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Another and notable
Another notable script is Elder Futhark, which is believed to have evolved out of one of the Old Italic alphabets.
Another notable measure is the use of a body double, a person who looks like the leader and who pretends to be the leader to draw attention away from the intended target.
Another notable book on the subject is Willy Ley's Exotic Zoology ( 1959 ).
Another notable park, SunWatch Indian Village / Archaeological Park is located on the south end of Dayton.
Another notable honorable mention was given to the two men who attempted to burgle the home of footballer Duncan Ferguson ( who had four convictions for assault and had served six months in Glasgow's Barlinnie prison ) in 2001, with one burglar requiring three days ' hospitalization after being confronted by the player.
Another notable building dating from around this time, the Clockhouse belfy or Clock Tower, built between 1403 and 1412, seems to have been intended both as a visible and audible statement of the town's continuing civic ambitions against the power of the Abbot.
Another notable ( and defiant ) phrase in the speech was also spoken in German, " Lass ' sie nach Berlin kommen " (" Let them come to Berlin ")-- addressed at those who claimed " we can work with the Communists ", a remark which Nikita Khrushchev scoffed at only days later.
Another notable retrospective praise came in 2003 from the British magazine, NME, which rated Forever Changes No. 6 on their list of greatest albums of all time.
Another notable wrist spinner is Michael Bevan from Australia, who was known for his speed and bounce.
Another notable modified base is hypoxanthine, a deaminated adenine base whose nucleoside is called inosine ( I ).
Another notable softsynth is the TS-404 synthesizer found bundled with FL Studio.
Another of Loyd's notable puzzles was the " Trick Donkeys ".
Another notable change is that in the latter half of the novel events were specified as taking place around Dorian Gray's 32nd birthday, on 7 November.
Another notable feature of the system was its approach to combat: a table outlined the effectiveness of the attacker's superpower ( for example, an energy blast ) against all of the defender's powers, reflecting in theory the interplay of attack and defense powers.
Another notable hardware change is a color screen which can display album art.
Another notable antecedent was put forth by the philosopher John Stuart Mill with his harm principle in the 19th century.
Another notable reference is in the third X-Men film, when asked by Callisto: " If you're so proud of being a mutant, then where's your mark?
Another notable composer from this period was Emilio Arrieta.
Another form of market socialism was promoted by critics of central planning and general equilibrium theory, the most notable economists being Alec Nove and Janos Kornai.
Another notable feature of Bdellovibrio is the sheath that covers its flagellum.
Another notable peak is the Kehlstein mountain ( 1835 m ) with its Kehlsteinhaus ( Eagle's Nest ), which offers spectacular views to its visitors.
Another notable track from Jazz, " Don't Stop Me Now ", provides another example of the band's exuberant vocal harmonies.
Another notable film in this period was the short rock music performance film Three Directions In Australian Pop Music ( 1972 ), which featured in-concert colour footage of three of the most significant Melbourne rock acts of the period, Spectrum, The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band and Wendy Saddington.
Another notable collection is the collaboration with the National Palace Museum of Taiwan, a collection of various kitchenware products with Asian themes.

Another and title
Blue Remembered Hills, a television play by Dennis Potter, takes its title from " Into My Heart an Air That Kills " from A Shropshire Lad, the cycle also providing the name for the James Bond film Die Another Day: " But since the man that runs away / Lives to die another day ".
Another book using that same title, the " Gospel of Barnabas ", survives in two post-medieval manuscripts in Italian and Spanish.
Another example is an episode of The Simpsons entitled " Homer at the Bat " which takes its title from the poem.
Another alternative title for the Demiurge, “ Saklas ,” is Aramaic for “ fool ” ( Syriac sækla “ the foolish one ”).
Another title used by this dynasty was " Itegue Zetopia ".
Another common Islamic title for the end of the world is al-sā ' ah, or " the Hour ".
Another playoff berth would follow in 1991, and the club's first division title came in 1991.
In addition, many albums have been named with allusions to proverbs, such as Spilt milk ( a title used by Jellyfish and also Kristina Train ), The more things change by Machine Head, Silk purse by Linda Rondstadt, Another day, another dollar by DJ Scream Roccett, The blind leading the naked by Vicious Femmes, What's good for the goose is good for the gander by Bobby Rush, Resistance is Futile by Steve Coleman.
Another criticism of the software library was that most titles consisted of " shovelware ", in which a developer takes an existing title and adds minor new content ( usually a CD audio soundtrack, or video sequences ) while not expanding the original game itself.
Another title is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Ura, intended to be an upgraded remake of Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64DD.
Another well-known song, recorded by Nina Simone, Judy Collins and Marc Almond, is " Pirate Jenny ", which was also recorded by Steeleye Span under the alternative title " The Black Freighter ".
The group had top 10 hits in the 1960s with " I'll Never Find Another You ", " A World of Our Own ", " Morningtown Ride ", " The Carnival Is Over " ( Russian folk song which the Seekers have sung at various closing ceremonies in Australia, including World Expo 88 and the Paralympics and still stands as the 30th best selling song in the United Kingdom ), " Someday One Day ", and " Georgy Girl " ( the title song of the film of the same name ).
* Die Another Day ( title sequence only )
Another key member of the SAMS staff was Mrs. Candace Hamm whose service to the school in 1988 – 2012 earned her the title of " godmother of SAMS ".
Another sequel was also released only in Japan for the Nintendo GameCube in 2004, entitled Kururin Squash !, which became the only title of the series to feature 3D computer graphics, as well as to appear on a home console.
Another title for Satan, not as common today but apparently so in approximately 30 A. D. by the Pharisees of the day, was the title Prince of the Devils.
Another of Marsden's personas was Bea Clissold, Lady Counterblast, who starred in a series of sketches in the first series under the title The Clissold Saga, and who invariably managed to introduce her " many, many times " sexual innuendo.
Another variation asks players to write the first line of a novel using the title and the blurb read out from the back of the book as clues.
Another non-federal state, Newfoundland, was a Dominion for 16 years with the King's representative retaining the title of Governor throughout this time.
In the 2002 film Die Another Day, John Cleese's character is the head of Q branch, having inherited the title of quartermaster from his predecessor.
Another can be found in Warren Ellis ' graphic novel Crécy or in Bernard Cornwell's fictional account of an archer in the Hundred Years ' War, The Archer's Tale ( US title ) or Harlequin ( UK title ).
Another highly authoritative position appeared when King Narmacil I granted to his nephew Minalcar " the new office and title of Carma-cundo " Helm-guardian ", that is in terms of Gondor Crown-lieutenant or Regent.

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