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Another and works
Bede dedicated this work to Cuthbert, apparently a student, for he is named " beloved son " in the dedication, and Bede says " I have laboured to educate you in divine letters and ecclesiastical statutes " Another textbook of Bede's is the De orthographia, a work on orthography, designed to help a medieval reader of Latin with unfamiliar abbreviations and words from classical Latin works.
Another of his most important works was the marble and bronze Fountain of Neptune ( Fontana del Nettuno ) for the Piazza della Signoria.
Another American writer in a similar vein was Thorne Smith, whose works ( such as Topper and The Night Life of the Gods ) were popular and influential, and often adapted for film and television.
( Another pseudonym, one Moore often employed for works that involved little or no collaboration, was " Lawrence O ’ Donnell ".
Another important performer in this period, Bertram Turetzky, commissioned and premiered more than 300 double bass works.
Another element supporting this fact is that Paris has the highest density of cinemas in the world, measured by the number of movie theaters per inhabitant, and that in most " downtown Paris " movie theaters, foreign movies which would be secluded to " art houses " cinemas in other places are shown alongside " mainstream " works.
Another Russian realist classic, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, incorporated gothic elements in many of his works, although none of his novels are seen as purely gothic.
Another limitation of current U. S. Intellectual Property legislation is its focus on individual and joint works ; thus, copyright protection can only be obtained in ' original ' works of authorship.
Another example of the textual arguments against the Testimonium is that it uses the Greek term poietes to mean " doer " ( as part of the phrase " doer of wonderful works ") but elsewhere in his works, Josephus only uses the term poietes to mean " poet ," whereas this use of " poietes " seems consistent with the Greek of Eusebius.
Another pioneer of collage was Joseph Cornell, whose more intimately scaled works were seen as radical because of both his personal iconography and his use of found objects.
Another genre consists of experimental works that attempt to push the boundaries of game engines.
Another literary source from the period is Gian Paolo Lomazzo, who produced two works — one practical and one metaphysical — that helped define the Mannerist artist's self-conscious relation to his art.
Another major industrial center is located in the west, in the neighborhood of Chrzanów ( chiefly the production of railway engines ) and Oświęcim ( chemical works ).
Another facet of Nomic is the way in which the implementation of the rules affects the way the game of Nomic itself works.
Another is finding cryptic allusions to Oxford's supposed play writing in other literary works of the era that to them suggest that his authorship was obvious to those " in the know ".
The most important works of the Paris period were Neue Gedichte ( New Poems ) ( 1907 ), Der Neuen Gedichte Anderer Teil ( Another Part of the New Poems ) ( 1908 ), the two " Requiem " poems ( 1909 ), and the novel The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, started in 1904 and completed in January 1910.
Another story regarding the Grand Hotel can be used to show that mathematical induction only works from an induction basis.
Another beam-pushed concept uses ordinary matter and works in vacuum.
Another major theme in Pinker's theories is that human cognition works, in part, by combinatorial symbol-manipulation, not just associations among sensory features, as in many connectionist models.
Another of Leonardo's compositional inventions, the pyramidal Holy Family, was repeated in a series of works that remain among his most famous easel paintings.
Another project, already underway, is the Cagliari metro: the first line has already started running from Piazza Repubblica to the Cagliari suburb of Monserrato, and another will soon connect the University campus ; works for other lines to all the city suburbs and the airport are planned.
* Another View – works experimenting with form and content, or those revealing an uncommon creative approach.

Another and extremely
Another office not officially a step in the cursus honorum was the princeps senatus, an extremely prestigious office for a patrician.
Another development is the availability of electron accelerators with extremely high power output, up to 1, 000 kW beam.
Another explanation for the Eastern European adoption of SECAM, led by the Soviet Union, is that the Russians had extremely long distribution lines between broadcasting stations and transmitters.
Another weakness of the VEI is that it does not take into account the power output of an eruption, which makes it extremely difficult to determine with prehistoric or unobserved eruptions.
Another central design philosophy is support for extremely high quality of service ( QoS ), even within a single operating system instance, although z / OS has built-in support for Parallel Sysplex clustering.
Another famous quote is " A week is a long time in politics ": this signifies that political fortunes can change extremely rapidly.
Another sample of Sudanese Dinka had a stature / weight ratio of 181. 9 cm / 58. 0 kg ( 71. 6 "/ 127. 9 lbs ), with an extremely ectomorphic somatotype of 1. 6-3. 5-6. 2.
Another weakness is highlighted by sociologists, who argue that Homo economicus ignores an extremely important question, i. e., the origins of tastes and the parameters of the utility function by social influences, training, education, and the like.
Another consequence of this name is that she was seen as a herald of imminent birth, as when the amniotic sac breaks and floods its waters, it is a medical indicator that the child is due to be born extremely soon.
Another disease, dopamine beta hydroxylase deficiency, also thought to be underdiagnosed, causes loss of sympathetic noradrenergic function and is characterized by a low or extremely low levels of norepinephrine, but an excess of dopamine.
) Another cause of marital tension ( and later political tension ) was his capriciousness ; he could rage against someone one day, and be extremely polite the next.
Another extraordinary usage of siege-mining in the ancient Greece, where during Philip V of Macedon's siege of the little town of Prinassos, according to Polybius, " the ground around the town were extremely rocky and hard, making any siege-mining virtually impossible.
Another technique developed by the BBC known as ' spot wobble ' involved the addition of an extremely high frequency but low voltage sine wave to the vertical deflection plate of the television screen, which changed the moving ' spot ' through which the television picture was displayed into an elongated oval.
Another theory holds that the 1918 virus mutated extremely rapidly to a less lethal strain.
Another sub-genre of Miami bass is car audio bass, which features an even more stripped down and bass heavy sound, tending to focus on either extremely hard 909 kicks combined with sine waves or the classic 808 kick, or sometimes simply the sine wave by itself.
Another incident happened at the same time that caused public feeling to become extremely hostile towards Schreiner.
Another feature was the non-linear game play, and extremely large game world that could be explored at will, rather than according to how the game expected.
Another blinding scheme is used in B meson analyses in experiments like BaBar and CDF ; here, the crucial experimental parameter is a correlation between certain particle energies and decay times — which require an extremely complex and painstaking analysis — and particle charge signs, which are fairly trivial to measure.
Another successful franchise is Winning Eleven, the spiritual sequel to International Superstar Soccer, which is extremely popular in Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Europe, where it is sold by the name Pro Evolution Soccer.
Another oddly obscure album this three-man team recorded was the extremely rare and risque Snatch & The Poontangs ( rated X due to its explicit lyrical content ), on which Otis recorded tracks under the pseudonym " Prince Wunnerful ".
Another dramatic effect of relativity is that the radiation pattern is distorted from the isotropic dipole pattern expected from non-relativistic theory into an extremely forward-pointing cone of radiation.
Another undescribed prehistoric species from the Big Island of Hawai ‘ i was extremely large and flightless ; it is tentatively assigned to this genus due to being very peculiar.
Another industry quickly changing the face of Barnaul's downtown area is the restaurant industry: while choices had been extremely limited until recently, a growing number of establishments catering to people of differing income levels are becoming more common, coinciding with the upturn in the region's economy.
Another complication is that many of the higher polymers are formed extremely slowly, such that equilibrium may not be attained even in months, leading to possible errors in the equilibrium constants and the predominance diagram.

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