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Another and festival
Another common aspect of the festival in early 20th century Ireland was the hanging of May Boughs on the doors and windows of houses and the making of May Bushes in farmyards, which usually consisted either of a branch of rowan / caorthann ( mountain ash ) or more commonly whitethorn / sceach geal ( hawthorn ) which is in bloom at the time and is commonly called the ' May Bush ' or just ' May ' in both Ireland and Britain.
Another regular Delphi festival was the " Theophania " ( Θεοφάνεια ), an annual festival in spring celebrating the return of Apollo from his winter quarters in Hyperborea.
Another example of a pagan fire festival is the burning the clavie which takes place in the town of Burghead in Moray.
Another major funerary festival, a national event spread over several days in the month of Khoiak in the Egyptian calendar, became linked with Osiris during the Middle Kingdom.
Another production from the Stratford Shakespeare festival aired on CBC in 1989.
Another visual arts festival held at the MCA each spring is Primavera, a festival focusing on young, up-and-coming Australian artists.
Another local festival commemorates The Vote Day ( January 14 ), an event during the Black Plague, when the townsfolk voted for the bringing of the Virgin of the Olive across the town to worship her.
Another important landmark in the history of this festival is the year 1975.
Another festival to Pales, apparently dedicated " to the two Pales " ( Palibus duobus ) was held on July 7.
Another large festival in the northern Europe is Skjærgårdsfestivalen in Norway.
Another important detail is fire: A festival fire must be kept from sunset till sunrise, and various kinds of flaming light sources are used ; usually these are bonfires, which traditionally people jump over to ensure prosperity and fertility.
A prominent event in Metter is Another Bloomin ' Festival, an arts and crafts festival held the day before Easter.
* Fall Color Festival / Taste & Tour – Another annual event sponsored by the Concrete Chamber of Commerce, the festival is a celebration of the incredible colors of the area's fall leaves as well as a tasting tour of the local wineries and micro-breweries found along the " Magic 30-Miles " between Sedro-Woolley and Marblemount.
" Another analogous correspondence may be found in the festival of the Quirinalia of February, last month of the ancient calendar of Numa.
Another element linking Juno with Janus is her identification with Carna, suggested by the festival of this deity on the kalends ( day of Juno ) of June, the month of Juno.
Another international festival in Edirne is Kakava, a celebration of Romani people held on May 5 each year.
Another event dedicated to the common people is the festival of Isidore the Laborer, when farm workers form a parade with their agricultural machines decorated with flowers.
Another significant festival is the Agricultural and Food Fair held in mid-February.
Another festival organized by students is the International Student Festival in Trondheim ISFiT, which awards a student peace prize and draws internationally known speakers.
Another festival was held 23 to 28 April 2009, sponsored by the Friends of Whitchurch Heritage.
Another tour scheduled for 2004 was to consist of a two-day festival taking place in each city.
Another suggestion is that the festival celebrates a widespread feature of east Asian agrarian societies: the harvest of winter wheat.

Another and small
Another method of assuring a clean hole is to first drill a small pilot hole all the way through, then drill half way with the dimensional bit, turn the piece over, and finish from the other side.
Another way to remove small objects from the eye was to have the person look cross-eyed ; ;
Another time he watched a mouse being pulled from its hole by a small boy.
Another small oil on parchment, Danube Landscape with Castle Wörth ( c. 1520 ) is one of the earliest accurate topographical paintings of a particular building in its setting, of a type that was to become a cliché in later centuries.
Another king will take ; small is the profit that he does not divide.
Another is the 1988 Koko case in which 5 ships transported 8, 000 barrels of hazardous waste from Italy to the small town of Koko in Nigeria in exchange for $ 100 monthly rent which was paid to a Nigerian for the use of his farmland.
Another form of dynamite consists of nitroglycerin dissolved in nitrocellulose and a small amount of ketone.
Another type of loaded die is hollow with a small weight and a semi-solid substance inside whose melting point is just lower than the temperature of the human body, allowing the cheater to change the loading of the die by applying body heat, causing the semi-solid to melt and the weight to drift down, making the chosen opposite face more likely to land up.
Another remarkable site is the Krämerbrücke, a bridge crossing the Breitstrom, a small tributary of the Gera River.
Another approach ( often used as well as thermally tracking bias voltages ) is to include small value resistors in series with the emitters.
Another polynomial viewpoint is exploited by the Winograd algorithm, which factorizes into cyclotomic polynomials — these often have coefficients of 1, 0, or − 1, and therefore require few ( if any ) multiplications, so Winograd can be used to obtain minimal-multiplication FFTs and is often used to find efficient algorithms for small factors.
Another solution is to have a mechanism such as a snifting valve that automatically inserts a small bubble of air with each pump cycle.
Another serious miscalculation was that the program did not include any kind of scripting language, so it was not promoted by any of the database consultants that small businesses typically hired to create and maintain their DB applications.
Another theory traces the word kipper to the kip, or small beak, that male salmon develop during the breeding season.
Another is the idea of self-healing structures, which would repair small tears in a surface naturally in the same way as self-sealing tires or human skin.
Another claim was put forth by a young boy who stated that he had been hit by a small (~ 3 gram ) stone of the Mbale meteorite fall from Uganda, and who stood to gain nothing from this assertion.
Another limited application of this very small tube was in studio-grade microphones from that era, the AKG / Norelco C12a, which employed the 7586, being a good example.
Another distinction, based upon the size of organic compounds, distinguishes between small molecules and polymers.
Another benefit of an OODBMS is that it can be programmed with small procedural differences without affecting the entire system.
Another procedure is called stripping, overhand, or slide shuffle, where small groups of cards are removed from the top of a deck and placed in the opposite hand ( or just assembled on the table ) in reverse order.
Another situation in which parabolae may arise in nature is in two-body orbits, for example, of a small planetoid or other object under the influence of the gravitation of the sun.
Another convex polyhedron is formed by the small central space common to all members of the compound.
Another species of Pterodactylus based on small, immature specimens is P. micronyx.
Another method is the " semi-classical equation of motion " approach, which applies to systems for which quantum mechanics produces only weak ( small ) deviations from classical behavior.
Another significant advantage of revolvers is superior ergonomics, particularly for users with small hands.

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