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Another and open
Another wart removal method was to rub each wart with a bean split open and then to bury the bean halves under the drip of the house for seven days.
* ABC ( Yet Another BitTorrent Client ), a free software, open source BitTorrent client based on BitTornado
Another explanation is that the name was related to swamp and originally meant " enclosed sea, bay " as opposed to open sea.
Another utility knife often used for cutting open boxes consists of a simple sleeve around a rectangular handle into which single-edge utility blades can be inserted.
Another church was also built in Sweden, however location is left open:
Another important mind-related subject that the cognitive sciences tend to avoid is the existence of qualia, with discussions over this issue being sometimes limited to only mentioning qualia as a philosophically open matter.
Another scene is of the joke being used in open warfare is shown, with Tommies running through an open field amid artillery fire shouting the joke at the Germans, who die laughing in response.
Another significant arrival around this time was a group of puritan Miknasa Berber rebels from Ifriqiya, who went on to establish the settlement of Sijilmassa ( in southeast Morocco ) and open trade across the Sahara desert with the gold-producing Ghana Empire of west Africa.
Another of Riefenstahl ’ s films, 1938 ’ s Olympia, was meant to prove that the Reichstag was a democratic and open society under Nazi rule.
Another open D tuning is D-A-d-a-d-f #.
Another open wheeled stock car formula that races in the UK are Spedeworth Superstox.
Another open wheeled stock car formula that races in the UK are Spedeworth V8 Stock Cars.
Another common example is that in an elevator the cable supporting the car keeps spring-loaded brakes open.
Another theory, advanced by the original crash investigator in 2005, hypothesizes that a cabin air vent was accidentally left open by the crew or the previous pilot, leading to oxygen deprivation and leaving the crew incapable of controlling the aircraft.
Another example is accounting information gathered by open standards using sFlow provided by companies like Arista Networks or proprietary solutions like NetFlow switching in Cisco's higher-end routers.
Another, the dentist, would open the mouths of the dead and pull out gold teeth.
Another reason for the trend back to open kitchens ( and a foundation of the " kitchen object " philosophy ) is changes in how food is prepared.
Another suggestion was that York and his opponents had agreed a day for battle ( 6 January, the Feast of Epiphany ) after a Christmas truce, but when York moved into the open the Lancastrians treacherously attacked earlier than had been agreed, catching York at a disadvantage while many of his men were absent foraging for supplies.
Another method involves quietly purchasing enough stock on the open market, known as a " creeping tender offer ", to effect a change in management.
Another common debate is whether, since knights bore arms, the ranks of knights were open to anyone who had the physical requirements and skills, or restricted to only those who were born into knightly families.
Yabasic ( Yet Another BASIC ) is a free and open source BASIC interpreter for Windows and Unix platforms.
Another place is called the typical thirteenth Pratum magnum, a large open area destined to the market ( equivalent to today's Piazza Trento e Trieste ).
Another open alternate chess communication protocol is the Universal Chess Interface ( UCI ).

Another and question
Another question that arose was the nature of the dialogue itself.
Another question that was asked of the assessors was whether they favored the assessment of movable property at its location or at the residence of the owner.
Another question of the same character: " Why the boastful claim: ' What nation on earth is like Thy people Israel ' ( II Sam.
Another is a question about what is the proper balance between political citizenship versus social citizenship.
Another important question remains unanswered.
Another controversial dichotomy is the question of whether human language is solely human or on a continuum with ( admittedly far removed ) animal communication systems.
" Another joke puts a question concerning the definition of blunderbuss to " the four wise clerks of Oxenford " ( a reference to Chaucer's Clerk ; Tolkien had worked for Henry Bradley, one of the four main editors of the Oxford English Dictionary ):
Another political issue in 19th-century Greece was uniquely Greek: the language question.
Another question is the branches of the Bantu languages which they spoke.
Another tactic commonly taught is never to ask a question ; the officer may simply sit the suspect down in an interrogation room, sit across from him and do paperwork, and wait for the suspect to begin talking.
Another question concerns which types of being are capable of having minds, for example whether mind is exclusive to humans, possessed also by some or all animals, by all living things, or whether mind can also be a property of some types of man-made machines.
Another possible task is recognizing and classifying the speech acts in a chunk of text ( e. g. yes-no question, content question, statement, assertion, etc.
Another is the use of French reflexive constructions in sentences such as the reply to a question like Where are you going ?, reply: Me I'm goin ' downtown ( this reflexive form of grammar also exists in Irish Gaelic and Jerriais ).
Another term of endearment, often spoken by older generations, is me ducky, used when addressing a female in an informal manner, and usually placed at the end of a sentence which is often a question ( Example: How's she goin ', me ducky?
Another example of self-reference is the question of whether the barber shaves himself in the barber paradox.
Another question from the examinations read " Fire-arms began with the use of rockets in the dynasty of Chou ( B. C. 1122-255 )-- in what book do we first meet with the word p ' ao, now used for cannon ?".
Another debate that bears on the debate is the question about the relation between language and thought.
Another proposed solution is to question one of the assumptions Zeno used in his paradoxes ( particularly the Dichotomy ), which is that between any two different points in space ( or time ), there is always another point.
Another question about the objectivity of observations relates to the so called " experimenter's regress ", as well as to other problems identified from the sociology of scientific knowledge: as with all forms of human reasoning, the people who interpret the observations or experiments always have cognitive and social biases that lead them, often in an unconscious way, to introduce their own interpretations into their description of what they are ' seeing '.
Another way is to display a highlighted clickable question mark by the wikilinked term, like this ?.
Another aspect of the authorship question concerns the character of Hortensio.
Another point calling the map's authenticity into question was raised at the 1966 Conference: that one caption referred to Bishop Eirik of Greenland " and neighboring regions " ( in Latin, " regionumque finitimarum "), a title known previously from the work of religious scholar Luka Jelic ( 1863 – 1922 ).
Another weakness is highlighted by sociologists, who argue that Homo economicus ignores an extremely important question, i. e., the origins of tastes and the parameters of the utility function by social influences, training, education, and the like.

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