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Another and organ
Another organ of power is the Bishops ' Council ( Архиерейский Собор ).
Another popular story claims that the carol, once performed, was promptly forgotten until an organ repairman found the manuscript in 1825 and revived it.
Another famous transcription is his piano arrangement of Franz Liszt's organ work Fantasy and Fugue on the chorale " Ad nos, ad salutarem undam " ( BV B 59 ).
Another important organ was the Bundesrat, the ' federal council ' of the representatives of the allied governments.
Another common characteristic is the spermaceti, a semi-liquid waxy white substance filling the ' case ' or spermaceti organ in the whale's head, which is thought to be involved in providing ballast for diving and maintaining buoyancy.
Another notable feature about this album was that Henrik Klingenberg introduced use of the organ to the band.
Another CSI crossover occurred in 2009 when Raymond Langston from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation appeared both in CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, traveling to Miami and New York to track a human trafficking and organ harvesting ring, also CSI: NY made a crossover with Cold Case in which Stella became suspect of a murder in Philadelphia.
Another legally functioning central organ of the Party was the Bolshevik group in the Fourth State Duma.
Another example is the lungs of many primitive fish, which evolved into the lungs of terrestrial vertebrate but also underwent exaptation to become the gas bladder, a buoyancy control organ, in more advanced fish.
Another famed Sri Lankan musician, Helen Lucas was on the electric organ and the backing was provided by the Super Golden Chimes.
It should be noted, however, that the performance accurately follows the printed score, and undergoes no such " sweeping transformations ", its only three cuts being of a minor nature, namely the first presentation of " Another temple waits Thee, Lord divine " by the Trebles, " Come unto Him, all ye that labour " by the Baritone soloist, and the organ " March to Calvary ", music which in each case is later repeated by the chorus.
Another fact that contributed to a resurgence of anti-Japanese sentiment in 2005 was Japan ’ s bid for permanent membership to the United Nations most influential organ, the United Nations Security Council.
Another highlight was the installment of the memorial organ.
Another possibility – though not in Indiana, where all organ recipients ( except kidney recipients ) are chosen by law according to their places on a waiting list, on which list Johnson's sister does not appear – would have been a living partial organ donation prior to execution.
Another recurring motif is the grapevine, found in the pew ends, the light screen at the sanctuary ’ s rear, many of Bartlett ’ s murals, and the dull gold of the screen concealing the organ pipes.

Another and similarly
Another measure of the difference between these two similarly named but very distinct awards is their per-capita frequency of award: from 1946 to 1961 the average annual incidence of award of the Medal of Freedom was approximately 1 per every 86, 500 adult U. S. citizens ; from 1996 to 2011 the average annual incidence of award of the Presidential Medal of Freedom was approximately 1 per every 20, 500, 000 adult U. S. citizens ( so on an annualized per capita basis, about 240 Medals of Freedom have been awarded per one Presidential Medal of Freedom ).
Another example is the construction of finite fields, which proceeds similarly, starting out with the field of integers modulo some prime number as the coefficient ring R ( see modular arithmetic ).
Another study by the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne on a cohort of 2000 adolescents similarly found that those meeting at least two of the DSM-IV criteria for bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa had a sixfold increase in risk of anxiety and a doubling of risk for substance dependency.
* Another report similarly says of Almanac: " First seen in Roger Bacon.
Another description of a bee's wing function is that the wings work similarly to helicopter blades, " reverse-pitch semirotary helicopter blades ".
" Another source points out that Koch has had only " eight instances of alleged misconduct ... over the span of 63 years " despite being a giant multinational, and that this compares favorably to the fines, penalties and judgments accrued by the similarly large General Electric corporation.
Another urban myth about the coin is that putting it in the freezer overnight causes the cupro-nickel centre to pop out, a claim which had been true of some early mintings of the similarly bimetallic Canadian 2 dollar coin.
Another design, a gigantic pyramidal earthwork entitled Monument to the American Plow, was similarly rejected, and his " sculptural landscape " of a playground, Play Mountain, was personally rejected by Parks Commissioner Robert Moses.
Another highly regarded original, " Volver a los Diecisiete " (" To Be Seventeen Again ") similarly celebrates the themes of youthful life, in tragic contrast to her biography.
Another, similarly short-lived, TV game show adaptation, Yahtzee, was syndicated to local stations during the 1987 season.
Another more recent " Super Chipmunk " was converted by air show performer, Jim " Fang " Maroney who similarly modified an ex-RCAF example by strengthening the airframe, replacing the original engine with a version incorporating an inverted fuel and oil system, clipping three feet off the wings and adding 30 % more rudder and 10 % more elevator.
Another similarly modified " Super Chipmunk ", N1804Q, is owned and flown by air show pilot Greg Aldridge.
Another concern is often raised by emergency services, who can have difficulty locating streets when a community consists of a large number of similarly named culs-de-sac ; also, large fire response vehicles, in particular, can have great difficulty with turning around in a cul-de-sac.
Another possibility is from a similarly named place in Normandy.
Another desk, partially seen in the foreground, is similarly cluttered, as is a third desk in the background.
Another similarly sounding word is aragh, which in Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia is the colloquial name of vodka, and not an aniseed-flavored drink.
Another babbler that is similarly found in urban areas is the Large Grey Babbler, however that species has a distinctive long tail with white outer tail feathers.
Another similarly named process is the Raschig-Hooker process, an industrial process to create phenol.
Another creative high-water mark, this feverishly imaginative feature from Starlin, who had similarly reinvigorated Captain Marvel, introduced the Marvel characters Gamora, Ellie the Freak, Pip the Troll and The Magus, and helped establish the mythos Starlin would mine in his many " Infinity " sagas of the 1990s.
Another town with a similarly small population and similar access is Holden Village, surrounded by the Glacier Peak Wilderness and located up the Railroad Creek Valley from Lucerne, a boat landing on Lake Chelan.
Another similarly evocative expression relating to wine is: Ein Simcha Ela BeBasar Veyayin —" There is no joy except through meat and wine ".
Another similarly named decoration is the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, presented by NASA for extraordinary accomplishment to the mission of United States space exploration.
) Another viewscreen, the Hexfield, similarly provided two-way transmissions to spacecraft interiors and other locations.
Another similarly distant railway station is proposed for the corner of Derrimut Road and Leakes Road in nearby Tarneit as part of the Regional Rail Link project.

Another and independent
Another important formulation of the two linearly independent solutions to Bessel's equation are the Hankel functions H < sub > α </ sub >< sup >( 1 )</ sup >( x ) and H < sub > α </ sub >< sup >( 2 )</ sup >( x ), defined by:
Another major feature of his work was to classify the Bantu languages, which occupy much of sub-Saharan Africa, as a branch of the newly identified Niger – Congo language family, rather than as an independent family.
Another source of union news is the Workers Independent News, a news organisation providing radio articles to independent and syndicated radio shows in the United States.
Another difference between the sources is that the republican source treats the shouters as somewhat independent from Samuel () rather than having been led by him ().
Another ecclesiocracy was the administration of the short-lived State of Deseret, an independent entity briefly organized in the American West by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Another method of specifying spectral width is a special case of root-mean-square deviation where the independent variable is wavelength, λ, and f ( λ ) is a suitable radiometric quantity.
Another consequence of the Buckingham π theorem of dimensional analysis is that the functional dependence between a certain number ( say, n ) of variables can be reduced by the number ( say, k ) of independent dimensions occurring in those variables to give a set of p = n − k independent, dimensionless quantities.
Another challenge to the newly independent government came at the beginning of January 1969, with the Rupununi Rebellion.
Another independent implementation followed in the year 2000 by the Free University of Berlin.
Another watchword: " If your mother tells you she loves you, check it out with two independent sources.
Another important difference between Blue Note and other independent labels ( for example Prestige Records, who also employed Van Gelder ) was that musicians were paid for rehearsal time prior to the recording session: this helped ensure a better end result on the record.
One of the few independent bookshops left in London, My Back Pages ( named after the song on Bob Dylan's 1964 album Another Side of Bob Dylan ), is a shop which stocks second-hand, antiquarian and new books.
Another shopping area is the downtown district, which is where some, small independent stores are located.
Another solution might be the dissolution of the United Kingdom leading to some or all of the constituent countries ( England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales ) becoming independent sovereign states.
Another important section, the North Staffordshire Railway ( NSR ), which opened its route in 1848 from Macclesfield ( connecting with the LNWR from Manchester ) to Stafford and Colwich via Stoke-on-Trent also remained independent.
Another alternative, which does not deal with public authentication of public-key information, is the simple public-key infrastructure ( SPKI ) that grew out of three independent efforts to overcome the complexities of X. 509 and PGP's web of trust.
Ness was featured in the independent film Another State of Mind, which chronicled Social Distortion's first cross-country tour with Youth Brigade.
Another prominent area of concern is lack of labor rights, which is related to the hukou system, the absence of independent unions, and discrimination against rural workers and ethnic minorities.
Another project is On Broadway, an independent movie filmed in her native Boston.
Another major contributor to independent animation in Britain was Channel 4, which gained an international reputation as one of the most adventurous broadcasters of animation.
Another way to consider this would be collective activity that has the potential for independent internal activity at any given moment.
Another was an independent team that played in 1893.
* Another option is a hinge at the base of the boom allowing it to hydraulically pivot up to 180 ° independent to the house ; however, this is generally available only to compact excavators.

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