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Another and son
Another account makes him the son of Pleisthenes ( the son or father of Atreus ), who is said to have been Aerope's first husband.
Another son is named Mimas, who provides a link to the third Aeolus in a genealogy that seems very contrived.
Bede dedicated this work to Cuthbert, apparently a student, for he is named " beloved son " in the dedication, and Bede says " I have laboured to educate you in divine letters and ecclesiastical statutes " Another textbook of Bede's is the De orthographia, a work on orthography, designed to help a medieval reader of Latin with unfamiliar abbreviations and words from classical Latin works.
Another view attempts to identify him instead with Artaxerxes I ( ruled 465 424 BCE ), whose Babylonian concubine, Kosmartydene, was the mother of his son Darius II ( ruled 424 405 BCE ).
Another strong point against Gallus ' treason is the fact that he adopted Hostilian, the younger son of Decius, after returning to Rome.
Another son had died at Brunanburh, and, according to John of Worcester, Amlaíb mac Gofraid was married to a daughter of Constantine.
Another popular Satanic horror movie was The Omen ( 1976 ), where a man realizes that his five-year-old adopted son is the Antichrist.
Another son was lost in infancy.
Another long-standing tradition asserts that he was born in Yoshiwara, the courtesan district of Edo, being the son of a tea-house owner, but there is no evidence of this.
Another of Remey's followers, Leland Jensen ( d. 1996 ), who made a several religious claims of his own, formed a sect known as the Bahá ' ís Under the Provisions of the Covenant following Remey's death ; he believed that Remey was the adopted son of Abdu ' l-Baha, and that Remey's adopted son Joseph Pepe was the third Guardian.
Another candidate, Zinzinnus, was proposed by the plebeian faction, and the presence of Lothair I, son of the Frankish emperor Louis the Pious, was necessary in order to maintain the authority of the new pope.
Another version introduced in the Lithuanian Chronicles, which also appeared long after Gediminas ' death, proclaimed that Gediminas was Vytenis ' son.
Another son, John P. Daley, is a member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners.
Another account of his deathbed scene is more credible ; according to one chronicle, Edward gathered around him the earls of Lincoln and Warwick, Aymer de Valence, and Robert Clifford, and charged them with looking after his son Edward.
Another daughter, Matilda, is found only in the Hayles Abbey chronicle, alongside such other fictitious children as a son named William for King John, and an illegitimate son named John for King Edward I. Matilda's existence is doubtful, at best.
Another theory is that it was built for another native, Sallustius Lucullus, a Roman governor of Britain of the late 1st century who may have been the son of the British prince Adminius.
Another son, Glenn, also a physicist, married the daughter ( Clare ) of George Leigh Mallory of " Because it's there " Mount Everest fame.
Another proof of this kind was obtained by Hellmuth Kneser in 1940 and simplified by his son Martin Kneser in 1981.
Another common nickname for a son named after his father is having " Little " placed in front of his name, as in " Little Pete ", though this tends to be avoided if possible ( especially if the son happens to become physically bigger than the father he's named after, and / or when the son becomes a full grown adult, regardless of if he does, or doesn't physically outgrow the father he shares a name with ).
Another son, Major Ernst-Wilhelm Keitel, was captured by the Russians at the end of World War II.

Another and Albert
Another British Royal Navy attempt on the pole, part of the British Arctic Expedition, by Commander Albert H. Markham reached a then-record 83 ° 20 ' 26 " North in May 1876 before turning back.
Another 20 actresses were auditioned before the show's casting director suggested that producers Brian Clemens and Albert Fennell check out a televised drama featuring the relatively unknown Rigg.
Another of his sons, Matthias, also became emperor ; three others, Ernest, Albert and Maximilian, took some part in the government of the Habsburg territories or of the Netherlands, and a daughter, Elizabeth, married Charles IX of France.
Another significant contributor to crayon history is Albert Henry Munsell, the professor who did scientific experiments in color that led to his published 1905 “ A Color Notation ” work.
Another Saturday Night Live sketch in 1988 had Phil Hartman portraying controversial John Lennon biographer Albert Goldman as the fifth Beatle.
Another important recording was New York Eye and Ear Control ( 1964 ), a soundtrack for a film by Michael Snow, recorded for the ESP-Disk label under the leadership of saxophonist Albert Ayler.
Another, broad peninsula is found in the north, Prince Albert Peninsula.
The film was nominated for five Academy Awards: Best Actor in a Leading Role ( Tom Courtenay and Albert Finney ), Best Director, Best Picture and Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium.
Another Masseria ally was the large Mineo crime family ( formerly D ' Aquila ), whose members included Costello associates Albert " The Mad Hatter " Anastasia, Carlo Gambino, and Frank Scalice.
Another statue commemorates the Prince Consort, Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, who held his major Irish Exhibition on Leinster Lawn in the 1850s.
Another significant event held in Hyde Park was the first Victoria Cross investiture, on 26 June 1857, when 62 men were decorated by Queen Victoria in the presence of Prince Albert and other members of the Royal Family, including their future son-in-law Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia, later Emperor Frederick III.
Another notable winner is the 1956 portrait of Australia's celebrated Aboriginal painter Albert Namatjira, by William Dargie.
Another generalization, due to Albert Nijenhuis, allows one to define the Lie derivative of a differential form along any section of the bundle Ω < sup > k </ sup >( M, TM ) of differential forms with values in the tangent bundle.
Another opportunity for a Habsburg gain in power opened when in 1306 the last Bohemian ruler of the Přemyslid dynasty, King Wenceslaus III was killed and Albert I as rex Romanorum was able to seize Bohemia as a reverted Imperial fief.
Smith added a whole new opening verse when the band performed it at the Royal Albert Hall, London on 1 April 2006 as " Killing Another ".
Another Liszt pupil, Eugen d ' Albert, compared Tausig very favorably with their teacher.
Another mistress was Marie Sophie de Courcillon, wife of Charles François d ' Albert d ' Ailly and later Hercule Mériadec de Rohan, Duke of Rohan-Rohan.
Another attack by King Albert was rejected and the threat by the Habsburg dynasty finally fell apart with his assassination in 1308.
Another ultimatum also went to King Albert I of Belgium.
Another series of advertisements featured a C-3PO-like robot called Albert EinPrime.
Another brother, Albert G. Hawkins ( 1841 1908 ), was a judge, lawyer and served in the Tennessee state senate.
Another important influence is Roger Joseph Boscovich, whom Nietzsche discovered and learned about through his reading of Friedrich Albert Lange's 1865 Geschichte des Materialismus ( History of Materialism ), which Nietzsche read in 1866.
Another famous eccentric was renowned theoretical physicist Albert Einstein ; his eccentricities included picking up discarded cigarette butts off the street in order to circumvent his doctor's ban on buying tobacco for his pipe, piloting his sailboat on windless days (" for the challenge "), and lecturing his 8-year-old nephew on physics ( including a 2-hour exposition on the Newtonian properties of soap bubbles ).
Another attack on January 14 at the boundary of positions held by the 41st Division and 51st Divisions of Brigadier Generals Vicente Lim and Albert M. Jones, respectively, aided by the 43rd and Colonel Wallace A Mead's 23rd Infantry, stubbornly refused the Japanese their left flank.

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