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Another and group
Another public interest group is the commission of laymen or educators which is appointed to study an educational problem and to make recommendations.
Another study found more cooperative behavior the greater the number the perceived kin in a group.
* Another group is the School of the Military that studied strategy and the philosophy of war ; Sunzi and Sun Bin were influential leaders.
Another group that may be considered Arian is the Church of God ( 7th day )-Salem Conference.
Another group of cloistered " Nuns of St Ambrose ", also called the Annunciatae ( Italian: Annunziate ) of Lombardy or " Sisters of St Marcellina ", were founded in 1408 by three young women of Pavia, Dorothea Morosini, Eleonora Contarini, and Veronica Duodi.
Another group reported it had deposited earnest money for a team in the AFL.
* Another Bad Creation, an American R & B and rap musical group
Another successful a cappella group is Straight No Chaser ( SNC ), which is actually two separate but related groups, one of which is an a cappella, collegiate group from Indiana University in the USA.
Another 1980s group was the Osdorp Posse, who first started to record tracks in Dutch.
As act two opens, the two groups are now in bitter rivalry over who is the normal group (“ A-1 March ”) Another stranger, a French woman in a feathered coat appears.
Another group of animals discovered subsequently, whose filtering mechanism looked similar, was also included in " Bryozoa " until 1869, when the two groups were noted to be very different internally.
Another group under Sir John Simon then emerged, who were prepared to continue their support for the government and take the Liberal places in the Cabinet if there were resignations.
Another reason for the irritation was that most of FACA consisted of soldiers from Kolingba ’ s ethnic group, the Yakoma.
Another approach used is the reaction of di-functional monomers, with one amine and one carboxylic acid group on the same molecule:
Progressive rock group Pink Floyd, when creating their rock opera The Wall, used disco-style components in their song, " Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 " ( 1979 )— which became the group's only # 1 hit single ( in both the US and UK ).
Another theory says that the name " Dada " came during a meeting of the group when a paper knife stuck into a French-German dictionary happened to point to ' dada ', a French word for ' hobbyhorse '.
Another study found that middle aged people compared to young group had a worse retrieval of memories.
Another important interpretation of is as H < sub > 1 </ sub >( G, Z ), the first homology group of G with integral coefficients.
Another theory is that the name was borrowed from a cult of devotees to Artemis in Asia Minor, whose demeanor and dress somewhat resembled those of the group in Judaea.
" Another militant group, the Irish Citizen Army, was formed by trade unionists as a result of the Dublin Lockout of that year.
Another example is the functor Rng → Ab which maps a ring to its underlying additive abelian group.
Another sizable group of fanzines arose in role-playing game ( RPG ) fandom, where fanzines allowed people to publish their ideas and views on specific games and their role-playing campaigns.

Another and emigrated
Rühle later left the KAPD, and was one of the founders of the AAUD-E. Another leading theoretician of Council Communism was Paul Mattick, who later emigrated to the USA.
Another brother, Henry Astor also emigrated to America.
Another Englishman from Crewkerne who emigrated to the American Colonies was William Phelps who was born around 1599 and became one of the founders of both Dorchester, Massachusetts and Windsor, Connecticut, foreman of the first grand jury in New England, served most of his life in early colonial government, and played a key role in establishing the first democratic town government in the American colonies.
Another branch of the Fewell family may have emigrated to Virginia as early as 1656 ; US Census records this branch in Faquier County, Virginia, in the 1790 census and every succeeding census although the only males in this line who have living male descendants bearing the name Fewell removed to Washington, DC in he early 20th century and their descendants are to be found in the early 21st century to New York.
Another of Bobby Ang's excellent article and analysis of Balinas ' " invigorating upset win " over GM Ludek Pachman a former Czechoslovakian champion who emigrated and played for Germany during the 1976 Haifa Olympiad.
Another brother, Bert Ormond, emigrated and represented New Zealand at international level in 1962.

Another and Kenya
* Another perspective on the history of Kenya
Another source of water is the Mount Elgon region on the border between Uganda and Kenya.
Another result of the railroad construction was the 1902 decision to transfer the eastern section of the Uganda Protectorate to the Kenya Colony, then called the East Africa Protectorate, to keep the entire railroad line under one local colonial administration.
Another close encounter with a lion occurs when a lion is aboard a gharri, a means of transportation in Kenya similar to a small trolley.
Another example of this is RISE Kenya that runs projects to mitigate climate change in the semi arid Eastern Province of Kenya.
Another skull was unearthed in 1969 by Richard at Koobi Fora near the Lake Turkana region, in Kenya.

Another and from
Another good friend of the Coolidges' was George B. Harvey, who was the Ambassador to Great Britain from 1921 to 1923.
Another evidence of the spreading rule of reason was provided from Mexico City with the daily hijacking of an American plane by a demented Algerian with a gun.
Another optimistic sign, this one from the Labor Department, was the report that the long rise in unemployment compensation payments `` was interrupted for the first time in the week ending Feb. 25 ''.
Another piece of evidence appears in a dispatch from Bonn in The Observer ( London ).
Another effect discovered is the large coefficient of thermal diffusion tending to separate nitrogen from the oxygen when temperature differences straddling the nitrogen dissociation region are present.
Another strategy -- bolder and tougher -- was also attracting notice in Washington: a naval and air blockade to cut Cuba off from the world, destroy Castro.
Another method of assuring a clean hole is to first drill a small pilot hole all the way through, then drill half way with the dimensional bit, turn the piece over, and finish from the other side.
Another approach is to estimate from the rate of growth and the smallest size at maturity.
Another great danger is that the emerging middle class will feel itself increasingly alienated from the political leaders who still justify their dominance by reference to the struggle for independence or the early phase of nationalism.
Another example is his very infrequent use of the large amount of data from surveys designed to discover what and how people actually do feel and think on a broad range of topics: he cites such survey-type findings just three times.
Another girl from a relatively large midwestern city described herself as `` the only Orthodox girl in town ''.
Another way to remove small objects from the eye was to have the person look cross-eyed ; ;
Another poultice was made from the inner bark of the elm tree, steeped in water until it formed a sticky, gummy solution.
Another hoodlum, Louis Arger, drew $39,000 from Stein's janitor firm, the National Maintenance company, in three years ending in 1959, Stein disclosed in an interview.
Another man tried to swim across the river from the East to the West, but was shot and killed.
Another experiment funded by the National Institutes of Health and conducted in 2007 at the Duke University in Durham, North Carolina suggests a different view, " that altruistic behavior may originate from how people view the world rather than how they act in it ".
Another way is merely " one of the many modern substitutes for love, ... nothing but the urge to turn away from oneself and to lose oneself in other people ’ s business.
Another haloed Apollo in mosaic, from Hadrumentum, is in the museum at Sousse.
Another problem was that the gradual identification of more and more chemically similar and indistinguishable lanthanides, which were of an uncertain number, led to inconsistency and uncertainty in the numbering of all elements at least from lutetium ( element 71 ) onwards ( hafnium was not known at this time ).
Another theory by Yule and Burnell ( 1886 ) is based on an entry in the Catalogue of Indian Serpents from the Leyden Museum ( Ray, 1693 ) that reads: Anacondaia Zeylonensibus, id est Bubalorum aliorumque jumentorum membra conterens, meaning " the anacondaia of the Ceylonese, i. e. he that crushes the limbs of buffaloes and yoke beasts.
* 1936 – Tupelo-Gainesville tornado outbreak: Another tornado from the same storm system as the Tupelo tornado hits Gainesville, Georgia, killing 203.
Another version of the standardised imperial portrait ; from the house of Jason Magnus at Cyrene, Libya | Cyrene, North Africa ( British Museum ).
Another time he watched a mouse being pulled from its hole by a small boy.
Another mutiny forced the retirement of Cassius Dio from his command.
Another interesting insight into Athenian democracy comes from the law that excluded from decisions of war those citizens who had property close to the city walls-on the basis that they had a personal interest in the outcome of such debates because the practice of an invading army at the time was to destroy the land outside the walls.

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