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Another and pioneer
Another frequent pioneer difficulty, caused by wearing rough and heavy shoes and boots, was corns.
Another pioneer of cinema was Bolesław Matuszewski, who became one of the first filmmakers working for the Lumière company-and the official " cinematographer " of the Russian tsars in 1897.
Another was Perang Besar ( Great War ) Estate, opened by some British ex-servicemen led by Colonel Henry Gough, who was the pioneer of bud-grafting of rubber trees in the country.
Another pioneer of collage was Joseph Cornell, whose more intimately scaled works were seen as radical because of both his personal iconography and his use of found objects.
Another student was future radio pioneer Lee De Forest.
Another pioneer of corporate identity design is Paul Rand, who was one of the originators of the Swiss Style of graphic design.
Another Christian rock pioneer, Randy Stonehill, released his first album in 1971, the Larry Norman-produced Born Twice.
Another pioneer group was the Tracy settlement, founders in the 1790s of a church building that survived well into the 20th century.
Another pioneer in this field was Sir Ivan Whiteside Magill ( 1888 – 1986 ), who developed the technique of awake blind nasotracheal intubation, the Magill forceps, the Magill laryngoscope blade, and several apparati for the administration of volatile anesthetic agents.
Another early pioneer of the subgenre is director Francis Ford Coppola's controversial 1963 film Dementia 13, which was rushed into production following Psycho < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s success at the box office.
Allen Nease, an American pioneer of reforestation and conservation efforts in Florida in the mid-20th century, planted over 55 million pine trees and was nicknamed “ Johnny Pine nut .” Another tireless promoter of tree-planting is Marthinus Daneel, Ph. D., Professor of African studies at Boston University and founder of ZIRRCON ( Zimbabwean Institute of Religious Research and Ecological Conservation ).
Another early G-funk pioneer, also from Compton, was rapper and producer DJ Quik, who was already using P-Funk instrumentals as early as 1991 in his debut album Quik Is the Name, though his most recognizable G-funk album would be 1995's Safe & Sound.
Another source attributes the name to William Mingus ( d. 1911, Prescott, Arizona ), a pioneer prospector who lived and worked on Mingus Mountain in the 1870s.
Another pioneer in this sector is Akhtar Hameed Khan.
Another admirer of Fuller was Susan B. Anthony, a pioneer of women's rights, who wrote that Fuller " possessed more influence on the thought of American women than any woman previous to her time ".
Another pioneer in the field, Ken Goldberg of UC Berkeley created an 11 ' x 11 ' painting machine in 1992.
Another pioneer industrial rock group, Big Black, also impacted some later groups.
Carcass ( band ) | Carcass, shown here performing at Gods of Metal festival in Bologna, Italy ( 2008 ), helped define the melodic death metal genre with their 1993 album Heartwork. Another key band in the definition of melodic death metal was the British band Carcass, who started out playing grindcore but morphed into a death metal style and helped pioneer the melodic death metal genre with their 1993 album Heartwork and define melodic death metal as an authentic genre.
Another pioneer was Fred Frith who in 1974 released a solo album called Guitar Solos.
Another early pioneer of the buddy cop film genre is the 1965 American film In the Heat of the Night.
Another 28, 910 voters ( 2. 6 percent ) chose the American Independent Party candidate, Hall M. Lyons, then of Lafayette and a son of Louisiana Republican pioneer Charlton Lyons.
Another early pioneer of EBow playing was Max Sunyer, who used it in a 1978 live album " Iceberg en directe ", recorded and released in Spain Picap.
Another pioneer, Mr. Walthall, established the Walthall Indian Trading Post near the spring.
Another beneficiary was his son, Woolf Barnato, who used part of the multi-million pound fortune he inherited at the age of two, to become a pioneer racing driver in the 1920s, one of the so-called Bentley Boys.

Another and settler
Another early settler was Thomas Mitchell, who also moved to Shelby County in 1784.
Another early settler was James Bradbury, Sr., who moved to the area from Williamson County and chose a site along the banks of the South Llano River.
Another man may have had the right to claim first settler status.
Another early settler was Leonard B. Knox, who developed a citrus plantation known as Mound Grove, located along High Bridge Road near its crossing with Bulow Creek.
Another early settler in Schaumburg Township was German-born Johann Sunderlage.
Another early settler of the area was Stephen Hull.
Another early settler was Jacob Haviland, who settled Haviland Hollow in 1731.
Another early settler was Johann Adam Geiger ( Kiger ) who donated to the Nazareth Evangelical Lutheran Church which still serves the community today.
Another early settler, Sam Parmalee, followed suit and offered the rail company right-of-way through his property.
Another early settler, Samuel James, suggested " Montesano " as having a more pleasant sound and meaning about the same.
Another early settler was the Englishman George Townsend, who lived for a short time near what would today be Lever St. and 103rd Ave.
Another early settler was Joseph Tomlinson.
Another well-known early settler was Thomas Frost ( d. 1862 ) who arrived from Buckinghamshire in 1810.
Another early settler to claim an encounter with a Welsh-speaking Indian was the Reverend Morgan Jones, who told Thomas Lloyd, William Penn's deputy, that he had been captured in 1669 by a tribe of Tuscarora called the Doeg.
Another early settler was Torataro Takitami, a representative of the country's growing Japanese Brazilian population.
" Another settler Abraham Pierson said the community reflecting the new task at hand should be named " New Ark " or " New Work.
Another theory is that is derived from the name of an early settler, J. Nolan.
Another settler in this area was Thomas Armstrong who settled further south of Wheelers.
Another early settler Thomas Taber built Menangle House on the east side of the river, indicating the name was being used to describe the district.
Another early settler, Henry Cooper and his brothers, built two lime kilns at Mindarie in 1932 after the closure of their quarries in Wembley.
Another early settler was Eliakim Barnum, the original owner of the Barnum House on Hwy # 2.

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