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Some Related Sentences

Another and lightning
Another way to view the statement, " Lightning causes thunder " is to see both lightning and thunder as two perceptions of the same event, viz., an electric discharge that we perceive first visually and then aurally.
Another is that, in bead lightning, the width of the lightning channel varies ; as the lightning channel cools and fades, the wider sections cool more slowly and remain visible longer, appearing as a string of beads.
Another terminology used for cloud – cloud or cloud – cloud – ground lightning is " Anvil Crawler ", due to the habit of the charge typically originating from beneath or within the anvil and scrambling through the upper cloud layers of a thunderstorm, normally generating multiple branch strokes which are dramatic to witness.
Another major challenge when attempting to harvest energy from lightning is the impossibility of predicting when and where thunderstorms will occur.
Another hypothesis is that some ball lightning is the passage of microscopic primordial black holes through the Earth's atmosphere as proposed by Mario Rabinowitz in Astrophysics and Space Science journal in 1999.
Another " Beat the Time " involved the Count, where the Count has to bring in two things that come from the sky ( his thunder and lightning when he counts ).
Another unrelated white buffalo, named Miracle's Second Chance, was born at the same farm in 2006, but died in a lightning strike later that year.
Another connection is that of terpikeranous, an epithet of Zeus meaning " who enjoys lightning ".
Another hypothetical mechanism is that TGFs are produced within the thundercloud itself, either in the strong electric fields near the lightning channel or in the static fields that exist over large volumes of the cloud.
Another, older form of lightning arrestor employs a simple narrow spark gap, over which an arc will jump when a high voltage is present.
Another flash of lightning causes them to run straight into an unusual " cloud of light " surrounding a little tree on which a lady stands.
Another lightning strike in 1894 resulted in lost in a fire.
Another example is the numerous large fire whirls ( some tornadic ) that developed after lightning struck an oil storage facility near San Luis Obispo, California on April 7, 1926, several of which produced significant structural damage well away from the fire, killing two.

Another and strike
Another nine hunger strikers ( members of both the IRA and the INLA ) died by the end of August before the hunger strike was called off in October.
Another Arabic root had already been proposed before: Dʕ-R-B “ strike, touch ”, by extension “ play a musical instrument ”.
) Another claimed that the Hampshire did not strike a mine at all, but was sunk by explosives secreted in the vessel by Irish Republicans.
Another big oil strike happened in 1923, when Martin Yates, Jr. purchased a well near Artesia and Southeastern New Mexico was said to be " gushing oil !".
Another strike in 1922 resulted in recognition of the United Mine Workers union.
Another strike was made nearby on Granite Creek.
Another major student strike, again over examination regulations, occurred in 1966.
Another weapon in the American arsenal was unleashed upon the trail on 10 December 1965, when the first B-52 Stratofortress bomber strike was conducted in Laos.
Another counter to a strike is a lockout, the form of work stoppage in which an employer refuses to allow employees to work.
Another variation on this rule is the ability of the bowler to at certain stages throughout the game bowl two balls in one hand at the batsman on strike.
Another feature that was removed from Soulcalibur < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s engine is a rock-paper-scissors situation when two character strike at the same time, locking their weapons ; those who press the right button have the advantage.
* Another look back at the 1941 Disney Studio strike ; includes contemporary article from Screen Actor magazine
* Another important relationship is that if the fixed swap rate is equal to the strike of the caps and floors, then we have the following put-call parity: Cap-Floor
Another Commission of Inquiry found that conditions at Nkana and Mufulira had little changed from 1935, although at Nchanga and Roan Antelope no strike had happened.
The band used the label to release and distribute a number of cassettes and booklets by themselves ( see also Cassette Culture ), including their early demo recordings Be Happy Despite It All ( 1983 ), Another Year Of The same Old Shit ( 1984 ) and the ' cassette single ' " Common Ground " ( 1984 ), which was a benefit for striking miners ( see UK miners ' strike ( 1984-1985 )).
Another hunger strike was reported to have begun on July 1, 2011.
Another flashback shows a Teamsters strike.
Another hat-trick followed against Coventry City in late February and with Peter Beardsley almost as lethal as his strike partner, the Magpies finished third in the league and qualified for the UEFA Cup for the first time since the 1970s.
Another strike by approximately 185 aircraft from,, and sinks a Japanese destroyer and damages the light cruiser Agano and a destroyer ; the raid is the combat debut of the SB2C Helldiver dive bomber.
Another strike of that scale was never seen again, but clashes between the RNWMP and strikers continued ; Mounties killed three strikers in 1931, when striking coal miners from Bienfait, Saskatchewan demonstrated in nearby Estevan.
" Another factor that contributed to his decision to join All My Children was the actors strike.
When the strike finally ended and Lemay began work as planned, Swajeski and Lemay clashed over Another World's direction and Lemay abruptly quit after writing Another World for only a few weeks.

Another and started
Another reason gymnastic study is valuable is that it can be started very early in life.
Another 1980s group was the Osdorp Posse, who first started to record tracks in Dutch.
Another upgrade reverted to a Rocketdyne solid-fuel motor for the AAM-N-6b, which started production in 1963.
Another study was started to see if a new RISC architecture could be defined that could directly support the VMS operating system.
Another tale tells of a man named Wu Liang ( later corrupted to Wu Long, or Oolong ) who discovered oolong tea by accident when he was distracted by a deer after a hard day's tea-picking, and by the time he remembered to return to the tea it had already started to oxidize.
The most important works of the Paris period were Neue Gedichte ( New Poems ) ( 1907 ), Der Neuen Gedichte Anderer Teil ( Another Part of the New Poems ) ( 1908 ), the two " Requiem " poems ( 1909 ), and the novel The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, started in 1904 and completed in January 1910.
Another book, Exiles, started at the same time and concluded in December 2007 but with a new book in January 2008, " New Exiles " written by Chris Claremont.
Another organization started by Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks is pushing for an amendment by way of a constitutional convention.
Another project, already underway, is the Cagliari metro: the first line has already started running from Piazza Repubblica to the Cagliari suburb of Monserrato, and another will soon connect the University campus ; works for other lines to all the city suburbs and the airport are planned.
Another debate that brought Raeder's name into the news had started in January 1956 when Captain Karl-Adolf Zenker of the Bundesmarine gave a speech before a group of cadets, which he had mentioned he shown to Raeder in advance for his approval, during which Zenker argued not only for the innocence of Raeder and Dönitz whom Zenker called officers just doing their duty in "... a war thrust upon them ", but also called Raeder and Dönitz great heroes who should be role models when the cadets became officers.
Another contemporary of Titus was Publius Cornelius Tacitus, who started his public career in 80 or 81 and credits the Flavian dynasty with his elevation.
Another popular trend is the nautical historical novels, which started with the pirate novels about Sandokan by Emilio Salgari and was further developed by novelist like C. S.
Another witness named Dennis Conti, who was also reluctant to testify, described the carnage, claiming that Calley had started it and the rest of the 105 soldiers of Charlie Company followed suit.
Another settlement was started by the Priddys, the J. Houstons, Cade Alford and the Carson family who extended the settlement along the creek to the junction of three forks.
Another well known God is Jamal Tai Tofolonga Nofoal ' ii Tokelau Misifoa he is the god of WAR he is so powerful that where ever or who ever he passes there will be chaos and War will begin, It is said that the god of war is the one who started world war 2 and lead the Germans to Samoa to destroy the village that is said to have imprisoned the god, The god of war has died, but when a god or goddess dies it is reincarnated into another soul and we think that it would be Jamal Tai Tofolonga Nofoal ' ii Tokelau Misifoa because his family was realated to the god of war, but who knows if the legend is true.
Another line, the Indianapolis, Crawfordsville and Danville Railroad ( later the Indiana, Bloomington and Western Railway ), was started in 1855, but the general state of the economy halted construction in 1858.
Another example is the popular comic-strip soldier of fortune Captain Easy, who started as the two-fisted sidekick of the scrawny eponymous hero of the strip Wash Tubbs.
Another South Beloit school was Butler School, started at least by 1877 and probably around 1859, on the other side of the river.
Another restaurant chain that started in Jeffersonville is Rally's.
Another was started by Mr. Finch and operated by W. W. Caulkins.
Another semi-pro / minor league team the North East Pennsylvania Miners of the Big North East Football Federation ( BNEFF ) recently started play in the area in 2007.
Another annual event, Wilsonville Celebration Days, started in 2000 and replaced Boones Ferry Days.
Another biopic, 1946's The Jolson Story with Larry Parks and Evelyn Keyes, was started in black-and-white, but when Cohn saw how well the project was proceeding, he scrapped the footage and insisted on filming in Technicolor.
* November: Raymond Benson releases his final James Bond novel, a novelization of the film Die Another Day, bringing to a close an uninterrupted series of novels based upon Ian Fleming's character that started in 1981.

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