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Another and commonly
Another setup commonly used for measuring chemotaxis and chemokinesis utilizes the under-agarose cell migration assay, whereby a layer of agarose gel is placed between a cell population and a chemoattractant.
Another common aspect of the festival in early 20th century Ireland was the hanging of May Boughs on the doors and windows of houses and the making of May Bushes in farmyards, which usually consisted either of a branch of rowan / caorthann ( mountain ash ) or more commonly whitethorn / sceach geal ( hawthorn ) which is in bloom at the time and is commonly called the ' May Bush ' or just ' May ' in both Ireland and Britain.
Another commonly used basic distinction among the elements is their state of matter ( phase ), solid, liquid, or gas, at a selected standard temperature and pressure ( STP ).
Another difference is that lamb and mutton dishes are more commonly available than in other Chinese restaurants, due to the greater prevalence of these meats in the cuisine of western Chinese regions.
Another term which is commonly associated to Swap is Swaption which is basically an option on the forward Swap.
Another fairly common fullerene is C < sub > 70 </ sub >, but fullerenes with 72, 76, 84 and even up to 100 carbon atoms are commonly obtained.
Another tactic commonly taught is never to ask a question ; the officer may simply sit the suspect down in an interrogation room, sit across from him and do paperwork, and wait for the suspect to begin talking.
Another commonly used reference frame is the center of mass frame, one that is moving with the center of mass.
Another provision commonly granted by transactions is atomicity -- the insurance that if not all of the modifications in the transaction are completed, none of them will be ( by effectively rolling back the partial transaction ).
Another commonly held misconception is that highway overpasses provide adequate shelter from tornadoes.
Another commonly used treatment is cement based solidification and stabilization.
Another threat to Banksia is the water mould Phytophthora cinnamomi, commonly known as " dieback ".
Another commonly used expression for the Lindemann criterion is
Another major difference is that CMT may include social software, Document Management System ( DMS ) and Unified Communication ( UC ) while CPMT mostly considers business or corporate related goals with some kind of social boundaries most commonly used for project management.
Another abbreviation is HCI, but is more commonly used for human-computer interaction.
Another chicken soup variant commonly found across the country is soto ayam ; a turmeric yellow spicy chicken soup with vegetables and noodle or vermicelli, served with steamed rice, pieces of lontong or ketupat.
Another collective name for a group of jellyfish is a smack, although this term is not commonly used by scientists who study jellyfish.
Another automatic weapon commonly mounted on PT boats was the 20 mm Oerlikon cannon.
Another commonly used tool for CDC Field Engineers during testing was MALET ( Maintenance Application Language for Equipment Testing ), which was used to stress test components and devices after repairs and / or servicing by engineers.
Another popular size is ID-000 which is nominally ( commonly used in SIM cards ).
Another wordplay commonly used is the double meaning.
Another online method of cheating is " multiaccounting ", where a player will register several accounts to his name ( or, perhaps more commonly, to non-poker-playing friends and family members ).
* Another Aganippe was the wife of Acrisius, and according to some accounts the mother of Danaë, although the latter is more commonly called a daughter of Eurydice.

Another and encountered
Another theory occasionally encountered is a derivation from the phrase thog mi an èigh / eugh () " I raised the cry ", which in pronunciation bears a certain resemblance to Hogmanay, as part of the rhymes traditionally recited at New Year but it is unclear if this is simply a case of folk etymology.
Another modern approach occasionally encountered is to cut Don Ottavio's most celebrated aria, " Il mio tesoro ", in favour of the less demanding " Dalla sua pace ", which replaced it in the Viennese premiere in order to suit the tenor Francesco Morella.
Another group of East Slavs moved from Pomerania to the northeast, where they encountered the Varangians of the Rus ' Khaganate and established an important regional centre of Novgorod.
Another problem encountered is when the temperature is close to or below freezing.
Another management problem that should be encountered before start of implementation is if the business sponsor is overly aggressive.
Another often encountered expression when dealing with small oscillations or where damping is negligible is:
Another Silurian called Vastra ( also portrayed by McIntosh ) appears in " A Good Man Goes to War " ( 2011 ); exposition reveals she encountered the Doctor having escaped into the Victorian era London Underground and went on to become a detective with a human companion, and to kill Jack the Ripper.
Another commonly encountered alphabetic tradition was originally created for the transcription of Native American and European languages, and is still commonly used by linguists of Slavic, Indic, Uralic, Semitic, and Caucasian languages.
Another Canadian railway, the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway ( GTPR ), encountered financial difficulty on March 7, 1919, when its parent company Grand Trunk Railway ( GTR ) defaulted on repayment of construction loans to the federal government.
Another problem that was encountered as the LDV was organised was the definition of the role the organisation was to play.
Another problem encountered was the state of the company of airborne troops chosen to raid the installation.
Another oxonium ion frequently encountered in organic chemistry is obtained by protonation or alkylation of a carbonyl group e. g. R-C = O < sup >+</ sup >- R ' which forms a resonance structure with the fully fledged carbocation R-C < sup >+</ sup >- O-R ' and is therefore especially stable:
Another problem the game encountered was, that it was one of the last games released for the N64 in Europe, having been released over a year after the Japan and U. S. releases.
* Hyperbolus: Another populist, he is mentioned here by The Chorus as a litigious individual best avoided but often encountered in the agora.
Another of the legendary figures of Bretonnia is the Green Knight, based in many ways on the character encountered by Sir Gawain.
Another " manifestation of the spirit " encountered at these meetings was a gesture commonly called " crunching " consisting of a vomit-like heaving to " cleanse " and " release " negative experiences.
Another problem encountered with mechanical devices is the failure of one or more switch contacts to make firm, low resistance electrical connections, often necessitating some wiggling or adjustment of the knob to correct patchy colors on screen or unreliable peripheral response.
They indicate that the speaker is whispering .< BR > Another form, sometimes encountered in manga, looks like an occidental thought bubble.
Another claims to have encountered two park rangers one night while camping with friends near Terrace Pond, a glacial tarn on a ridge accessible from the road by hiking trails, who in the morning turned out to have been the ghosts of two rangers who had died on the job in 1939.
Another problem Quarashi encountered was that they were marketed as a Rap-rock band, when they were actually a rap group that used rock and punk guitar riffs, funk samples and techno beats in their songs.
Another cause of broaching is encountered in heavy seas and high winds.
Another more commonly encountered form of brittleness is in graphical user interfaces that make invalid assumptions.
Another bill to lower the property tax rate from 45 to 40 cents per 100 dollars of taxable property encountered far less resistance and passed easily.
Another often encountered Norwegian variety is " lys lapskaus " ( light lapskaus ), which is a stew made with vegetables, pork meat or pork sausages, and a béchamel sauce.

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