Zip to Zap
* NewsMax. com article " Yet Another Lab Scandal "
Another respectable fragment, from the article Δύμη to the end of Δ, exists in a manuscript of the Fonds Coislin, the library formed by Pierre Séguier.
Another component may have to do with ritual, according to a 2009 article in Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience.
Another term used for informal mathematics is folk mathematics, which is ambiguous ; the mathematical folklore article is dedicated to the usage of that term among professional mathematicians.
Another example is Übermensch ( overman or superman ), discussed later in this article.
Another allegorical interpretation of the film is mentioned briefly in a 1995 article " Japan: An Ambivalent Nation, an Ambivalent Cinema " by David M. Desser.
* Another article on Bluebird Blues
* Another article on bankruptcy filing and store closures.

Another and April
Another example is its self-description as the " Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church " in the 24 April 1870 Dogmatic Constitution on the Catholic Faith of the First Vatican Council.
Another prisoner, Jhon Frank Pinchao, a police officer, escaped his captors on 28 April 2007 after nine years in captivity.
Another date which is supported by many scholars is April 3, 33, making April 5 the date of the Resurrection.
Another series of the fiftes, Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers broadcast live Saturdays from April 18, 1953 to May 29, 1954.
Another problem occurred in April, when he had to have a heart valve replaced due to the septicemia.
* April 29 – RKO releases the Howard Hawks sci-fi film, " The Thing ( From Another World )".
Another brother, Michael, was reported missing in action on 28 April 1917.
Another milestone for modern American striptease is the possibly legendary show at Minsky's Burlesque in April 1925: The Night They Raided Minsky's.
Another, more likely, reason for the mass resignations was that on April 22, 1963, the federal Liberal government of Prime Minister Lester Pearson took power.
Another episode included an April Fools ' prank played on Tom Bergeron in the show's fifth season, featuring E. E. Bell as an obnoxious contestant who kept pushing his overly emotional opponent until she broke down in tears, in addition to testing Bergeron's patience.
* 1935: Another major dust bowl storm took place on April 14, which became known as Black Sunday.
Another Mantle homer, hit right-handed off Chuck Stobbs at Griffith Stadium in Washington, D. C. on April 17, 1953, was measured by Yankees traveling secretary Red Patterson ( hence the term " tape-measure home run ") to have traveled 565 feet ( 172 m ).
Another major change occurred on 26 April 2007.
Another instance of the phrase appeared on Usenet in April 1993 in reference to The Black Dog's album Bytes.
Another advisory body, the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England ( RCHME ) was not merged with English Heritage until 1 April 1999.
* Another terrorist attack was foiled on 18 April 1986 in what became known as the Hindawi Affair.
Another earthquake of magnitude 2. 9 struck around 11: 55 pm on April 28, 2010.
Another election-mandated by law-was held in April 1957, and Robert Randall was elected the new president.
Another program common to schools all over the United States was adopted by the Locke Middle School, a program entitled “ Rachel ’ s Challenge ,” which was founded in memory of Rachel Scott, the first victim to be killed in the school shooting at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.
Another severe and devastating flood event occurred in Lost Valley during the April 2007 Nor ' easter.
Another Web site, The Carolina Scoop, was founded in April 2008.
Another accident occurred on April 17, 1868, at Carr's Rock killing or injuring almost 120 passengers.
Another significant event during his time as head of the IAEA was the Chernobyl disaster on 26 April 1986, a nuclear accident rated at the highest level 7 on the IAEA's International Nuclear Event Scale.

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