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Another and completely
Another, completely different, attempt to save " absolute " aether was made in the Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction hypothesis, which posited that everything was affected by travel through the aether.
Another product known as a " speedstrip " cannot reload a completely empty revolver as rapidly as a speedloader, but is less expensive, flatter, and more flexible when it comes to partial reloads.
Another important difference between these two groups of organisms is that prokaryotes completely lack the spliceosomal pathway.
Another comment he is believed to have made to the executioner is that his beard was completely innocent of any crime, and did not deserve the axe ; he then positioned his beard so that it would not be harmed.
Another drawing is a portrait of a young woman that uses the three-quarter length pyramidal composition of the just-completed " Mona Lisa ", but still looks completely Raphaelesque.
Another definition is that biological determinism is the hypothesis that biological factors such as an organism's individual genes ( as opposed to social or environmental factors ) completely determine how a system behaves or changes over time.
Another objection lies in the fact that the people who are most likely to recite the Pledge every day, small children in schools, cannot really give their consent or even completely understand the Pledge they are taking.
Another expression of this point is in noting the strong feelings that a human can have for a non-existent character in a movie, or for a car or boat which is admitted to be completely non sentient.
Another trait is the often " slow " drawings, with little to no speed-lines, and strokes that are almost completely even.
Another solution to the library issue comes from using completely separate executables ( often in some lightweight form ) and calling them using a remote procedure call ( RPC ) over a network to another computer.
Another large draw was that, unlike the immediate surrounding area, Maywood Park was completely shrouded by huge conifer trees.
Another triple divide or triple point occurs in Canada on a prominent peak directly on the border between Alberta and British Columbia, called Snow Dome because the Columbia Icefield completely covers the summit.
Another respected text defines heat exchange as determined by temperature difference, but also mentions that the Born ( 1921 ) version is " completely rigorous ".
The album " Another Night " is an adaptation of the German release " Space Invaders " but with fewer eurodance tracks ( which were completely left unfeatured ) than the original German album and a few new down-tempo tracks such as " If You Should Ever Feel Lonely In The Night ", and the singles " Come And Get Your Love " and " Sleeping With An Angel ".
Another, completely separate definition of generic function is a function that uses parametric polymorphism.
Another term related to ( but not completely synonymous with ) naïve art is folk art.
Another method is to create a false vendor account, and to supply false bills to the company being embezzled so that the checks that are cut appear completely legitimate.
Another 3. 4 percent of the area ( with 247, 800 inhabitants ) is completely or partially surrounded by the barrier
Another EDA, Lawrence Miles ' Alien Bodies revealed that at some point in the future of the Time Lords, the CIA removed itself from history and became beings of pure thought known as the Celestis as part of the war between the Time Lords and " the Enemy ", the Celestis being almost completely destroyed as a result of the events of The Taking of Planet 5.
Another advantage to twistor was mechanical ; twistor elements could be built using completely automated machines.
Another form of recordable Laserdisc that was completely playback-compatible with the Laserdisc format ( unlike CRVdisc with its caddy enclosure ) is the RLV, or Recordable LaserVision disc.
Another expansion was completed in 1952, however all signs pointed to the need for a completely new facility.
Another way of putting this is that a phase angle of, say, 5 ° is considered to be completely equivalent to an angle of 365 °.
Another plan projected the roadway to be completely underground also for this stretch, on top of the subway line.

Another and unrelated
Another similarity to the okapi, even though the bongo is unrelated, is that the bongo has a long prehensile tongue which it uses to grasp grasses and leaves.
Another project based on JFDuke3D called xDuke ( unrelated to the xDuke project based on Duke3d_w32 ) runs on the Xbox.
Another unrelated picture depicts an execution with elements of both a guillotine-style device and a traditional beheading.
Another study from that same year confirmed this result using both mtDNA and nuclear DNA sequences, and showed the three other groups traditionally classified in Rafflesiaceae were unrelated.
Another unrelated study suggested sulphur contained in red meats and alcohol may lead to an increased risk of relapse for patients in remission.
* Another, unrelated Alastor is mentioned in the Iliad of Homer.
Another unrelated college named Magdalen Hall adjacent to Magdalen College eventually became part of Hertford College.
Another New York YM-YWHA, unrelated to the 92nd Street location, is called the 14th Street YM-YWHA, located in the Gramercy neighborhood.
Another unrelated strip entitled Smiffy appeared in The Beezer in the 1960s which featured a boy who liked getting dirty.
Another unrelated white buffalo, named Miracle's Second Chance, was born at the same farm in 2006, but died in a lightning strike later that year.
Another simple solution is achieved by assigning a partial order to the resources ( the forks, in this case ), and establishing the convention that all resources will be requested in order, and released in reverse order, and that no two resources unrelated by order will ever be used by a single unit of work at the same time.
Another unrelated fruit, the bael, is sometimes called the " Bengal quince ".
Another unique aspect of the show is that the cold open of every episode is unrelated to the main story.
Another unrelated programme, not produced by the BBC and without Sarah Jane, K-9, began airing in 2010.
She captioned the picture with " Another child killed by # Israel ... Another father carrying his child to a grave in # Gaza .” It was later established that the picture was published in 2006 and was of a Palestinian girl who had died in an accident unrelated to Israel.
Another project, apparently unrelated at first, attempted to address problems with the conversion from QuickDraw into various printer output formats.
Another category was based on the American dirt track category known as Legends ( unrelated to Aussie Racing Cars ), since disappeared from circuit racing.
( Another area of rhetoric, elocutio, was unrelated to elocution and, instead, concerned the style of writing proper to discourse.
Another example of a scale-invariant classical field theory is the massless scalar field ( note that the name scalar is unrelated to scale invariance ).
( Another unrelated people also called the Ais lived in Florida.
Another time, Cao Cao and Yang Xiu were riding on their horses and passed by the grave of Cáo É ( unrelated to Cao Cao ).
Another cobbler is an unrelated species of catfish, also found in Australia.
Another isoform of the enzyme catalyzes the same reaction, however this reaction is unrelated to the citric acid cycle, is carried out in the cytosol as well as the mitochondrion and peroxisome and uses NADP < sup >+</ sup > as a cofactor instead of NAD < sup >+</ sup >.

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