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Another and pupil
Another yet briefer note is found in the Chronicon of Donatus's pupil, Jerome.
Another source of his inspiration were drawings he collected, some drawings of Palladio himself, which had belonged to Inigo Jones and many more of Inigo Jones ' pupil John Webb, which Kent published in 1727 ( although a date of 1736 is generally accepted ) as Some Designs of Mr Inigo Jones ... with Some Additional Designs that were by Kent and Burlington.
Another term for the constriction of the pupil is miosis.
Another source of his inspiration were drawings he collected, including those of Palladio himself, which had belonged to Inigo Jones and his pupil John Webb.
Another very famous pupil of Chrysoloras was Ambrogio Traversari, who became general of the Camaldolese order.
Another pupil of St. Denis, Martha Graham ( 1893 – 1991 ), whose New York-based company became perhaps the best known in modern dance, sought to express an inward-based passion.
Another pupil, Giovanni di Balduccio, executed the shrine of Sant ' Eustorgio at Milan.
Another Guthlaxton pupil was prominent policeman Geoffrey Barrett, who received a Governor's commendation as a member of the Hong Kong anti-corruption squad in the 1970s and ended his career as head of the Leicester murder squad.
Another account of his playing, this one by a pupil of Liszt and Alkan towards the end of his life, recalls how Alkan's performance retained " an extraordinarily youthful quality despite his appearance, which was frail and older than his years.
Another Albury pupil was Robert Wood, who helped him get the Clavis through the press.
Another wartime personality of Valenciennes was Louise de Bettignies ( born in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux ), a pupil of the Ursulines in Valenciennes from 1890 to 1896.
Another consequence of this design is that the entrance pupil varies in size during the tracking of a target.
Another Liszt pupil, Eugen d ' Albert, compared Tausig very favorably with their teacher.
Another pupil was the controversial poet Samuel Wesley, father of John Wesley, the great religious leader.
Another important pupil may have been Kanō Masanobu, who succeeded Shūbun as the chief painter of the Ashikaga shogunate, and also founded the Kanō school of painting.
Another pupil was Jan Kochanowski, a poet who wrote both in Polish and Latin and introduced the ideas, forms and spirit of the Renaissance into Polish literature.
Another dominant feature of the town is the high monumental enclosed block of the Castello del Catajo at the edge of the town, which had its origins in a simple villa that was rebuilt and extravagantly enlarged in the manner of a feudal castle from 1570 onwards by Marchese Pio Enea I degli Obizzi, a member of a literary family well known in Ferrara and Padua ; it contains a vast cycle of historical battle scenes frescoed in 1571 – 2 by Giambattista Zelotti ( 1525 – 1578 ) a pupil of Paolo Veronese ; he began with Roman times and culminated in the military triumphs of Pio Enea degli Obizzi, which were recreated in the gardens with tourneys and spectacles.
Another pupil was Thomas Leeming Grundy.

Another and David's
Another time, he lost because a few other students had been competing for years, and Vien felt David's education could wait for these other mediocre painters.
Another indication of his growing power was that he was able to insist on the consecration of Welshmen to two vacant sees that year, Iorwerth as Bishop of St. David's and Cadwgan as Bishop of Bangor.
Another tunnel, nearby, carried the canal over a sunken section of the St David's Road.
Another son of David Colbert McCanles, Julius McCandless, was the father of Commodore Byron McCandless ( United States Navy ), recipient of the Navy Cross in World War I ; David's great-grandson was Rear Admiral Bruce McCandless ( also USN ), recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor in World War II, and his great-great-grandson is Captain Bruce McCandless II ( also USN ), a now-retired NASA astronaut who made the first untethered spacewalk.
Another of David's buddies, Burt Weems ( Steve Witting ) joined this season ( he had previously made guest shots during the last few Valerie episodes ), appearing as a character named Rich.
Another view, which would preserve the inerrency of the Bible, is that David's name should appear twice just as it is mentioned twice in the verse.
Another memorial erected in the churchyard of St. David's in Cheraw, South Carolina is also sometimes considered the first Confederate monument, although the inscription dedicating it to the Confederacy was not added to the monument until after the dedication in 1867.

Another and Jean
Another bone of contention was the original Vinci Congress Centre by Jean Nouvel.
This featured, among others, " Queen + Wyclef Jean " on a rap version of " Another One Bites the Dust ".
Another possessor of the Phoenix Force is Rachel Summers, Scott Summers and Jean Grey's daughter from the Days of Future Past alternate future.
Another, Jean son of the Lord de Nantouillet, saved himself by jumping into a dishwater tub.
Another campaign of extensive construction was undertaken by King Henry II and Catherine de ' Medici, who commissioned architects Philibert Delorme and Jean Bullant.
Another Bollandist of this period was Jean Gamans.
Another major pioneering effort of the early hovercraft era was carried out by Jean Bertin's firm in France.
Another major influence during these formative years, according to Durrell, was the writing of French naturalist Jean Henri Fabre.
Another classic is Jean Loup Chiflet's Sky My Husband!
Another approach to viewing the ways in which information is processed in humans was suggested by Jean Piaget in what is called the Piaget ’ s Cognitive Development Theory.
Another foreigner, Jean de Lery, wrote the first ( and possibly only ) Tupi " phrasebook ", in which he transcribed entire dialogues.
Another incident occurred years later at Ferrari, when Berger and fellow F1 driver Jean Alesi were taking a ride with team director Jean Todt's new special made Lancia roadcar at the very first testing day of the 1995 Formula One season.
Another sees the tapestry as representing a sixth sense of understanding ( derived from the sermons of Jean Gerson of the University of Paris, c. 1420 ).
Another psychologist who contributed to the field of moral reasoning was Jean Piaget.
Another of Dillon's early roles was in the Jean Shepherd PBS special The Great American Fourth of July and Other Disasters.
He also wrote two successful non-fiction books about UFOs, Les Soucoupes Volantes viennent d ’ un Autre Monde Flying Saucers Come From Another World and Black-Out sur les Soucoupes Volantes On The Flying Saucers, the latter prefaced by Jean Cocteau, and by the 1970s, had become a major personage among French writers about UFOs.
Another example is Katarina Church in Stockholm, by Jean de la Vallée, reconstructed in 1723 by Göran Josua Adelcrantz.
Another notable work is that of Jean Sibelius, a bust of 1928.
Another formation of black writers at that time was the Harlem Writers Guild, led by John O. Killens, which included Maya Angelou, Jean Carey Bond, Rosa Guy, and Sarah Wright among others.
Another famous piece is the Ishango bone, which was discovered in 1960 by Jean de Heinzelin de Braucourt.
Another, Sir Jean De St. Leger, accompanied Robert, Duke of Normandy on the First Crusade 1096.
Another Jean St. Leger was a Benedictine and Abbot of the Abbey of St. Wandrille, France, during the 14th century.
Another notable incident was the spectacular retirement of Jean Alesi at the start of the race, as his attempt to jump to into the top three from ninth on the grid saw him slide straight into the crash barrier, smashing his car to pieces.

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