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Another and important
Another important source of evidence only recently receiving much attention is the analysis of atmospheric dust for a meteoritic component.
Another important use of amaranth throughout Mesoamerica was to prepare ritual drinks and foods.
Another important example is the Tawagalawa Letter written by an unnamed Hittite king ( most probably Hattusili III ) of the empire period ( 14th-13th century BC ) to the king of Ahhiyawa, treating him as an equal and suggesting that Miletus ( Millawanda ) was under his control.
Another example is that body symmetry is an important aspect of physical attractiveness which may be due to this indicating good health during body growth.
Another view, as important to the philosophy of art as " beauty ," is that of the " sublime ," elaborated upon in the twentieth century by the postmodern philosopher Jean-François Lyotard.
Another important demand was that the computers could be used in a network ( Aster developed special software and hardware for that ).
Another important principle of conservation is that all alterations should be well documented and should be clearly distinguishable from the original object.
Another important feature of a game is the importance of diplomacy, i. e. players making deals with each other.
Another important disaccharide is lactose, consisting of a glucose molecule and a galactose molecule.
Another of his most important works was the marble and bronze Fountain of Neptune ( Fontana del Nettuno ) for the Piazza della Signoria.
Another important use of aircraft came with the development of the helicopter, which first became heavily used during the Vietnam War, and still continues to be widely used today to transport and augment ground forces.
Another important motivation for the Big Dig in its final form was the abandonment of the Massachusetts Highway Department's intended expressway system through and around Boston.
Another important passage was Isaiah 40: 3 – 5, which imagines the exiled Israel proceeding home to Jerusalem on a newly-constructed road, led by the victorious Yahweh who has conquered the gods of Babylon.
Another important formulation of the two linearly independent solutions to Bessel's equation are the Hankel functions H < sub > α </ sub >< sup >( 1 )</ sup >( x ) and H < sub > α </ sub >< sup >( 2 )</ sup >( x ), defined by:
) Another important relation for integer orders is the Jacobi – Anger expansion:
Another important property of Bessel's equations, which follows from Abel's identity, involves the Wronskian of the solutions:
Another important piece of evidence is that it is possible to construct detailed phylogenetic trees ( that is, " genealogic trees " of species ) mapping out the proposed divisions and common ancestors of all living species.
Another important break with the past was the radical overhaul of opera by Christoph Willibald Gluck, who cut away a great deal of the layering and improvisational ornament and focused on the points of modulation and transition.
Another important factor behind Costa Rica's poverty was the lack of a significant indigenous population available for forced labor, which meant that most of the Costa Rican settlers had to work on their own land, preventing the establishment of large haciendas.
Another important development was the mitre gate, which was, it is presumed, introduced in Italy by Bertola da Novate in the 16th century.
Another important mind-related subject that the cognitive sciences tend to avoid is the existence of qualia, with discussions over this issue being sometimes limited to only mentioning qualia as a philosophically open matter.
Another example is the place of The Wizard of Oz ( 1939 ) in American and British gay culture, although a widely viewed and historically important film in greater American culture.
Another important contribution to Nova Scotia's provincial economy is through spin-offs and royalties relating to off-shore petroleum exploration and development.
Another important source was Lucien Séve's theory of personality, which provided the concept of " social activity matrices " as mediating structure between individual and social reproduction.
Another important source appears to have been Apuleius's The Golden Ass, one of the earliest known novels, a picaresque from late classical antiquity.

Another and invention
Another invention in the late Middle Ages was the use of Greek fire by the Byzantines, which was used to set enemy fleets on fire.
Another example of ecumenism is the invention of and growing usage of the Christian Flag, which was designed to represent all of Christendom.
Another hero of the Grail quest, Sir Galahad ( a 13th-century literary invention of monks from St. Bernard's Cistercian Order ) was depicted bearing a shield with the cross of Saint George, similar to the Templars ' insignia: this version presented the " Holy " Grail as a Christian relic.
Another story of the accidental invention of kipper is set in 1843, with John Woodger of Seahouses in Northumberland, when fish for processing was left overnight in a room with a smoking stove.
Another states that a 15th-century legend from Milan gives the invention to the nobleman falconer Ughetto Atellani, who loved Adalgisa, the daughter of a poor baker named Toni.
Another English engineer, Edwin Beard Budding, is also credited with the invention.
Another meaning of invention is cultural invention, which is an innovative set of useful social behaviors adopted by people and passed on to others.
Another Royal Navy invention was the use of a steam powered catapult to cater for the larger and heavier aircraft ( both systems were adopted by the US Navy ).
Another innovation of Murdoch's was his 1799 invention of a much simplified and more efficient steam wheel than those in use at the time.
Another major invention in Sketchpad was that it let the user easily constrain geometric properties in the drawing — for instance, the length of a line or the angle between two lines could be fixed.
Another invention was syringes equipped with a special bent nozzle, which enabled self-administration, thereby eliminating the embarrassment.
Another development was the invention of detectors which could cancel out the effect of mineralization in the ground.
Another crisis arises, however, when Thomas Bradford ( played by James Stephenson ), a wealthy businessman from Chicago, arrives to discuss financing of Ward's invention.
Another of Lao people's delectable invention is a spicy green Papaya salad dish known as tam mak hoong () or more famously known to the West as som tam
Another company, Delphi Communications of California, deserves some partial credit for invention of voice-mail.
Another invention is Simon, an electronic pattern-matching game that was immensely popular in the late 1970s and 1980s.
Another invention by Vuia was a steam generator with internal combustion that could generate very high pressure of more than 100 atm ( 10 MPa ) that is still used today in thermal power stations.
Another possible story of the " Stove god " is believed to have appeared soon after the invention of the brick stove.
Another reason Lippmann's process of colour photography did not succeed can be found in the invention of the autochrome plates by the brothers A. and L. Lumière.
Another object of the invention is to provide a simple mechanism, operated by a train approaching the crossing from either direction, for effecting a lowering of the crossing gate or gates before the train reaches the crossing, and likewise effecting an automatic raising of the gate or gates after the train has passed the crossing, the arrangement being such that after a train has passed the crossing, the parts of the mechanism will be automatically reset for subsequent operation.
Another but with much more wake evidence because none sure instruments and few documents remain is Gasparo Duiffopruggar of Füssen, Germany, who was also originally credited with invention of the first violin.
Another invention that Hammerstein created was a more efficient plumbing system for his sink when it had leaked one night.
Another invention of P-Orridge's at this time was his Ministry of Antisocial Insecurity ( MAI ), a parody of the governmental Ministry of Social Security.

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