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Another and Midland
Another meeting place was the Ellen Knox Memorial Hall which was next door to the Midland Vinegar Brewery.
Another top player is Richie Toal, winning the 2003 Midland Open Championship and in 2006, 2007 & 2008 the Mullingar Open Snooker Championship.
Another Link Trainer in working condition is on display at the Commemorative Air Force Airpower Museum in Midland, Texas.
Another line was built in 1848 from Nottingham to Kirkby, with the Midland providing a horse-drawn coach from there to Mansfield, since the old rails were not strong enough for a steam locomotive.

Another and extended
Another class of carbine is a semi-automatic version of a submachine gun, with an extended barrel, usually just over 406 mm ( 16 inches ) long, which will escape ban by some " assault weapon " legislation.
Another convincing case where understanding of the body was extended beyond where Galen had left it came from these demonstrations of the nature of human circulation and the subsequent work of Andrea Cesalpino, Fabricio of Acquapendente and William Harvey.
) Another option is to create documentaries around series including extended interviews with the participants and outtakes not seen in the original airings ; the syndicated series American Idol Rewind is an example of this strategy.
Another agreement in 1890 extended this rule to the interior of Africa and set off a scramble for territory, primarily by France, Britain, Portugal, and Belgium.
Rolling with one hand: Another extended technique is the rolling of a note with one hand.
Another common neighborhood type is the extended von Neumann neighborhood, which includes the two closest cells in each orthogonal direction, for a total of eight.
Another way to describe the differences between these geometries is to consider two straight lines indefinitely extended in a two-dimensional plane that are both perpendicular to a third line:
Another possibility is that the Northern Line may be extended to Camberwell, once the line has been extended to Battersea.
Another advantage of a muzzle brake is a reduction of recoil fatigue during extended practice sessions, enabling the shooter to consecutively fire more rounds accurately.
Another settlement was started by the Priddys, the J. Houstons, Cade Alford and the Carson family who extended the settlement along the creek to the junction of three forks.
Another 16. 4 " gun, mounted horizontally, was being tested at the Highwater range, and was extended by cutting the breech off the end of one gun and welding it to the end of another to produce a new gun over 110 feet long.
Another 9 million Germans from former eastern German provinces, over which Joseph Stalin and eastern neighbour states extended military hegemony in 1945, were expelled as well.
Another member of the extended family was Henry Leavitt Ellsworth who traveled to Ohio in 1811 to investigate family lands in the region.
Another author provides a more extended summary at ( currently down, and unavailable from archive. org ).
Another example is found in Act 2, Scene 1, where the extended conversation between Gloucester and Winchester in which Gloucester says Winchester was born " in bastardy " is included.
Another extended play followed in November, titled " Xmas Ear Bender " which peaked at number 70.
Another song which appeared on the soundtrack was " Got Me Wrong " by Alice in Chains, which had previously been released on the band's extended play Sap ( 1992 ).
Another is that Whistler originally envisioned painting the model standing up, but that his mother was too uncomfortable to pose standing for an extended period.
Another cause for concern is that groundwater drawdown from over-allocated aquifers has the potential to cause severe damage to both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems – in some cases very conspicuously but in others quite imperceptibly because of the extended period over which the damage occurs.
Another key legend regards Dogen Zenji ( 道元禅師 ; 1200 – 1253 ), who brought the Soto Zen sect to Japan: After an extended visit to China for the purpose of studying Zen, on the night before his planned return to Japan, Dogen saw the Bìyán Lù for the first time, and stayed up all night making a handwritten copy of the book.
Another reason that the Charlatans ' extended stay at the Red Dog Saloon was important was that, immediately before their first performance at the club, the band members took LSD.
Another resolution extended the gratitude of the gathering to the Vatican and to the Governments of Spain, Sweden and Switzerland for the protection they offered under difficult conditions to the persecuted Jews in German-dominated Europe.
Another possibility is the magnanimous respect he is ascribed to have shown to the diverse beliefs and customs of the peoples within his extended kingdom.
Another acquisition, the Gateway Western Railway, extended KCS's reach from Kansas City to St. Louis, Missouri and Springfield, Illinois.

Another and some
Another production of the original version, some rehearsals of which Ibsen attended, opened on 3 March 1880 at the Residenz Theatre in Munich.
Another hypothesis is that some Mexican tetra randomly don't develop eyes ( which is represented by broken genes in the fish's genome ), and this lack of eyes spreads to the rest of the population despite having no advantage or disadvantage.
" Another line from " Floater " is " My old man, he's like some feudal lord.
Another occurred in issue 2674, dated 16 October 1993, when the whole comic was now printed in full colour, along with some new strips such as The Numskulls, which had been moved from The Beezer.
Another variety of writing style, called boustrophedon, was used in some scripts, such as ancient Greek inscriptions and Hungarian runes.
Another method of addressing some of the problems with a global clock signal is the removal of the clock signal altogether.
Another key difference is that command economies are strictly authoritarian in nature, whereas some forms of economic planning, such as indicative planning, direct the economy through incentive-based methods.
Another example is Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now Redux, which, like the original film, polarized the audience, with some fans considering the original version to be the definitive cut.
Another versatile extension becoming increasingly common is the use of some electronic drums in a mainly conventional kit.
Another function of some letters in English is to provide information about the pronunciation of other letters in the word.
Another form is a distributive egalitarianism in which the wealth created by labor is organized and controlled in some equal manner.
Another of Oxford's men was slain that month, and in March Burghley wrote to Sir Christopher Hatton about the death of one of Knyvet's men, thanking Hatton for his efforts " to bring some good end to these troublesome matters betwixt my Lord and Oxford and Mr Thomas Knyvet ".
Another way of avoiding some of the rituals and costs of a traditional funeral is for the decedent to donate some or all of her or his body to a medical school or similar institution for the purpose of instruction in anatomy, or for similar purposes.
Another theory that had some support at that time was the inheritance of acquired characteristics: the belief that individuals inherit traits strengthened by their parents.
Another point which has distanced these strips was the U. S ./ Canada-centric humor, with a few jokes being totally untranslatable to some languages, however by 1980, the strip became the universal family fare product that it's known for.
In 1951, he produced-and some believe essentially directed-the science fiction film The Thing from Another World.
Another cites smoking and drinking, combined with poor academic performance and possibly some inappropriate comments made to the staff.
Another solution is to insert an inner tube of a car or bicycle tire into the pressure vessel with some air in it and the valve closed.
Another subtype is an island or bar formed by deposition of tiny rocks where a water current loses some of its carrying capacity.
Another view holds that a Sadguru, acting on a god's behalf, can mitigate or work out some of the karma of the disciple.
Another legendary object that is claimed to have some connection with the Templars is the Shroud of Turin.
Another was Perang Besar ( Great War ) Estate, opened by some British ex-servicemen led by Colonel Henry Gough, who was the pioneer of bud-grafting of rubber trees in the country.
" Another emphasis on the musicality of the poem came in August 1834, with Henry Nelson Coleridge analysis in the Quarterly Review: " In some of the smaller pieces, as the conclusion of the ' Kubla Khan ', for example, not only the lines by themselves are musical, but the whole passage sounds all at once as an outburst or crash of harps in the still air of autumn.

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