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Some Related Sentences

Another and veteran
Another influential veteran, Hani al-Hassan, has also openly criticized the present leadership.
Another key factor in McEwen's antipathy towards McMahon was hinted at soon after the crisis by the veteran political journalist Alan Reid.
Another noted Dorsey arranger, who in the 1950s, married and was professionally associated with Dorsey veteran Jo Stafford, was Paul Weston.
Another veteran works on the team as well.
Another game, Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury, was in development in the late 1990s, with a script written by veteran Star Trek TV writer Dorothy Fontana ; however, this title was never completed and much of its staff laid off due to budgetary cuts prompted by various factors ( see " Financial troubles " below ).
Another opponent was veteran state Senator Wadie Deddeh, who was term-limited.
* Salo Flohr vs Efim Geller, USSR Championship, Moscow 1950, Reti Opening ( A05 ), 1-0 Another young Master learns that the veteran Flohr still packs a punch.
Another Japanese World War II veteran, Sadaichi Fukui, said that though Sakamaki wrote his memoirs, he did not speak much about the war.
Another Nimrod veteran, the 46-year-old James Murray, was Stefansson's oceanographer.
Another reform was that Austria, having lost many officers, veteran and elite troops, and regulars, and unable to call on allies, embraced the Levée en masse used earlier by the French.
Another Battle of Britain veteran was Phillip Howard Leckrone, service number 84653.
Another South Bronx veteran, Percee-P, also contributed a guest appearance.
In May 2010, Nathan graduated from USC with a finished thesis film, Another Life, a suspense thriller about a young female veteran tapped with the daunting task of assassinating a fellow soldier.
# Another veteran historical Tamil novelist Vembu Vikiraman had penned a novel, " Gangapuri Kavalan ".
Another unique aspect, compared to other minor pro leagues of North America, is the absence of a veteran limit rule, which allows teams to stock up on experienced players.
Another feature was a series of cameo appearances by veteran actors such as Buster Keaton, Vincent Price, Elsa Lanchester, Boris Karloff, Dorothy Lamour, and Peter Lorre ( in his penultimate film appearance ).
When she joined P & G, Dwyer-Dobbin inherited three veteran soaps ( Another World on NBC and As the World Turns, and Guiding Light on CBS ) and was put in charge of revitalizing the aging franchises.
Another source of the name is said to be " Ball and Bag ", a free house nearby which was built by Sir David Mark Jordan, a veteran Victorian army captain who settled there upon his retirement.

Another and telephone
Another example is a switched star network such as the analog telephone access network ( although inside the telephone exchange or between the exchanges, other multiplexing techniques are typically employed ) or a switched Ethernet network.
Another important concept that has been merged into telephony is computer telephony integration, which enables computers to know about and control phone functions such as making and receiving voice, fax, and data calls with telephone directory services and caller identification.
Another challenge for VoIP implementations is the proper handling of outgoing calls from other telephony devices such as digital video recorders, satellite television receivers, alarm systems, conventional modems and other similar devices that depend on access to a PSTN telephone line for some or all of their functionality.
Pine Bush is a hamlet ( and census-designated place ) located in the Town of Crawford, and Shawangunk, New York, in Orange and Ulster Counties, New York, U. S., roughly coterminous with the 12566 ZIP code and 744 telephone exchange in the 845 area code ( both of which spill over into adjacent regions of the Town of Shawangunk in Ulster County ( Another regional identifier, the Pine Bush Central School District, takes in part of the Town of Mamakating in Sullivan County as well ).
Another FCC ruling that would affect the company was the 26 June 1968 ruling in the Carterfone case that deemed AT & T's rules prohibiting private two-way radio connections to a telephone network were illegal.
Another advertised line was for " Apple Seduction ", in which the first advertisement showed a can of Apple Tango telephoning a man at work, insisting that he say " kiss my big juicy apples " into the telephone.
Another reference says that P & G chose the Pringles name from a Cincinnati telephone book.
Another type of dialer is a computer program which creates a connection to the Internet or another computer network over the analog telephone or Integrated Services Digital Network ( ISDN ) network.
* Another kind of example of interactive content is the Hugo game on Television where viewers called the production studio, and were allowed to control the game character in real time using telephone buttons by studio personnel, similar to The Price is Right.
* Another example is the Clickvision Interactive Perception Panel used on news programmes in Britain, a kind of instant clap-o-meter run over the telephone.
Another telephone service, Talk and Support, offers people the chance to socialise and receive support as part of a telephone group.
) Another example of this would be: if the exchange rate of Jamaican dollars to US dollars is 1 USD = 88 JMD, and a telephone service provider provides coverage at $ 1. 30 per minute, then ceteris paribus the telephone service provider's coverage is $ 114. 40 JMD per minute in Jamaica.
Another favorite prop was a telephone, with Wences playing both sides of a telephone conversation.
* Trimphone: Another telephone from the same era.
* Grillo: Another innovate telephone, from Italy.
Another venture into utilities was less successful: the Home Telephone Company of Portland, Oregon pioneered rotary dial telephones in the region, but ultimately this independent telephone company lost out to the better-integrated Bell System.
Another important item of data associated with the SIM are the MSISDNs, which are the telephone numbers used by mobile phones to make and receive calls.
Another difference is that voting does not take place in person, but only by post ( and sometimes telephone or the internet ), over a period of about two weeks.
Another method of replying to Lonely Hearts adverts is via telephone ; this took off with the introduction of premium-rate telephone numbers, providing an additional way for the publisher to generate money.

Another and operator
Another usage is in alluding to taboo words, as in the clapping game " Miss Susie ", which uses the break "... Hell /-o operator " to allude to the taboo word " Hell ", then replaces it with the innocuous " Hello "
Another common example is the use of the "+" operator which allows similar or polymorphic treatment of numbers ( addition ), strings ( concatenation ), and lists ( attachment ).
Another postulate of quantum mechanics is that all observables are represented by operators which act on the wavefunction, and the eigenvalues of the operator are the values the observable takes.
Another ferry operator, Fjord Line now operates a route that goes to Bergen and Stavanger.
Another operator, rename was not noted by Codd, but the need for it is shown by the inventors of ISBL.
Another line of descent from ISWIM is to strip out the imperative features ( assignment and the J operator ) leaving a purely functional language.
Another dangerous situation occurs when heavy timber begins to fall or shift before a cut is complete — the chainsaw operator may be trapped or crushed.
Another time, while serving as an elevator operator, he refused to let Kermit the Frog get out at his selected floor so he could count on every floor in the building.
Another design change which followed soon after was the replacement of the tiller and rudder control with a rudder controlled by a steering wheel, allowing the operator a comfortable forward-facing position.
Another differential operator is the Θ operator, or theta operator, defined by
Another interesting feature was that, should an operator accidentally drop all the cards from a cartridge, they could be replaced without worrying about order.
Another character, often spoken about but rarely seen, was Mr. Whittendale, the building operator, played by Jack Fletcher.
Another generalization defines a complex Hadamard matrix to be a matrix in which the entries are complex numbers of unit modulus and which satisfies H H < sup >*</ sup >= n I < sub > n </ sub > where H < sup >*</ sup > is the conjugate transpose of H. Complex Hadamard matrices arise in the study of operator algebras and the theory of quantum computation.
Another advantage of the colorizer is that it gives the operator the ability to continuously add layers of graphics.
Another specialist area is mobile telecoms operator ( carrier ) business where billion-dollar investments in networks are needed but marketshares are won and lost on issues from segmentation to handset subsidies.
Another operator shot and killed the sentry that had fired.
Another apparently important feature is an aquarium, so the operator has something to watch when Hex is working, ( Hex's screensaver.
Another feature of the 5-UCO was that the receiving operator could maintain synchronisation if the path delay suddenly changed by " walking up and down " the key tape ( one character at a time or one bit at a time ).
Another company called Nordair Quebec 2000 Incorporated operated in 2000 as a domestic regional carrier and cargo operator in Quebec, but the licence and licence applications for the airline were suspended in 2006 by Transport Canada and once again the Nordair name disappeared.
Another approach is to first fully parenthesize the expression, inserting a number of parentheses around each operator, such that they lead to the correct precedence even when parsed with a linear, left-to-right parser.
Another example is a drill press, to which an operator may want to mount a bit directly, or using a drill chuck.
Another method of analysis of correlation functions in QCD is through an operator product expansion ( OPE ).

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