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from Brown Corpus
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Another and recent
Another example is the recent cancellation of the F-108, a long-range interceptor with a speed three times as great as the speed of sound, which was designed for use against manned bombers in the period of the mid-1960's.
Another recent example is the 60 Years of the Second Republic commemorative coin issued by Austria in 2005.
Another view holds that Apollo was a fairly recent addition to the Greek pantheon coming originally from Lydia.
Another recent study suggests a correlation between oral sex and throat cancer.
Another recent theory ( see EPR paradox above ) resulting from the analysis of an EPR communication set up, has the simple device based on removing the effective retarded time terms in the Lorentz transform to yield a preferred absolute reference frame.
Another recent theory holds that the earliest stories that cast the Grail in a Christian light were meant to promote the Roman Catholic sacrament of the Holy Communion.
Another recent interpretation, based on the frequencies of the syllabic signs and on complete palaeographic comparative studies, suggests that the Minoan Linear A language belongs to the Indo-Iranian family of Indo-European languages.
Another recent trend has been that of Mauritian youngsters going to Malaysia for higher studies, encouraged by the affordable fees and quality of life.
Another, more recent, study at Laney College, Oakland, California suggests that all these factors can be controlled in a well-designed workshop environment.
Another recent development in revolver technology is the Rhino, a revolver introduced by Italian manufacturer Chiappa in 2009 and first sold in the U. S. in 2010.
Another recent development is a tandem HEAT warhead capable of penetrating reactive armor.
Another, more recent, variant is participatory economics, wherein the economy is planned by decentralised councils of workers and consumers.
Another recent example is the Nintendo 3DS video software which comes with the option for Stop Motion videos.
However, more recent versions of TPF encourage the use of C. Another programming language called SabreTalk was born and died on TPF.
Another more recent story involving travel to the future is Louis-Sébastien Mercier's L ' An 2440, rêve s ' il en fût jamais (" The Year 2440: A Dream If Ever There Were One "), a utopian novel in which the main character is transported to the year 2440.
Another well-known theatre in Bucharest is the State Jewish Theatre, which has gained increasing prominence in recent years due partly to the fact that it features plays starring world-renowned Romanian-Jewish actress Maia Morgenstern.
Another recent form of high school that has emerged is the online high school.
Another treatment, which has become more frequent in recent years, is lead glass filling.
Another growing challenge is the recent trend of states and businesses in the United States purposely under-funding their pension schemes in order to push the costs onto the federal government.
Another popular development in recent years has been spoof television series, as in KYTV, People Like Us, The Day Today and The Office.
Another idea of recent interest is the ferroelectric tunnel junction ( FTJ ) in which a contact made up by nanometer-thick ferroelectric film placed between metal electrodes.
Another recent development in the theory and method of group psychotherapy based on an integration of systems thinking is Yvonne Agazarian's " systems-Centered " approach ( SCT ), which sees groups functioning within the principles of system dynamics.
Another issue is the recent finding that even monozygotic twins can be different and there is a mechanism which might account for monozygotic twins being discordant for homosexuality.
Another consequence of more academically-oriented authors was the large number of essay collections published in recent years ; these often provide an authors ' interpretations of other authors or reflections on other forms of art.

Another and achievement
Another identity crisis confronting the adolescent involves anticipation of achievement vs. work-paralysis.
Another ancillary, the Academy of Home Education, is a " service organization for homeschooling families ," that maintains student records, administers achievement testing, and issues high school diplomas.
Another special feature of the Xbox Live Arcade port of Radiant Silvergun includes a secret " Ikaruga Mode " where the game uses the same scoring mechanics of its spiritual successor, which can be accessed by unlocking an achievement within Ikaruga.
Another major achievement was the Drentse Hoofdvaart ( Canal ) which was used for transporting peat and other goods.
Another aspect of US military history is the challenge coin, also called commanders coins, they are usually given as awards of recognition and achievement, and often lapel pins are also given as a recognition device of a military association or organization.
Another great achievement by the Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association ( WISA ) saw the return of the Patrimony of Wimbledon F. C.
Another major achievement of the Luna programme, with the Luna 16, Luna 20 and Luna 24 spacecraft, was the ability to collect samples of lunar soil and return them to Earth, by 1970.
Another important achievement for the team was their fanatics which were counted in many thousands by the 80 ’ s and 90 ’ s.
Another achievement in this field was the setting up of National Law University, Delhi ( Official Website ) at New Delhi, the first national law school of the capital.
Another major achievement of his was beginning of codification of Catalan law in the written Usatges or Usatici of Barcelona which was to become the first full compilation of feudal law in Western Europe.
Another running gag has been headlining one especially egregious achievement, " And then they went to Elaine's.
Another achievement in robotics was the discovery of new approaches for robot spatial representation such as 3D occupancy grids.
Another notable achievement of Betancourt's first administration include the termination of the concession policy, the initial development of refineries within Venezuela, and tremendous improvement in worker conditions and pay.
Another achievement was the pioneering of orchid hybridisation by Professor Eric Holttum, director of the Gardens from 1925 to 1949.
Another achievement of Mahadji was his victory over the Nizam of Hyderabad ’ s army in a battle.
Another Old French phrase also appears in the full achievement of the Royal Arms.
Another notable achievement came from the 2002 / 2003 senior boys soccer team who became the first Colonel By boys soccer team to compete at OFSAA in more than a decade.
Another rule stated that no groups ( more than 2 performers ) were allowed, possibly due to the poor achievement of the previous trio of groups that represented the UK.
Another important achievement was the establishment of the Joint Vision 2010 program, which would transfer the United States military into one great and effective digitalized military force.
Another notable literary achievement which occurred during his reign was the compilation of the Seven Military Classics, including the alleged forgery of the Questions and Replies between Tang Taizong and Li Weigong.
Another great achievement was the cataloguing of the collections then available in royal libraries of the three famous Tibetan palaces under the supervision of the famous translator Bande sKa-ba dpal-brtsegs with help from his colleagues, Bande chos-kyi snying-po, Lo-tsa-wa Bande debendhara, Bande lhun-po and Bande klu ’- dbang-po etc.
Another is the SAT, which is designed as a test of aptitude for college in the United States, but has achievement elements.
Another notable achievement came in the 1980 British Home Championship, as Wales comprehensively defeated England at The Racecourse Ground, Wrexham.
Another achievement was awarded as the first prize by Shaanxi Province.

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