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Another and feature
Another feature unique to amphibians is the columella-opercular complex, adjoining the auditory capsule, which is involved in the transmission of both airborne and seismic signals.
Another feature of Argentine cuisine is the preparation of homemade food such as french fries, patties, and pasta to celebrate a special occasion, to meet friends, or to honor someone.
Another feature to make LS AAS element-specific is modulation of the primary radiation and the use of a selective amplifier that is tuned to the same modulation frequency, as already postulated by Alan Walsh.
Another feature of blue laws restricts the purchase of particular items on Sundays which is an unusual feature in modern American culture.
Another important feature of a game is the importance of diplomacy, i. e. players making deals with each other.
Another common feature of ballads is repetition, sometimes of fourth lines in succeeding stanzas, as a refrain, sometimes of third and fourth lines of a stanza and sometimes of entire stanzas.
Another feature of boards of directors in large public companies is that the board tends to have more de facto power.
Another feature of the population was the number of Spanish-born colonists, known as peninsulares, who were mostly adult males ; they constituted between ten and twenty per cent of the population between the middle of the 19th century and the great depression of the 1930s.
Another common feature is the spire, a tall tower on the " west " end of the church or over the crossing.
Another important feature of the Doom engine is its modular data files, which allow most of the game's content to be replaced by loading custom WAD files.
Another distinctive feature of the modern dagger is that it is designed to position the blade horizontally when using a conventional palm grip, enabling the user to slash right or left as well as thrust the blade between an opponent's ribs.
Another feature of Erewhon is the absence of machines ; this is due to the widely shared perception by the Erewhonians that they are potentially dangerous.
Another feature of the system was a digital clock on the dispatch board.
Another new feature in 2010 would be the existence of deep water harbours at the mouths of the Essequibo and Demerara Rivers.
Another technique uses the transparency feature introduced in GIF89a: a GIF file can be constructed as a series of overlapping full-screen images, each image filling in colors from a local color table that weren't in the previous ones.
Another important feature is their solubility in water e. g. ( see: solubility chart ), and ease of crystallization.
Another feature of IKEA stores are their long opening hours.
Another feature common to many scripting languages, but not all, is the lack of a line-ending character ; in Icon, lines not ended by a semicolon get ended by an implied semicolon if it makes sense.
Another important feature of 80286 is Prevention of Unauthorised Access.
) Another popular feature of his shows was the annual Festive Fifty countdown of his listeners ' favourite records of the year.
Another major feature of his work was to classify the Bantu languages, which occupy much of sub-Saharan Africa, as a branch of the newly identified Niger – Congo language family, rather than as an independent family.
Another prominent feature on many folding knives is the opening mechanism.
Another innovative feature was the ability to link 2 MultiSystems together to allow for head-to-head two player gaming.

Another and rule
Another evidence of the spreading rule of reason was provided from Mexico City with the daily hijacking of an American plane by a demented Algerian with a gun.
Another epistemic " rule of thumb " that can be misapplied to a mystery involving other humans is cui bono?
Another way of computing this derivative is to view the composite function as the composite of and h. Applying the chain rule to this situation gives:
Another way of proving the chain rule is to measure the error in the linear approximation determined by the derivative.
Another way of writing the chain rule is used when f and g are expressed in terms of their components as and.
Another rule change banned " mass momentum " plays ( many of which, like the infamous " flying wedge ", were sometimes literally deadly ).
Another concern was the rising threat of Fenian raids on border communities in New Brunswick by those seeking to end British rule of Ireland.
Another product rule for the cross product of two vector fields F and G in three dimensions involves the curl and reads as follows:
Another common house rule is that the bottom card of the deck is never given as a replacement, to avoid the possibility of someone who might have seen it during the deal using that information.
Another important constitutional move at Roncaglia was the establishment of a new peace ( Landfrieden ) for all of the Empire, an attempt to ( on the one hand ) abolish private feuds not only between the many dukes, but on the other hand a means to tie the Emperor's subordinates to a legal system of jurisdiction and public prosecution of criminal acts — a predecessor of the modern concept of " rule of law ".
Another section of royal followers were the curia regis ; these curiales were the senior officials and agents of the king and were essential to his day-to-day rule.
Another way to state the rule is that a firm should compare the profits from operating to those realized if it shutdown and select the option that produces the greater profit.
Another of Riefenstahl ’ s films, 1938 ’ s Olympia, was meant to prove that the Reichstag was a democratic and open society under Nazi rule.
Another fundamental difference is that where perestroika was accompanied by greater political freedoms under Gorbachev's glasnost policies, Chinese economic reform has been accompanied by continued authoritarian rule and a suppression of political dissidents, most notably at Tiananmen Square.
Another variant some states use with the " continuous clock " rule allows coaches and game officials to choose to end a game at their own discretion any time during the second half, especially if a lopsided margin continues to increase or threatening weather strikes.
Another objection is that the rule demanding " coherence " in a system of ideas seems to be an unjustified belief.
Another common law rule — that permitting searches incident to an arrest without warrant — has been applied in American law.
Another agreement in 1890 extended this rule to the interior of Africa and set off a scramble for territory, primarily by France, Britain, Portugal, and Belgium.
Another project built during Qin Shihuang's rule was the Terracotta army, intended to protect the emperor after his death.
Another rule that has given rise to widespread speculation is the Bellman's rule-of-three: What I tell you three times is true.
Another rule stipulated that the king's permission could only be granted once he had reached his majority.
Another rule of thumb with friendship books is that after two years of circulation, the friendship book should be returned home to its owner.
Another object of controversy is the Academy's " one-country-one-film " rule, which has been criticized by filmmakers.
Another theory considers this legend to be the creation of a mythological past needed to back up the fast-rising Frankish rule in Western Europe.

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