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Another and innovation
Another major innovation in the Maastricht Treaty was the creation of a single currency for most EU members.
Another means for the spread of innovation was by the network of informal philosophical societies, like the Lunar Society of Birmingham, in which members met to discuss ' natural philosophy ' ( i. e. science ) and often its application to manufacturing.
Another innovation of Richard's, increased charges levied on widows who wished to remain single, was expanded under John.
Another innovation was the continuous dampening system first introduced by Dahlgren instead of the old method which is still used on older presses ( conventional dampening ), which are rollers covered with molleton ( cloth ) which absorbs the water.
Another innovation of the PA-RISC was the addition of vectorized instructions ( SIMD ) in the form of MAX, which were first introduced on the PA-7100LC.
Another innovation rapidly growing in popularity is the skirted trailer.
Another innovation that appeared at roughly the same time as the field show and marching in formations was the fight song.
Another Celtic innovation was the free-hanging axle, suspended from the platform with rope.
Another innovation was the plan's development of a ' mini-school system ,' in which classrooms for the island's public intermediate school were distributed among all the residential buildings in a campus-like fashion ( as opposed to being centralized in one large building ).
Another innovation of Murdoch's was his 1799 invention of a much simplified and more efficient steam wheel than those in use at the time.
Another Basie innovation was the use of two tenor saxophone players ; at the time, most bands had just one.
Another US Open innovation came in 1975 when floodlights enabled night play for the first time.
Another variety is a neck with two holes bored 3 / 4 of the way through, parallel to the fretboard and close to the headstock ( an innovation said to color the instrument's tone ).
Another innovation to the yo-yo is the ability to adjust the gap between the two halves of the yo-yo, in order to increase or decrease response.
Another source of innovation, only now becoming widely recognized, is end-user innovation.
Another innovation was Ogilby's scale of one inch to the mile ( 1 / 63360 ).
Another innovation was the use of ship catalogs and classifications.
Another innovation was the attempt to collect a relief, much like the relief due from vassals at the death of an overlord, from the under-tenants of church lands when the church office changed hands.
Another innovation was a hydraulic press which used water pressure to force tight-fitting machine parts together.
Another new innovation was the " Flip-Fold " center console, in which on bench seat-equipped cars, the middle section could be transformed into a console ; the seat cushion folded out into a console with a lockable storage bin and cupholders, while the seatback folded down to become an armrest.
Another landmark application of scientific ideas to practical uses was the innovation of the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright.
Another innovation in technology for the restaurant industry is Wireless POS.
Another architectural innovation originated in Bagan is the Buddhist temple with a pentagonal floor plan.

Another and August
Another episode of political violence occurred in August 1792.
Another version of the song was recorded by Chris Kline in August 2005.
Another August 2006 poll by CNN showed that 69 % of the 1, 047 Americans polled believed that Hezbollah is unfriendly towards, or an enemy of, the United States.
Another historical subject, The Abdication of Mary, Queen of Scots, sold for ₤ 115, 250 at Sotheby's Gleneagles sale on 26 August 2008.
" Another emphasis on the musicality of the poem came in August 1834, with Henry Nelson Coleridge analysis in the Quarterly Review: " In some of the smaller pieces, as the conclusion of the ' Kubla Khan ', for example, not only the lines by themselves are musical, but the whole passage sounds all at once as an outburst or crash of harps in the still air of autumn.
Wall has also alluded to his faith when he has spoken at conferences, including a rather straightforward statement of his beliefs at the August, 1997 Perl Conference and a discussion of Pilgrim's Progress at the YAPC ( Yet Another Perl Conference ) in June, 2000.
Another revolver patent was issued to Samuel Colt on August 29, 1839.
Another debate was created by Mike Hihn's claim that the term libertarianism has been used by anarchists longer than by minarchists .< Ref > Mike Hihn, " The Dallas Accord, Minarchists, and why our members sign a pledge ", Washington State Libertarian Party, August 2009 .</ ref > A related internal discussion concerns the philosophical divide over whether the Party should aim to be mainstream and pragmatic, or whether it should focus on being consistent and principled.
Another nine hunger strikers ( members of both the IRA and the INLA ) died by the end of August before the hunger strike was called off in October.
Another juvenile female was captured near Malibu on August 12, 2009, introduced to the Outer Bay exhibit on August 26, 2009, and was successfully released into the wild on November 4, 2009.
* Another message of 3 August 2005, on the various combinations of ditransitive / monotransitive alignment and monotransitive / intransitive alignment actually attested in natural languages
Another shock came in the form of the Sharon Tate and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca murders committed in August 1969 by Charles Manson and his " family " of followers.
Another siege followed at Namur, lasting from about 20 – 23 August.
Another untold Crisis-related story by Wolfman was published in August 2011 as part of the DC Retroactive series.
* Another article on same topic ( August 2008 ) Translated version
Another boat, the Bluejacket, was used in the opening credits shown during the second and third seasons and eventually turned up for sale on Vancouver Island in August 2006, after running aground on a reef in the Hecate Strait on the way south from Alaska.
Another Catholic man who fell victim to the gang was Cornelius Neeson ( 49 ), attacked with a hatchet by Moore and McAllister on the Cliftonville Road late on 1 August 1976.
Another airline, Virgin America, began flying out of San Francisco International Airport in August 2007.
Another annual tradition is NoWoodStock, held the second weekend of August.
Another son, Samuel Atkins Eliot II ( August 24, 1862-October 15, 1950 ) was a Unitarian minister who became the first and longest-serving president of the American Unitarian Association ( 1900 – 1927 ).
* August 8 – Bob Dylan releases his fourth album, Another Side of Bob Dylan.
* Another 13 people ( ten passengers, three crew ) were killed on 31 August of that year, when their aircraft, a C-47 registered OO-UBL, crashed near Elizabethville on a flight from Manono, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Another help was the cure of the near-dying Venerable Pauline Jaricot, founder of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, at Philomena's shrine on 10 August 1835.

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