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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 175
from Brown Corpus
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Another and element
Another problem was that the gradual identification of more and more chemically similar and indistinguishable lanthanides, which were of an uncertain number, led to inconsistency and uncertainty in the numbering of all elements at least from lutetium ( element 71 ) onwards ( hafnium was not known at this time ).
Another contributing factor is the ability of an element to catenate.
Another element of horse mounted warfare is the psychological impact a mounted soldier can inflict on an opponent.
Another important element that Husserl took over from Brentano is intentionality, the notion that the main characteristic of consciousness is that it is always intentional.
Another element supporting this fact is that Paris has the highest density of cinemas in the world, measured by the number of movie theaters per inhabitant, and that in most " downtown Paris " movie theaters, foreign movies which would be secluded to " art houses " cinemas in other places are shown alongside " mainstream " works.
Another way to describe G-sets is the functor category, where is the groupoid ( category ) with one element and isomorphic to the group G. Indeed, every functor F of this category defines a set X = F and for every g in G ( i. e. for every morphism in ) induces a bijection F < sub > g </ sub >: X → X.
Another traditional element that Baum intentionally omitted was the emphasis on romance.
Another approach is taken by the von Neumann – Bernays – Gödel axioms ( NBG ); classes are the basic objects in this theory, and a set is then defined to be a class that is an element of some other class.
Another chief use of neodymium is as the free pure element.
Another strong element of poetic diction can be the use of vivid imagery for effect.
Another theory interprets the second element as related to the word * δᾶϝον dâwon, " water "; this would make * Posei-dawōn into the master of waters.
Another element of philosophical method is to formulate questions to be answered or problems to be solved.
Another element of a fortress was the citadel.
Another common element is fast-talking, witty repartee ( You Can't Take It With You, His Girl Friday ).
Another type of system uses a thermostat, often inside the iron's tip, which automatically switches power on and off to the element.
Another interpretation of the name Vinland, quite popular in the late 20th century, is that the first element is not vín ( with a slightly lengthened vowel sound ) but vin ( with a short sound ), an Old Norse word with the meaning ' meadow, pasture '.
Another element that tends to be assumed is the environment, or type of warfare ( land, naval, air ) depicted, at least if the subject matter is land warfare ( a game on naval or air warfare will specify such if not immediately obvious ).
Another important element of Austrian geology and geography is the late Mesozoic Alpine orogeny, and the subsequent formation of the Paratethys ocean and Molasse Basin in the Cretaceous era.
( Another theory derives the first element from OHG win ' meadow, pasture.
Another particular type of element is the zero divisors, i. e. a non-zero element a such that there exists a non-zero element b of the ring such that ab = 0.
Another aspect of ERA is the brisance, or detonation speed of its explosive element.
Another element to the previous version of Krypton was that all Kryptonians were unable to leave their planet or they would die instantly.

Another and concern
Another environmental concern is a significant drop in Lake Sevan's water level because of drawdowns for irrigation and the diversion of water to hydroelectric plants to compensate for the electric power lost through the inactivity of the nuclear plant at Metsamor.
Another concern is that certain sectors of society are not sufficiently benefiting from the PRC's economic development ; one example of this is the wide gap between urban and rural areas.
Another concern was the rising threat of Fenian raids on border communities in New Brunswick by those seeking to end British rule of Ireland.
Another concern for ECC-systems is the danger of fault attacks, especially when running on smart cards.
Another concern is the numerical efficiency and accuracy of software.
Another concern was whether it was proper to grant citizenship to the French, Spanish, and free black people living in New Orleans, as the treaty would dictate.
" Another concern is their susceptibility to bubonic plague.
" Luckhurst traces the influence of both these thinkers in Ballard's fiction, in particular The Atrocity Exhibition ( 1970 ) Another central concern of the New Wave was a fascination with entropy – that the world ( and the universe ) must tend to disorder, to eventually run down to ' heat death '.
Another concern was that when deadlocks occurred, state legislatures found themselves unable to conduct their normal business ; James Christian Ure, writing in the South Texas Law Review, notes that this did not in fact occur.
Another force was public concern with acts of violence being committed by young people.
Another collection of stories concern the skin-walkers.
Another concern was the death of Count Baldwin VI of Flanders, who died in July 1070.
Another serious concern is that the huge number of neutrons released in the fusion reactions react with the plant, causing them to become intensely radioactive themselves, as well as mechanically weakening metals.
Another early aspect of concern was related to how the bandwidth of the measurement instrument would influence the measurement, such that it needed to be noted.
Another concern, which raised its head during the 1991 Gulf War, was the loss of the protection provided by the Royal Navy, especially, to the large number of merchant vessels on Bermuda's shipping register.
Another conservative legal scholar and judge, Richard Posner of the Seventh Circuit does not condemn the entire regime, but expresses concern with the potential that it could be applied to create inefficiency, rather than to avoid inefficiency.
Another major concern was the abundance of bugs and glitches littered throughout the game.
Another major public health concern is diabetes.
" Another major concern was that Intel's existing customer base purchased their memory chips for use with their own processor designs ; if Intel introduced their own processor, they might be seen as a competitor, and their customers might look elsewhere for memory.
Another concern is datamining.
Another concern is the fact that most webmail service providers are based in the U. S. A. and are therefore subject to the Patriot Act, which means that U. S. authorities can demand that a company must hand over whatever information it has about a user, without necessarily letting the user know, regardless of the country in which the user lives or where the information is stored.
Another important domestic issue with which Pitt had to concern himself was the national debt, which had increased dramatically due to the rebellion of the American colonies.
Another concern was that some of the seeds were coated with the highly toxic fungicides Maxim or thiram.
Another concern is the increased pollutant emissions arising from the metered traffic and from the additional emissions from accelerating from a stop to freeway speeds ( versus accelerating from street speeds to freeway speeds ).

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