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Another and possible
Another possible source of the suanpan is Chinese counting rods, which operated with a decimal system but lacked the concept of zero as a place holder.
Another popular method of exploiting this bug was to simply use thrust to keep the ship in motion with 1 or 2 asteroids in the play field, allowing the player to pick off as many 1, 000 point UFOs as possible.
Another possibility is that he wished to search for other possible heirs to King Edward in Hungary.
Another implementation is possible with Linux and ebtables.
Another definition of the Bessel function, for integer values of, is possible using an integral representation:
Another important piece of evidence is that it is possible to construct detailed phylogenetic trees ( that is, " genealogic trees " of species ) mapping out the proposed divisions and common ancestors of all living species.
Another possible explanation for the origins of obligatory celibacy revolves around more practical reason, " the need to avoid claims on church property by priests ' offspring ".
Another active area of research is the program to obtain classification, or to determine the extent of which classification is possible, for separable simple nuclear C *- algebras.
Another possible related etymology can be " bull-slayer ".
Another possible candidate for first metal coins come from China.
Another possible explanation for the phenomenon of déjà vu is the occurrence of " cryptomnesia ", which is where information learned is forgotten but nevertheless stored in the brain, and similar occurrences invoke the contained knowledge, leading to a feeling of familiarity because of the situation, event or emotional / vocal content, known as " déjà vu ".
Another possible cause was a cut-out of the jet engine caused by fuel starvation.
Another anti-clerical uprising was made possible by the installment of the Republican Calendar on 24 October 1793.
Another possible system is the wormhole, which connects two distant locations as though by a shortcut.
Another important principle of Ghana's foreign policy involves the closest possible cooperation with neighboring countries with which the people of Ghana share cultural history, ties of blood, and economics.
Another possible solution that could be seen as more proactive comes from Roney and Trick, Gestalt psychologists who suggest that the fallacy may be eliminated as a result of grouping.
Kid Rock will release " Rebel Soul " on November 19, 2012, with the lead single being Let's Ride ( Mideast Battle Hymn ).. Another possible track could be, " Redneck Paradise "-a song co-written with brothers, Eric & Jason Young of the southern rock group: The Young Brothers.
Another possible factor in the bird's extinction was the decline in mussels and other shellfish on which they are believed to have fed in their winter quarters, due to growth of population and industry on the Eastern Seaboard.
Another possible explanation for why the current minimum wage laws may not affect unemployment in the United States is that the minimum wage is set close to the equilibrium point for low and unskilled workers.
Another possible way to separate the 3 + actinides can be achieved by solvent extraction chromatography using bis -( 2-ethylhexyl ) phosphoric acid ( abbreviated as HDEHP ) as the stationary organic phase and HNO < sub > 3 </ sub > as the mobile aqueous phase.
Another technique used to avoid bias is disclosure of affiliations that may be considered a possible conflict of interest.
Another possible source of confusion is that some older textbooks use the term " molecular weight " to mean the molar mass.
File: MAZE. png | Another computer-generated maze with two solutions, showing the level of complexity that is possible to achieve with modern algorithms
Another possible task is recognizing and classifying the speech acts in a chunk of text ( e. g. yes-no question, content question, statement, assertion, etc.

Another and mechanism
Another group of animals discovered subsequently, whose filtering mechanism looked similar, was also included in " Bryozoa " until 1869, when the two groups were noted to be very different internally.
Another mechanism is the modification of surface geometry.
Another protection mechanism implemented in many computers is a read-only flag.
Another research indicates there is a strong link between essential tremor in males and the amount of meat consumed, but the exact mechanism is yet unknown.
Another solution is to have a mechanism such as a snifting valve that automatically inserts a small bubble of air with each pump cycle.
Another prominent feature on many folding knives is the opening mechanism.
Another mechanism involves generative devices which combine morphemes according to a language's rules.
Another important leading mechanism is hip contact.
Another potential mechanism is premature dissociation of the peptidyl-tRNA from the ribosome.
Another important mechanism of metamorphism is that of chemical reactions that occur between minerals without them melting.
Another issue is the recent finding that even monozygotic twins can be different and there is a mechanism which might account for monozygotic twins being discordant for homosexuality.
Another mechanism for BIF-formatíon, also proposed in the context of the Snowball Earth discussion, is by deposition from metal-rich brines in the vicinity of hydrothermally active rift zones.
Another mechanism that produces a similar effect is the avalanche effect as in the avalanche diode.
Another related mechanism is that of the biologically immortal planarian flatworms, which have “ apparently limitless regenerative capacity fueled by a population of highly proliferative adult stem cells .” These organisms are biologically immortal but not immortal in the traditional sense as they are nonetheless susceptible to trauma and infectious and non-infectious disease.
Another mechanism for voluntary charity and support for religious organization in the Islamic States ( in the old days ) was to take one-tenth of the income or product, which is called ushar ( 1 / 10th in Arabic ) and give it to a Mosque.
Another mechanism for generating free electrons from a cold metallic surface is field electron emission.
Another difference are the capabilities of the mechanism:
Another mechanism employed in games is ' point spawning ', in which a player is spawned near a teammate and not at a specific location.
Another common game mechanism to prevent camping is the existence of superweapons, powerful attacks which can be unleashed on any part of the map and cannot be defended against.
Another argument against Article 23 laws as drafted by the HK government has been given by John Kamm, who argues that the mechanism for banning organizations would have the effect of requiring that Mainland China be more repressive outside of Hong Kong.
Another spurious product generation mechanism is finite word length effects of the PAC output ( amplitude ) word.
Another deformation mechanism is metal fatigue, which occurs primarily in ductile metals.
Another study claims that as much as 14. 5 % of BitTorrent downloads contain zero-day malware, and that BitTorrent was used as the distribution mechanism for 47 % of all zero-day malware they have found.
Another popular booby trap was the " Grenade in a Can ", a grenade with the safety pin removed in a container and a string attached, sometimes with the grenade's fuse mechanism modified to give a much shorter delay than the four to seven seconds typical with grenade fuses.

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