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Another and four
Another major childhood influence was Heigo Kurosawa, Akira's older brother by four years.
Another similarity is that many apicomplexan cells contain a single plastid, called the apicoplast, surrounded by either 3 or four membranes.
Another compounding issue were the varying accents of the four lead actors: Chow Yun Fat is from Hong Kong and spoke Cantonese natively and Michelle Yeoh is from Malaysia and spoke English.
Another notable honorable mention was given to the two men who attempted to burgle the home of footballer Duncan Ferguson ( who had four convictions for assault and had served six months in Glasgow's Barlinnie prison ) in 2001, with one burglar requiring three days ' hospitalization after being confronted by the player.
" Another quote from her: " I had a size four and a half foot, so I modeled the slippers in an artist's short smock.
Another way is through a change of possession play, when the offensive team, having surmised the unlikelihood of scoring or achieving a first down within four attempts, kicks the ball away in what is known as a punt.
" Another joke puts a question concerning the definition of blunderbuss to " the four wise clerks of Oxenford " ( a reference to Chaucer's Clerk ; Tolkien had worked for Henry Bradley, one of the four main editors of the Oxford English Dictionary ):
* " Gloom, Despair and Agony On Me ": Another popular sketch usually performed by four male cast members ( originally and usually Roy Clark ; Gordie Tapp ; Grandpa Jones and Archie Campbell ) sitting around in hillbilly garb surrounded by moonshine jugs and looking overtly miserable.
Another German diplomatic historian, Wolfgang Michalka argued that there was a fourth alternative Nazi foreign policy programme, and that was Ribbentrop's concept of a Euro-Asiatic bloc comprising the four totalitarian states of Germany, the Soviet Union, Italy and Japan.
Another co-star was Brenda Joyce, who played Jane in Weissmuller's last four Tarzan movies.
Another convention used by networking equipment uses three groups of four hexadecimal digits separated by dots (< tt >.</ tt >) ( e. g.
Another example of what might be considered by some to be excessive issues is that, at the time of the millennium, the United Kingdom issued 96 different stamps over about 24 months, all for pre-existing values with the same four rates for each set.
Another reference is provided by Thomas Gale, Dean of York ( c. 1635 – 1702 ), but this comes nearly four hundred years after the events it describes:
Another important antecedent to spacetime was the work of James Clerk Maxwell as he used partial differential equations to develop electrodynamics with the four parameters.
Another synonyms clarification for Sinhala is siw ( four ) Hela ( Pristine ).
Another indoor sport, basketball, was catching on in the area, having been invented just ten miles ( sixteen kilometers ) away in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts, only four years before.
Another direct approach is the isolation of the virus and its growth in cell culture using blood plasma ; this can take one to four weeks.
Another marching band tradition features four sousaphone players performing the dance routine to " Long Train Runnin '" at every post game performance by The Ohio University Marching 110.
At the end of his four years there were 10 branches, 5 minor branches, called ‘ reading rooms ,’ and 56 deposit stations … the library grew from a total of 610, 375 volumes at the close of 1894 to 716, 050 at the close of 1898 .” Another contribution made by Putnam towards the Boston Public Library was the addition of a room devoted to juveniles, “ believed to have been the first room wholly devoted to the service of children in any of the larger libraries of the country .”
Another treaty with King Eric II of Norway was hammered out, in which for the sum of 50, 000 groats he would supply 100 ships for four months of the year, so long as hostilities between France and England continued.
Another daughter, Margaret Rose, was born four years later.
Another method to playing chords is to play with four mallets.
Another vehicle then drove down the road, carrying four people.
Another strong season was 1997, when he went 19 – 7, compiled a 2. 57 ERA, made the All-Star team again, threw a career-high 255-2 / 3 innings, and pitched four shutouts.

Another and is
Another element to concern the choreographer is that of the visual devices of the theatre.
Another, more interesting explanation, is hinted at by Watson when he observes on several occasions that Holmes would have made a magnificent criminal.
Another beautiful building is the Propylaea, the entrance gate of the Acropolis.
Another recent achievement was the successful development of a method for the complete combustion in a bomb calorimeter of a metal in fluorine when the product is relatively non-volatile.
Another effect discovered is the large coefficient of thermal diffusion tending to separate nitrogen from the oxygen when temperature differences straddling the nitrogen dissociation region are present.
Another example is the recent cancellation of the F-108, a long-range interceptor with a speed three times as great as the speed of sound, which was designed for use against manned bombers in the period of the mid-1960's.
Another growth factor is increased consumer demand for better quality and larger quantities of fabrics that go with a rising standard of living.
Another thing that must be taken into consideration is the volume of the area between the top of the piston and the top of the cylinder block when the piston is in top dead center position.
Another boy's model is the
Another scenic spot in Tennessee is Chattanooga where the Rock City Gardens are not to be missed.
Another spot with an image-provoking name is the Black Hills where you can visit the old frontier mining town of Deadwood.
Another method of assuring a clean hole is to first drill a small pilot hole all the way through, then drill half way with the dimensional bit, turn the piece over, and finish from the other side.
Another reason gymnastic study is valuable is that it can be started very early in life.
Another factor that may hold hope is for parallel recognition is, as one man says it: `` that the fad for educating top people along managerial lines is yielding to the technically trained approach ''.
Another stock vaudeville gag ran: `` Mother is home sick in bed with the doctor ''.
Another specimen of such double-entendre is illustrated by a woman in a department store.
Another anode holder used in the experiments is shown in figure 3.
Another important source of evidence only recently receiving much attention is the analysis of atmospheric dust for a meteoritic component.
Another approach is to estimate from the rate of growth and the smallest size at maturity.
Another marked difference is noted here.
Another great danger is that the emerging middle class will feel itself increasingly alienated from the political leaders who still justify their dominance by reference to the struggle for independence or the early phase of nationalism.

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