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Another and source
Another important source of evidence only recently receiving much attention is the analysis of atmospheric dust for a meteoritic component.
Another source of NBC pride was its rare film clip of Bix Beiderbecke, but this view of the great trumpeter flew by so fast that a prolonged wink would have blotted out the entire glimpse.
Another possible source of the suanpan is Chinese counting rods, which operated with a decimal system but lacked the concept of zero as a place holder.
* ABC ( Yet Another BitTorrent Client ), a free software, open source BitTorrent client based on BitTornado
Another source of background absorption, particularly in ET AAS, is scattering of the primary radiation at particles that are generated in the atomization stage, when the matrix could not be removed sufficiently in the pyrolysis stage.
Another early source is a poem in praise of Columba, most probably commissioned by Columba's kinsman, the King of the Uí Néill clan.
Another calculation is made of the angle of incidence of light rays from the light source ( s ), and from these as well as the specified intensities of the light sources, the value of the pixel is calculated.
Another example of the more critical view taken toward source material has been anti-merchant statements made by intellectuals in the mid-Qing dynasty.
Another source is the Megillat Antiochus.
Another potential source of competition in the future will be TV over broadband internet connections ; this is known as Internet Protocol television ( IPTV ).
Another important source was Lucien Séve's theory of personality, which provided the concept of " social activity matrices " as mediating structure between individual and social reproduction.
Another prominent source, which Cervantes evidently admires more, is Tirant lo Blanch which the priest describes in Chapter VI of Quixote as " the best book in the world.
Another important source appears to have been Apuleius's The Golden Ass, one of the earliest known novels, a picaresque from late classical antiquity.
Another significant source of erosion, particularly on carbonate coastlines, is the boring, scraping and grinding of organisms, a process termed bioerosion.
Another crucial literary source for film noir was W. R. Burnett, whose first novel to be published was Little Caesar, in 1929.
Another common source of anisotropy, inverse magnetostriction, is induced by internal strains.
Another useful modern source is the French Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de médicine ( BIUM ).
Another source of potential error in measurement came from the bending and twisting of the long magnetometer boom.
Another inspiration came from a totally different kind of source ; the scientific progress at the time in such diverse areas as biology, astronomy, geology, and physics, all contributed to make Lovecraft see the human race seem even more insignificant, powerless, and doomed in a materialistic and mechanical universe.
Another source distinguishes Islamist from Islamic " by the fact that the latter refers to a religion and culture in existence over a millennium, whereas the first is a political / religious phenomenon linked to the great events of the 20th century ".
* Another source for Joseph Dunn's version of the Tain
Another such project is ioquake3, which maintains a goal of cleaning up the source code, adding features and fixing bugs.
Another method of achieving pulsed laser operation is to pump the laser material with a source that is itself pulsed, either through electronic charging in the case of flash lamps, or another laser which is already pulsed.
Another source of union news is the Workers Independent News, a news organisation providing radio articles to independent and syndicated radio shows in the United States.

Another and intellectual
Another factor influencing the biotechnology sector's success is improved intellectual property rights legislation — and enforcement — worldwide, as well as strengthened demand for medical and pharmaceutical products to cope with an ageing, and ailing, U. S. population.
Another widely debated issue is the relationship between copyrights and other forms of " intellectual property ", and material property.
Another well-publicized incident from October 2000, usually referred to as the " Mystere incident ", involved Verant banning a player for creating controversial fan fiction, causing outrage among Everquest players and sparking a major industry-wide debate about players ' rights and the line between roleplaying and intellectual property infringement.
Another prominent target was the philosopher and public intellectual Jean-Paul Sartre, who supported the FLN.
Another part of the intellectual underpinning of the Bush Doctrine was the 2004 book The Case for Democracy, written by Israeli politician and author Natan Sharansky and Israeli Minister of Economic Affairs in the United States Ron Dermer, which Bush has cited as influential in his thinking.
Another sympathiser, David Frawley, said about Goel that he was " modern India ’ s greatest intellectual kshatriya ", and " one of India ’ s most important thinkers in the post-independence era ".
Another anecdote from the late 1940s tells how the socialist intellectual G. D. H. Cole got into a third-class compartment on the train back from Oxford to London, to break off conversation with Simon ; to his dismay Simon followed suit, only for both men to produce first class tickets when the inspector did his rounds.
Another noted intellectual, who was once part of Alain de Benoist's GRECE, is Dr. Guillaume Faye.
Another theme analyzed using the Metaphysics of Quality is the interaction between intellectual and social patterns.
Another proponent of Guevarism was the French intellectual Régis Debray, who could be seen as attempting to establish a coherent, unitary theoretical framework on these grounds.
Another example concerns intellectual property.
Another course, V-201, which focused on mechanisms for intellectual property protection for inventors, also had a taped version, which is expected to be transcribed into future volumes.
Another model of Torah Umadda, less emphasized in Modern Orthodox literature, de-stresses the intellectual role of Madda.
Another concern is with the intellectual fall of Germany in the time leading up to World War II.
Another wealthy poet-librettist in the Venice milieu was Giovanni Francesco Busenello ( 1598 – 1659 ), like Badoaro a member of the intellectual society Accademia degli Incogniti.
Another subplot involves a screenwriter who is trying to gain his intellectual property back from a major studio that is a parody of Miramax, ending with a climax that reveals that the major characters of the story have been involved in a scam of massive proportions, at the height of which several studio executives are killed during a re-creation of the parting of the Red Sea.
Another anarchist and French intellectual with a dedication to post-structuralism is Daniel Colson who published Petit lexique philosophique de l ' anarchisme de Proudhon à Deleuze in 2001.

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