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Another and utility
Another style is a snap-off utility knife that contains a long, segmented blade that slides out from it.
Another returning variant was the full-size utility, this time based on the Commodore.
Another proposed application of molecular nanotechnology is " utility fog " — in which a cloud of networked microscopic robots ( simpler than assemblers ) would change its shape and properties to form macroscopic objects and tools in accordance with software commands.
Another weakness is highlighted by sociologists, who argue that Homo economicus ignores an extremely important question, i. e., the origins of tastes and the parameters of the utility function by social influences, training, education, and the like.
Another reason is that coal from " out west " tends to burn cooler, thus causing a utility to have to buy larger quantities of western coal and mix ( or " Blend ") it with other compounds or other types of coal.
Another related phenomenon is the Japanese art of chindōgu, which involves inventions that are hypothetically useful but of limited actual utility.
Another possible implication for economics is that utility might be reference based, in contrast with additive utility functions underlying much of neo-classical economics.
Another feature on the Tablet was a drag-and-drop utility designed to take advantage of the Tablet's touch capabilities.
Another criticism is that the paradox only considers utility at one point in time, instead of taking into account the population's sum utility over time.
Another example is email accounts ; the more there are, the more efficient the network is, the lower everyone's cost per utility of using it.
Another rule of thumb is that the blade of pocket knives must not exceed the length of the palm and must not be openable by one hand in order to be considered as a utility knife as opposed to a weapon ( thus, Swiss Army Knives are legal ).
Another anachronism is the widespread use of the M151 MUTT light utility vehicle as a World War II jeep instead of the World War II-era Willys MB and / or Ford GPW, the M151 having not even entered production until 1959.
Another very important concept used to understand mental accounting is that of modified utility function.
Another example of a type of utility player is the halfback option play, in which a running back performs the passing duties of a quarterback ; Walter Payton, LaDanian Tomlinson and most recently Ronnie Brown have used this play multiple times, and this type of play has spawned an entire offensive scheme.
Another in de Havilland Canada's successful line of rugged and useful STOL utility transports, the Otter was conceived to be capable of performing the same roles as the earlier and highly successful Beaver, but was bigger, the veritable " one-ton truck.
Another name for this encoding is KEYBCS2, the name of the Terminate and Stay Resident utility which implemented the matching keyboard driver.
Another programmer named Bruce Jensen published a similar utility called " Revenge of Mozilla.
Another utility, called Recover, was intended to recover damaged R: Base databases.
Another purpose of PUHCA was to keep utility holding companies engaged in regulated businesses from engaging in unregulated businesses.
Another reasons were the campaign for cleanliness in the streets, the mentality of the residents, high sense of responsibility of city utility services.

Another and knife
Another cure for hydrophobia was to suck the wounds, then cauterize them with a hot knife or poker.
Another theory says that the name " Dada " came during a meeting of the group when a paper knife stuck into a French-German dictionary happened to point to ' dada ', a French word for ' hobbyhorse '.
Another more gruesome variation on this tale is that the tenth child simply stroked the kelpie's nose but, when his hand stuck to it, he took a knife from his pocket and cut his own hand off, cauterizing it with wood from a nearby fire.
Another English sealer, the Sydney Cove, Captain Charles McLaren, was anchored in the harbour late in 1810 when Te Wahia's theft of a knife, a red shirt and some other articles sparked what has been called " The Sealers ' War "-also-the ' War of the Shirt '.
* Another tool associated with the use of backsaws is the marking knife.
Another common type has the ferrorod attached to a magnesium bar that can be scraped with a knife to make a powdered tinder that will burn for a few seconds.
Another feature of Shuri-ryū is the position of the thumb of the knife hand strike or block.
Another with a knife cut his breeches from the waistband through his pocket down to the knee and robbed him of notes amounting to £ 43.

Another and often
Another difficulty is that manuscripts of early writers were often incomplete: it is apparent that Bede had access to Pliny's Encyclopedia, for example, but it seems that the version he had was missing book xviii, as he would almost certainly have quoted from it in his De temporum ratione.
Another recurring gag was for other characters to mispronounce his name, often, particularly in the case of rivals, deliberately.
Another game often played as a drinking game is Toepen, quite popular in the Netherlands.
Another useful term is the heat of combustion, which is the energy released due to a combustion reaction and often applied in the study of fuels.
Another problem with solid tumors is the fact that the chemotherapeutic agent often does not reach the core of the tumor.
Another American writer in a similar vein was Thorne Smith, whose works ( such as Topper and The Night Life of the Gods ) were popular and influential, and often adapted for film and television.
( Another pseudonym, one Moore often employed for works that involved little or no collaboration, was " Lawrence O ’ Donnell ".
Another form of sterile endocarditis, is termed Libman-Sacks endocarditis ; this form occurs more often in patients with lupus erythematosus and is thought to be due to the deposition of immune complexes.
The root of this plant may be powdered and prepared as a hot drink called bulla ( Ge ' ez: ቡላ būlā ), which is often given to those who are tired or ill. Another typical Gurage preparation is coffee with butter ( kebbeh ).
Another nomenclature, often seen in science fiction, uses Roman numerals in the order of planets ' positions from the star.
Another example from computer science is that an expert system may be taught by a human and thereafter considered an expert, often outperforming human beings at particular tasks.
Another approach ( often used as well as thermally tracking bias voltages ) is to include small value resistors in series with the emitters.
Another often used model, especially in computational fluid dynamics, is to use the Euler equations away from the body and the boundary layer equations, which incorporates viscosity, in a region close to the body.
Another possibility is that more than one of these theories is correct, since writers very often base their characters on a composite of several people ( real or equally fictitious ) of whom they have knowledge.
Another polynomial viewpoint is exploited by the Winograd algorithm, which factorizes into cyclotomic polynomials — these often have coefficients of 1, 0, or − 1, and therefore require few ( if any ) multiplications, so Winograd can be used to obtain minimal-multiplication FFTs and is often used to find efficient algorithms for small factors.
Another reason to be interested in S < sub > 1 / T </ sub >( ƒ ) is that it often provides insight into the amount of aliasing caused by the sampling process.
Another way was used to keep this clandestine correspondence flowing: letters were sent in merchant ships between London and Amsterdam or Rotterdam, with outward bound letters often put on board below Gravesend, as this would be after the final customs clearance.
Another tribute band called Yada Yada is still active in The Netherlands, often appearing with original members of the Wild Romance ( Dany Lademacher, Ramon Rambeaux ).
Another development in the nineteenth century was the treatment of historical subjects, often on a large scale, with the values of genre painting, the depiction of scenes of everyday life, and anecdote.
Another means for the spread of innovation was by the network of informal philosophical societies, like the Lunar Society of Birmingham, in which members met to discuss ' natural philosophy ' ( i. e. science ) and often its application to manufacturing.
Another type of interconnection of networks often occurs within enterprises at the Link Layer of the networking model, i. e. at the hardware-centric layer below the level of the TCP / IP logical interfaces.
Another malnutrition syndrome includes cachexia, although it is often caused by underlying illnesses.
Another approach is embedded phonics instruction, used more often in whole language reading instruction, in which novice readers learn about the individual letters in words on a just-in-time, just-in-place basis that is tailored to meet each student's reading and writing learning needs.

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