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Another and show's
Another 20 actresses were auditioned before the show's casting director suggested that producers Brian Clemens and Albert Fennell check out a televised drama featuring the relatively unknown Rigg.
Another one of the show's Directors, Garry Dunstan, died after suffering a heart attack whilst out cycling on 22 October 2005.
Another episode included an April Fools ' prank played on Tom Bergeron in the show's fifth season, featuring E. E. Bell as an obnoxious contestant who kept pushing his overly emotional opponent until she broke down in tears, in addition to testing Bergeron's patience.
Another rule established by the show's writers mandated Bob's return to prison at the end of each episode, although this pattern was abandoned in later episodes like " The Great Louse Detective " and " The Italian Bob ".
Another example is the episode " Meet Binky ", in which Arthur learns that his favorite band Binky is composed of holograms and that their music is actually recorded by two older, unattractive individuals ; a reference to the Milli Vanilli scandal, something which the show's intended audience may be unfamiliar with.
* Another Dragnet trademark is the show's opening narration: " Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true.
* May 4 – Steve Frame ( George Reinholt ) marries Alice Matthews ( Jacqueline Courtney ) for the second time on a special hour-long broadcast of Another World, coinciding with the show's tenth anniversary.
Another bold move in the show's final months saw Number 96 feature what was publicised as Australian television's first full frontal nude scene when new character Miss Hemingway ( Deborah Gray ) made the first of several unveilings in April 1977.
Another of the show's highlights occurred in the late 1980s when the satire / parody / improv hard rock trio Spinal Tap came in for a visit.
Another of the show's recurring gags was the " Cone of Silence ", an idea from Henry ( though preceded by the syndicated TV show Science Fiction Theatre in an episode titled Barrier of Silence written by Lou Huston and first airing September 3, 1955, 10 years ahead of the NBC comedy ).
Another defining feature of the show was a series of real-world pranks, which tied in with the show's theme.
Another interesting thing about this radio show's introductions was Dr. Watson's anecdotes and comments about his dogs usually referred to as the " Puppies ".
Another of the show's most famous sketches parodied Canadian literary icon Anne of Green Gables ; instead of Prince Edward Island, Anne lived in a dreary Newfoundland fishing outport called Green Gut.
Another type of crossover occurred in a 2010 episode of the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly ; the episode " iStart a Fan War " featured recurring characters from two Nickelodeon series: Drake & Josh characters Eric Blonowitz, Craig Ramirez and Gavin Mitchell ( played by Scott Halberstadt, Alec Medlock and series staff writer Jake Farrow, respectively ) and Zoey 101 character Stacey Dillsen ( played by Abby Wilde ); this was possible because all three series were created by the same producer, Dan Schneider ( although Drake & Josh and Zoey 101 both ended their runs within a year of iCarly < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s 2007 debut ); this episode however retcons the episode " iGet Pranky " ( both episodes aired during the show's fourth season ) that establishes that Drake & Josh exists as a television series in the iCarly universe.
Another aspect of the transformations that added to the show's camp factor involved Dr. Chase's clothing during a transformation: He was depicted generally wearing a three-piece suit and tie, and the viewer would see it rip off of him as he shape-shifted into an animal, though once the transformation was complete there would be no sign of his discarded clothing.
Another problem the show's producers had to contend with was the fact that at the beginning of the filming schedule of The Flying Nun's third ( and final ) season, Sally Field was noticeably pregnant with her first child.
Stuart is most known for her role as Donna Love Hudson on Another World, which she played from January 1983 to November 1986 and from February 1989 to the show's final episode in June 1999.
After the show's cancellation, Stuart, along with several other cast members played their characters on the soap opera As the World Turns in an attempt to lure fans of Another World to watch the other soap ( also a Procter & Gamble soap ).
Was found among finale screenshots depicting the show's finale at a now-defunct official website for actor Mark Mortimer, who appeared on Another World as Nick Hudson.
After short stints on The Edge of Night and Our Five Daughters, Courtney became famous for her role as Alice Matthews Frame on Another World ; she played the role from the show's debut in May 1964 until July 1975.
Another element that was being built was the issue of why no one remembers the invasion of ’ 53 ( something that is the centre of the show's criticism ).
Another show, Brainiac: Science Abuse, claimed to have performed an experiment using 22. 275 Hz ( according to the show's producers used by Japan's police and tested by the French military ).
Similarly, Total Films Nathan Ditum ranked Gibson's performance as the seventh best guest appearance in the show's history in a list of twenty people, calling it " Another ace self-effacing appearance from a Hollywood high-flyer ".
* Another running gag was directed at the show's producer, Will MacDonald ( aka Wicked Will, of MTV's Most Wanted fame ), where everyone in the bar would point their fingers, begin to swivel them and chant ' Wiiillll ' very creepily

Another and signature
Another of her signature issues were those relating to the health and well being of women.
Another type of application in public-key cryptography is that of digital signature schemes.
Another important official is the Clerk, whose signature is appended to all orders made in the Council.
He wrote Tompall Glaser's highest-charting solo single " Put Another Log on the Fire ", " One's on the Way " ( a hit for Loretta Lynn ), " The Unicorn " ( which became the signature piece for the Irish Rovers in 1968 ) and " 25 Minutes to Go ", sung by Johnny Cash, about a man on Death Row with each line counting down one minute closer.
Another signature dish in Puebla is the “ cemita ,” which is a type of well-stuffed sandwich on a bun.
Another Palembang signature dishes are tekwan, model, mie celor, laksan and lakso, and also pindang patin ( pangasius in sweet and sour soup ).
Another signature 45 Grave track, " Evil ," was featured on MTV, and band members appeared as extras in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner.
Williams ' later leads on Temptations songs include, " Just Another Lonely Night " ( 1965 ), " No More Water in the Well " ( 1967 ), a cover version of " Hey Girl " ( 1969 ), and his signature song " Don't Look Back " ( 1965 ).
Another signature dish is the Omelette Arnold Bennett.
Another signature mod is Team Fortress, which was based on the Quake engine and became a whole series of games, such as Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortress 2, and an unofficial mod-made originally as a fan-made sequel to TFC, Fortress Forever.
Recently, he has featured his latest Gretsch, a custom white Billy Gibbons / Bo Diddley signature Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbird in the music video for " Another Way to Die ", this guitar is also used on his concerts with The Dead Weather, but he also uses a black left-handed one since Sea of Cowards came out.
Another Fry's Signature store is located at 10450 N. 90th Street, Scottsdale, AZ There is also a Fry's signature store at the cross streets of Tatum and Shea Blvd in Scottsdale, az
Another group, the Yrgin of present-day City of Hayward and Castro Valley, had Chochenyo Ohlone signature female name endings, rather than Bay Miwok name endings.
Another common feature is the signature of both the Jade Emperor and the King of Hell.
Another medical examiner named Dominick DiMaio signed the death certificate, typing below his signature that he was doing this " for James Luke.
Another signature guitar produced by ESP, based on the AX model, is white with a Soulfly logo inlays.
Another common term for cryptographic signature is digital signature ; the similarity of the term to " electronic signature " can invite confusion, which is why for this article cryptographic is used.
Another signature verifies that an application has passed True Brew testing and is bestowed through Intertek.
Another one of Tezuka's signature techniques is the, a technique which involves him putting enough spin on the ball in order to force nearly all hits to be " sucked " into his hit zone, making it unnecessary for him to move around the court.
Another portrait in the National Gallery by van Eyck, Portrait of a Man ( Leal Souvenir ), has a legalistic form of signature.
Another recurring element in Martin's work is the now-famous " Eternity " signature.
Another " signature style " involves placing shots in regular widescreen ratio, while a second shot is split and placed in the upper and lower bars.

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