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Another and pioneer
Another frequent pioneer difficulty, caused by wearing rough and heavy shoes and boots, was corns.
Another pioneer of cinema was Bolesław Matuszewski, who became one of the first filmmakers working for the Lumière company-and the official " cinematographer " of the Russian tsars in 1897.
Another was Perang Besar ( Great War ) Estate, opened by some British ex-servicemen led by Colonel Henry Gough, who was the pioneer of bud-grafting of rubber trees in the country.
Another pioneer of collage was Joseph Cornell, whose more intimately scaled works were seen as radical because of both his personal iconography and his use of found objects.
Another student was future radio pioneer Lee De Forest.
Another pioneer of corporate identity design is Paul Rand, who was one of the originators of the Swiss Style of graphic design.
Another Christian rock pioneer, Randy Stonehill, released his first album in 1971, the Larry Norman-produced Born Twice.
Another pioneer group was the Tracy settlement, founders in the 1790s of a church building that survived well into the 20th century.
Another pioneer settler was James Reaves, whose family still resides there.
Another pioneer in this field was Sir Ivan Whiteside Magill ( 1888 1986 ), who developed the technique of awake blind nasotracheal intubation, the Magill forceps, the Magill laryngoscope blade, and several apparati for the administration of volatile anesthetic agents.
Another early pioneer of the subgenre is director Francis Ford Coppola's controversial 1963 film Dementia 13, which was rushed into production following Psycho < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s success at the box office.
Allen Nease, an American pioneer of reforestation and conservation efforts in Florida in the mid-20th century, planted over 55 million pine trees and was nicknamed “ Johnny Pine nut .” Another tireless promoter of tree-planting is Marthinus Daneel, Ph. D., Professor of African studies at Boston University and founder of ZIRRCON ( Zimbabwean Institute of Religious Research and Ecological Conservation ).
Another early G-funk pioneer, also from Compton, was rapper and producer DJ Quik, who was already using P-Funk instrumentals as early as 1991 in his debut album Quik Is the Name, though his most recognizable G-funk album would be 1995's Safe & Sound.
Another source attributes the name to William Mingus ( d. 1911, Prescott, Arizona ), a pioneer prospector who lived and worked on Mingus Mountain in the 1870s.
Another pioneer in this sector is Akhtar Hameed Khan.
Another admirer of Fuller was Susan B. Anthony, a pioneer of women's rights, who wrote that Fuller " possessed more influence on the thought of American women than any woman previous to her time ".
Another pioneer in the field, Ken Goldberg of UC Berkeley created an 11 ' x 11 ' painting machine in 1992.
Another pioneer industrial rock group, Big Black, also impacted some later groups.
Carcass ( band ) | Carcass, shown here performing at Gods of Metal festival in Bologna, Italy ( 2008 ), helped define the melodic death metal genre with their 1993 album Heartwork. Another key band in the definition of melodic death metal was the British band Carcass, who started out playing grindcore but morphed into a death metal style and helped pioneer the melodic death metal genre with their 1993 album Heartwork and define melodic death metal as an authentic genre.
Another pioneer was Fred Frith who in 1974 released a solo album called Guitar Solos.
Another early pioneer of the buddy cop film genre is the 1965 American film In the Heat of the Night.
Another 28, 910 voters ( 2. 6 percent ) chose the American Independent Party candidate, Hall M. Lyons, then of Lafayette and a son of Louisiana Republican pioneer Charlton Lyons.
Another early pioneer of EBow playing was Max Sunyer, who used it in a 1978 live album " Iceberg en directe ", recorded and released in Spain Picap.
Another pioneer, Mr. Walthall, established the Walthall Indian Trading Post near the spring.
Another beneficiary was his son, Woolf Barnato, who used part of the multi-million pound fortune he inherited at the age of two, to become a pioneer racing driver in the 1920s, one of the so-called Bentley Boys.

Another and Islamic
Another source distinguishes Islamist from Islamic " by the fact that the latter refers to a religion and culture in existence over a millennium, whereas the first is a political / religious phenomenon linked to the great events of the 20th century ".
Another of the Egyptian groups which employed violence in their struggle for Islamic order was al-Gama ' a al-Islamiyya ( Islamic Group ).
Another common Islamic title for the end of the world is al-sā ' ah, or " the Hour ".
Another name for Mecca, or the wilderness and mountains surrounding it, according to Arab and Islamic tradition, is Faran or Pharan, referring to the Desert of Paran mentioned in the Old Testament.
Another group are certain Islamic nations that deny equal rights for men and women and adhere to Sharia and certain traditional practices: Yemen, Iran, Pakistan.
Another Islamic influence on the design is that the cross section of the towers is based on a Rub el Hizb, albeit with circular sectors added to meet office space requirements.
Another mechanism for voluntary charity and support for religious organization in the Islamic States ( in the old days ) was to take one-tenth of the income or product, which is called ushar ( 1 / 10th in Arabic ) and give it to a Mosque.
Another unavoidable name is Allama Muhammad Iqbal who reshaped and revitalized Islamic philosophy amongst the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent in the early 20th century.
Another reason the Islamic world flourished during the Middle Ages was an early emphasis on freedom of speech, as summarized by al-Hashimi ( a cousin of Caliph al-Ma ' mun ) in the following letter to one of the religious opponents he was attempting to convert through reason:
Another complaint describes them as having kept to their charitable mission for the first decade of the Islamic Republic, but having " increasingly forsaken their social welfare functions for straightforward commercial activities " since the death of Imam Khomeini.
Another theory is that after the destruction of Thamud, the Islamic prophet Saleh relocated himself and about 4, 000 of his followers to the area known as Hadhramaut and it was here where he died and thus, the region was called " death has come ".
Another current doll featuring a positive, but identifiably Islamic female character is the Fulla doll marketed in Saudi Arabia, Brazil, China, and Egypt.
Another change Sadat made from the Nasser era was a bow towards the Islamic revival.
Another style of singing that originated as practice to recite hymns in both Zoroastrian and Islamic Sufi faiths is Siya Cheman.
Another excellent discussion of the Buyids is Harvard professor Roy Mottahedeh's Loyalty and Leadership in an Early Islamic Society
Another work occasionally ascribed to al-Waqidi, " Futuh al-Sham " (" Conquests of Syria "), is not authentic ; it contains characters from the sixth Islamic century, long after the time when the real al-Waqidi lived.
Another means of limited democracy is that practiced in the Islamic Republic of Iran, where the right to run as a candidate is controlled by the religious authorities.
* Another law prohibited “ any contact or exchange of information, interviews or collusion with foreign embassies, organization, parties or media at whatever level which could be judged harmful to Iran's independence, national unity or the interests of the Islamic republic .”
Another argument was: “ Islamic legal rulings are based on human well-being, and no one knows human well-being except the One who gave us the sacred law.
Another lasting contribution of the Samanids to the history of Islamic art is the pottery known as Samanid Epigraphic Ware: plates, bowls, and pitchers fired in a white slip and decorated only with calligraphy, often elegantly and rhythmically written.
Another reason offered for the change in title, is that it reflected the growing secularization of Egypt at the time, as sultan has Islamic overtones, whereas the Arabic word for king, malik, does not.
Another small organization, the Indonesian Islamic Propagation Institute ( LDII ) continues to grow.
Another often cited example is Israel support of Islamic movements in the 1970s and 1980s intended to weaken the PLO, and leading to the creation of Hamas.
Another, much more specifically Islamic, problem was raised by the doctrine by mu ' jaz-or the literary perfection and inimitability of the Qur ' ān.

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