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Another and teaching
Another similarity to Jane Eyre was the use of aspects from her own life as inspiration for fictional events, in particular reworking the time she spent at the pensionnat in Brussels into Lucy teaching at the boarding school, and falling in love with Constantin Heger into Lucy falling in love with ' Paul Emanuel '.
" Another of his works, the extremely popular The Praise of Folly, also had considerable influence on the teaching of rhetoric in the later 16th century.
Another source of anatomy teaching began with the foundation of many medical schools ( particularly within the provincial medical schools ) and the medical museums found within them.
Another version is given by Marco Polo in his book Il Milione where he claims having been responsible for teaching the Mongols how to build and use catapults during the siege of Xiangyang.
Another key teaching of Christian Identity is that non-Caucasian people do not have a soul and therefore cannot be saved.
Another phase, called public access training, is proofing and generalization or teaching the dog to perform his duties without regard for distraction and in any environment.
Another teaching is that Christ's atonement is unlimited in its benefits.
Another CDC project that Norris championed was the PLATO system, an online teaching and instruction system developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Another reform at which Peacock labored was the teaching of algebra.
Another praised series was The Pilgrim's Progress, revealing austere sympathy with John Bunyan's teaching.
Another Hossō scholar, Jōkei was among Hōnen's toughest critics, and frequently sought to refute his teachings, while simultaneously striving to make Buddhism more accessible to a wider audience as Hōnen by reviving devotion to Maitreya Bodhisattva and teaching followers the benefits of rebirth in the Tusita Heaven, rather than the Pure Land of Amitabha.
Another example is the article " The Third Mathematics Education Revolution " by Richard Askey, published in Contemporary Issues in Mathematics Education ( Press Syndicate, Cambridge, UK, 1999 ), in which he accuses Focus on Algebra, the same Addison-Wesley textbook criticized by the Christian Science Monitor, of teaching pseudoscience, claiming for South Sea islanders mystic knowledge of astronomy more advanced than scientific knowledge.
Another domain of educational psychology is the psychology of teaching.
Another celebrity sponsor is Will Smith, who said he is teaching his son about financial responsibility by reading this book.
Another important programme is the film teaching scheme comprising long and short term Film Appreciation courses conducted in collaboration with the Film and Television Institute of India ( FTII ) and other educational and cultural institutions.
Not Another Completely Heuristic Operating System, or Nachos, is instructional software for teaching undergraduate, and potentially graduate level operating systems courses.
Another essay, on " Truth in Teaching ," described the consequences of a ( fictional ) set of court decisions that held universities legally responsible for the consequences of teaching errors.
Another avenue the university has pursued is language teaching and testing, both foreign languages for Chinese students ( the university hosts both an International Japanese Language Testing Center and an IELTS Testing Center, and established a course training provincial government officials wishing to study at the University of Ulster ) and the teaching of Chinese to overseas students ( currently 338 students are enrolled on Chinese language courses ).
Another mansion nearby along St Martin's Road, Redbrook House, provided accommodation and teaching to the hospital's nurses, but this was demolished controversially in the early 1970s to make way for a housing development.
Another common criticism is that institutionalized schooling is used as a tool for the engineering of an ignorant, conformist working class through constant schedules and prearranged time blocks and one-size-fits-all teaching methods.
Another 3, 000 have become professional educators, serving in positions ranging from elementary school teaching to university presidencies.
Another frequently seen supporting character was Miss Crystal, who was in her 80s and still teaching at Kelly.
Another indelible American moment occurred while teaching a course.

Another and method
Another recent achievement was the successful development of a method for the complete combustion in a bomb calorimeter of a metal in fluorine when the product is relatively non-volatile.
Another method of assuring a clean hole is to first drill a small pilot hole all the way through, then drill half way with the dimensional bit, turn the piece over, and finish from the other side.
Another wart removal method was to rub each wart with a bean split open and then to bury the bean halves under the drip of the house for seven days.
Another common method was to cut an onion in two and place each half on the wart for a moment ; ;
Another method is to announce publicly that someone has given a large donation.
Another popular method of exploiting this bug was to simply use thrust to keep the ship in motion with 1 or 2 asteroids in the play field, allowing the player to pick off as many 1, 000 point UFOs as possible.
Another method of conveying an analog signal is to use modulation.
Another method is NASA's urine-to-water distillation system.
Another rules change that affected Ruth was the method used by umpires to judge potential home runs when the batted ball left the field near a foul pole.
Another method of addressing some of the problems with a global clock signal is the removal of the clock signal altogether.
Another method is to measure the brightness of an object and assume an intrinsic luminosity, from which the distance may be determined using the inverse square law.
Another method was to simply forge down an iron billet into a rod and then proceed to draw it out into wire.
Another method is simply to release no data at all, except very large scale data directly to the central government.
Another type of corroborating evidence comes from using the Baconian method, i. e. the method of agreement, method of difference, and method of concomitant variations.
Another method is for numbers to be sorted alphabetically as they would be spelled: for example 1776 would be sorted as if spelled out " seventeen seventy-six ", and 24 heures du Mans as if spelled " vingt-quatre ..." ( French for " twenty-four ").
Another install method is via a net install CD, which is much smaller than a normal install CD / DVD.
Another method to preserve a section of the image is to apply a spray-on fixative to the surface.
" Another bluegrass method, Learn to Play Bluegrass Bass, by Earl Gately, also teaches bluegrass slap bass technique.
Another method for reducing DSN burdens is the Beacon Monitor experiment.
Another method specified by Chinese texts — the earliest dating to 1110 — specified the use of saponin ( from the beans of Gleditschia sinensis ) to extract hormones, but gypsum ( containing calcium sulfate ) was also known to have been used.
Another method for the dehydration of mixtures of alcohols and carboxylic acids is the Mitsunobu reaction:

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