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Another and scholar
Another candidate for one of the first scholars to carry out comparative ethnographic-type studies in person was the medieval Persian scholar Abū Rayhān Bīrūnī in the eleventh century, who wrote about the peoples, customs, and religions of the Indian subcontinent.
Another feature of NDC rule carried over from the PNDC era is faithfulness to what a leading scholar of Africa has called " one of the most successful neoclassical economic reform efforts supported by the IMF and the World Bank.
Another influential early study was The media are American by British scholar Jeremy Tunstall ( 1977 ).
Another interpretation holds that the letter is addressed to a specific individual, Kyria, but according to scholar Amos Wilder, " the contents of our letter exclude this view.
Another scholar who argues for the authenticity of this letter is Jerome Murphy-O ' Connor.
Another conservative legal scholar and judge, Richard Posner of the Seventh Circuit does not condemn the entire regime, but expresses concern with the potential that it could be applied to create inefficiency, rather than to avoid inefficiency.
Another point calling the map's authenticity into question was raised at the 1966 Conference: that one caption referred to Bishop Eirik of Greenland " and neighboring regions " ( in Latin, " regionumque finitimarum "), a title known previously from the work of religious scholar Luka Jelic ( 1863 – 1922 ).
Another famous victim of castration was the medieval French philosopher, scholar, teacher, and ( later ) monk Pierre Abélard.
Another scholar, Chang Shan, thinks Manju is a compound word.
Another scholar employed by Walter was Peter of Blois, who served both Walter and his predecessor as a Latin secretary.
Another major Cretan literary figure was Nicholas Kalliakis ( 1645 – 1707 ), a Greek scholar and philosopher who flourished in Italy in the 17th Century.
Another Scottish scholar, Andrew Lang, early in the 20th century advocated a nominalistic meaning for totemism, namely that local groups, clans, or phratries, in selecting totem names from the realm of nature, were reacting to a need to be differentiated.
Another scholar came to her defense and urged the crowd to show her respect for sharing her views before a critical audience.
Another scholar writes, “ By writing about Abraham, Kierkegaard can perform a pantomime of walking along the patriarch's path, but he will remain incapable of the leap of faith that was necessary to accomplish the sacrifice.
Another runic scholar, George Stephens contends that the very language and structure of the verses in Dream of the Rood could only have come from the 7th century and a time before Bede.
Another important figure in the development and popularization of Huayan thought was the lay scholar Li Tongxuan ( 李通玄 ).
Another Hossō scholar, Jōkei was among Hōnen's toughest critics, and frequently sought to refute his teachings, while simultaneously striving to make Buddhism more accessible to a wider audience as Hōnen by reviving devotion to Maitreya Bodhisattva and teaching followers the benefits of rebirth in the Tusita Heaven, rather than the Pure Land of Amitabha.
Another great scholar to emerge from the Silla Period was Won-hyo.
Another earlier scholar who employs the phenomenological method for studying religion is Gerardus van der Leeuw.
Another project was the triumphal arch wall tomb erected in Florence's church of Santa Croce for the historian and humanist scholar Leonardo Bruni ( d. 1444 ), who had served as the State Chancellor of Florence.
Another scholar suggested that the film is meant to express a number of observations of society by having the gremlin characters shift in what they are meant to represent.
Another scholar drew a connection between the microwave scene and urban legends about pets dying in microwave ovens.
Another scholar in the town, Absolon the parish clerk, also has his eye on Alisoun.
Another Arabic physician in the 9th century, Ishaq ibn Hunayn ( died 910 ), the son of Nestorian Christian scholar Hunayn Ibn Ishaq, wrote a Treatise on Drugs for Forgetfulness.

Another and time
Another source of intellectual stimulus was opened to her at that time by the founding of Johns Hopkins University within walking distance of home.
Another optimistic sign, this one from the Labor Department, was the report that the long rise in unemployment compensation payments `` was interrupted for the first time in the week ending Feb. 25 ''.
Another veteran telephone operator was Edith Fleming Blackmer, who had been in the office forty years at the time of her death in 1960.
Another problem was that the gradual identification of more and more chemically similar and indistinguishable lanthanides, which were of an uncertain number, led to inconsistency and uncertainty in the numbering of all elements at least from lutetium ( element 71 ) onwards ( hafnium was not known at this time ).
Another time he watched a mouse being pulled from its hole by a small boy.
Another interesting insight into Athenian democracy comes from the law that excluded from decisions of war those citizens who had property close to the city walls-on the basis that they had a personal interest in the outcome of such debates because the practice of an invading army at the time was to destroy the land outside the walls.
Another time Saint Anthony was traveling in the desert he found a plate of silver coins in his path.
Another common aspect of the festival in early 20th century Ireland was the hanging of May Boughs on the doors and windows of houses and the making of May Bushes in farmyards, which usually consisted either of a branch of rowan / caorthann ( mountain ash ) or more commonly whitethorn / sceach geal ( hawthorn ) which is in bloom at the time and is commonly called the ' May Bush ' or just ' May ' in both Ireland and Britain.
Another time of political chaos followed.
Another similarity to Jane Eyre was the use of aspects from her own life as inspiration for fictional events, in particular reworking the time she spent at the pensionnat in Brussels into Lucy teaching at the boarding school, and falling in love with Constantin Heger into Lucy falling in love with ' Paul Emanuel '.
Another schism in the Conservative ranks, this time from the movement's right wing, would come when a number of the traditionalist Rabbis led by JTS Talmudics professor David Weiss Halivni split from the United Synagogue to form the Union for Traditional Judaism.
Another problem is where people use a different address at different times e. g. students living at their place of education in term time but returning to a family home during vacations or children whose parents have separated who effectively have two family homes.
Another similar program is the National Civilian Community Corps, part of the AmeriCorps program, a team-based national service program to which 18-to 24-year-olds dedicate 10 months of their time annually.
Another is the " Datsyuk Game " where a Datsyuk highlight reel is played on YouTube and contestants drink every time the word Datsyuk is mentioned.
Another significant development of EDuke32 in 2011 is true room over room ( TROR ), where sectors can be placed over other sectors, and can be seen at the same time.
Another time, he lost because a few other students had been competing for years, and Vien felt David's education could wait for these other mediocre painters.
Another perspective on the marriage may be gained by considering that it is likely that Æthelberht was not yet king at the time he and Bertha were wed: it may be that Frankish support for him, acquired via the marriage, was instrumental in gaining the throne for him.
Another guest who never appeared on the show because of the controversy surrounding him was legendary African-American singer-actor Paul Robeson, who, at the time of the Draper incident, was undergoing his own troubles with the industry's hunt for Communist sympathizers.
Another time, a Du Pont executive made a visit to see him at Columbia.
Another method of estimating E < sub > o </ sub > in an overloaded system is to measure the busy-hour call arrival rate, λ ( counting successful calls and blocked calls ), and the average call-holding time ( for successful calls ), h, and then estimate E < sub > o </ sub > using the formula E
Another recent theory ( see EPR paradox above ) resulting from the analysis of an EPR communication set up, has the simple device based on removing the effective retarded time terms in the Lorentz transform to yield a preferred absolute reference frame.
Another prime-size FFT is due to L. I. Bluestein, and is sometimes called the chirp-z algorithm ; it also re-expresses a DFT as a convolution, but this time of the same size ( which can be zero-padded to a power of two and evaluated by radix-2 Cooley – Tukey FFTs, for example ), via the identity.
Another disadvantage of SOFC systems is slow start-up time, making SOFCs less useful for mobile applications.
Another theory that had some support at that time was the inheritance of acquired characteristics: the belief that individuals inherit traits strengthened by their parents.

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